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Sonor ZM6516

36.91 € Sonor ZM6516 Varioplate for Snaredrums

Sonor ZM6546 Bass Drum Protector

31.95 € Sonor ZM 6546, Bass Drum Legs, for mounting on a Marching Ba ss Drum to Safe the Drum, 1 piece

Sonor ZM6547 Cymbal Holder

85.92 € Sonor ZM 6547 Klangboy, Cymbal Holder, with the cymbal holder for Concert and Marching bass drums the lower cymbal can easily be mounted to the bass drum, the holder is simply attached to one tenis... Loe edasi

Sonor ZM6548/1 Bass Drum Adapter bla

55.54 € Sonor ZM6548/1 Carrier adapter for Bassdrum including Carrie r with Hooksand Cussion, Color: black

Sonor ZM6555 Hi-Hat Holder

65.34 € Sonor ZM6555, complete Hi-Hat holder for parade snare drums. Cymbals not included.

Sonor ZM6556 Cymbal Holder

47.19 € Sonor ZM6556 complete cymbal holder for parade snare drums. Cymbal not included.

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