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Boomwhackers BW Backpack

30.13 € Boomwhackers BW Backpack, Bag for up to 28 Boomwhacker tubes, also suitable for bass tubes, self-standing, even at partial loading

Boomwhackers BW Set 03 in Concert Set

120.00 € Boomwhackers BW Set 03 in Concert Set, 28 Tubes, Octvator Caps and Bag, "Boomwhackers in Concert tube set containing 28 tubes: 4xC´ 3xD´ 4xE´ 3xF´ 5xG´ 3xA´ 2xH´ 4xC´´ and a set of (8 piec... Loe edasi

Boomwhackers BW Set 04 Basic School Set

120.00 € Boomwhackers BW Set 04 Basic School Set, teube set containing 28 tubes: 3xC´ 1xCis´ 3xD´ 1xDis´ 3xE´ 2xF´ 2xFis´ 3xG´ 1xGis´3xA´ 2xB´ 2xH´ 2xC´´ and two sets (=16 pieces ) Octavator C... Loe edasi

Boomwhackers BW-CG

26.02 € Boomwhackers BW-CG - chromatic set for diatonic Boomwhackers, 5 tubes, C#'-D#'-F#'-G#'-A#'

Boomwhackers BW-DG

27.71 € Boomwhackers BW-DG - includes tubes: C'-D-E-F-G-A-H-C''.

Boomwhackers BW-EG Soprano Expansion Set

21.18 € Boomwhackers BW-EG; Soprano Expansion Set, Set containing 7 Boomwhackers with the Tones C#'', D'', D#'', E'', F'', F#'', G''

Boomwhackers BW-JG

53.24 € Boomwhackers BW-JG Bass Set - 7 tubes, C-B.

Boomwhackers BW-KG

41.14 € Boomwhackers BW-KG, chromatic Bass Set. included diatonischen Set, 5 Tubes, C#-D#-F#-G#-A#

Boomwhackers BW-PG

26.62 € Boomwhackers, Pentatonischer Set. included C-D-E-G-A-C`.

Boomwhackers BW-XTS Boomophone

83.50 € Boomwhackers BW-XTS Boomophone Whack Pack, BW-DG, XyloTote Tube Holder XT-8G, Whacker Mallets ML-1G, 1 Octavator Cap and Songbook, Boomophone enables Boomwhackers to be played as a xylophone, Tube ... Loe edasi

Boomwhackers MG-BW Set 1 Move&Groove Bag

108.00 € Boomwhackers MG-BW-Set01 Move&Groove Set, Moove and Groove Boomwhackers tube set containing 25 tubes: 3xC´ 1xCis´ 3xD´ 1xDis´ 2xE´ 2xF´ 2xFis´ 3xG´ 1xGis´ 3xA´ 2xB´ 2xH´ and one set... Loe edasi

Boomwhackers MG-BW-Bag Move&Groove Bag

15.61 € Boomwhackers MG-BW-Bag Move&Groove Bag, bag for up to 28 boomwhacker tubes, stand-alone

Boomwhackers OC-8G

14.52 € Boomwhackers OC-8G, Oktavierungs Caps, 8 Pieces

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