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Meinl GA2 Ganza

27.83 € Meinl GA2 Ganza Large. Professional

Pearl PGA-20 Basket Ganza

32.67 € Pearl PGA-20, 4x9" woven tube, Sticks instead of shot, Fiberglass ends, Wooden sticks inside give an "airy" sound and can achieve tight articulations against fiberglass ends,

Pearl PGA-30 Six-Sided Ganza

30.25 € Pearl PGA-30, Six-Sided Ganzas (Shaker Sound), small

Pearl PGA-32 Ganzas Large

32.67 € Pearl PGA-32 - long six-sided ganzas (shaker sound), large.

Pearl PSR-01 Mini Shakerine

37.51 € Pearl PSR-01, Mini Shakerine, The mini-Shakerine combines the essentials of two of the best known hand percussion instruments; the shaker and the tambourine.

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