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LP 1964 Original Bongo 1964

455.00 € Latin Percussion 1964 Original Bongo 1964 Bongo Set, satin Mahagony Shells, chrome hardware, Dimensions: 6-3/4" x 8-1/4"

LP 200XF-BK Fibreglass Bongos

424.00 € Latin Percussion LP200XF-BK Fibreglass Bongos - 7.25" + 8.375", natural rawhide heads, chrome LP Comfort Curve II, virtually indestructible, steel reinforced bearing edges moulded into the fibregla... Loe edasi

LP 201A-3 Generation III Bongo

392.00 € Latin Percussion LP201A-3 Generation III Bongo Set, Siam Oak Wood Bongos, chrome hardware, Dimensions: 7-1/4" x 9". Colour: Natural Light Wood Finish, Slightly larger head size with the large half ... Loe edasi

LP 201AX-2 Generation II Bongo

392.00 € Latin Percussion LP201AX-2 Generation II Bongo Set - Siam oak bongos with 'Comfort Curved II' rims and chrome hardware. Dimensions: 7-1/4" x 8-5/8". Height: 17cm. Colour: Natural

LP 201AX-2DW Generation II

382.00 € Latin Percussion LP201AX-2DW Generation II Bongo Set - Siam oak, Comfort Curved II rims with chrome hardware. Size: 7.25" + 8.375". Height: 17cm. Finish: Wine Red

LP 201AX-2RR Raul Rekow Bongo Set

296.00 € Latin Percussion LP201AX-2RR Raul Rekow Series Bongo Set with Tiger Print Finish, Size: 7-1/4" x 8-5/8", Bongos are 3 ply, wood shells wrapped with a Vibrant tiger print fabric, with Special Gold G... Loe edasi

LP 202AW Triple Bongo Set

435.00 € Latin Percussion LP202AW Triple Bongo Set - Generation III Siam oak wood bongos, chrome hardware slightly larger head size with the large half of the bongos featuring a head diameter of 9" instead ... Loe edasi

LP 601NY-DW City Series Bongo Set

158.00 € Latin Percussion LP601NY-DW City Series Wood Bongo Set, diameter: 6" + 7", colour Dark Wood, shell material: Siam Oak, matte satined lacquered shells, black powder coat hardware, fitted with natura... Loe edasi

LP 601NY-VSB City Serie Bongo Set

173.00 € Latin Percussion LP601NY-VSB City Series Wood Bongo Set, diameter: 6" + 7", colour Vintage Sunburst, shell material: Siam Oak, matte satined lacquered shells, black powder coat hardware, fitted wit... Loe edasi

LP 793X Galaxy Giovanni Bongo Set

476.00 € Latin Percussion LP793X - Galaxy Giovanni wooden bongo set, 7 1/4" + 8 5/8 ", 17cm high, gold hardware, crafted from sonically superior North American ash. Comfort Curved II Rims, natural rawhide h... Loe edasi

LP 793X-C Galaxy Giovanni Bongo

466.00 € Latin Percussion LP793X-C, Galaxy Giovanni Wood Bongo Set, Size: 7 1/4" + 8 5/8 ", Height: 17 cm, Finish: Natural, with Chrome Hardware, Crafted of sonically superior North American Ash. Comfort Cu... Loe edasi

LP 794X

569.00 € Latin Percussion LP794X Galaxy Giovanni Fibreglass Bongo Set - 7.25" + 8.625", 17 cm high, gold hardware, fibreglass, steel reinforced bearing edges moulded into the fibreglass for maximum strength... Loe edasi

LP 828 Giovanni Compact Bongo

590.00 € Latin Percussion LP828 Giovanni Compact Bongos - 7 1/4" and 8 5/8" diameter bongos with aluminium frame, LP Tri-Center tuneable heads. Includes mounting bracket with 25.5mm diameter pipe (suitable ... Loe edasi

LP A601-AW Aspire Bongo Set

169.00 € Latin Percussion LPA601-AW Aspire Bongo Set - 6-3/4" & 8" diameter Siam oak shells (17cm high), EZ Curve Tune rims, black hardware, natural skin, high-gloss lacquered finish, includes tuning ke... Loe edasi

LP A601-VSB Aspire Bongo Set

173.00 € Latin Percussion LPA601-VSB, Aspire Bongo Set, Colr: Vintage Sunburst, 6 3/4" & 8" Shell Diameter, High 17cm, Wood Siam Oak, EZ Curve Tune Rims, Black Hardware, Natural Skin, High Gloss Laquere... Loe edasi

LP Galaxy Cuevas III Bongos - ARG

433.00 € Latin Percussion Galaxy Fausto Cuevas III Signature Bongos, Sizes: 7 1/4" & 8 5/8", Fiberglass Corpus, Colour: Arena Red Sparkle, hand selected raw head, Comfort Curve II hooops, Gold Hardware,

LP L201A-JR Rodriguez Bongo Set

424.00 € Latin Percussion LPL201A-JR, LP Legend Series Johnny "Dandy" Rodriguez JR. Bongo Set, European Beech wood shells provide extra resonance, Size: 9" Hembra (large shell) for additional bottom end res... Loe edasi

LP LP201AX-D Classic Bongos

350.00 € Latin Percussion LP201AX-D Classic Bongos, Gen II, shell material: Durian, diametres: 7 1/4" und 8 5/8", black mirror chrome hardware, fitted with natural rawhide heads

LP LPA601-HC Havana Café Bongos

183.00 € Latin Percussion LPA601-HC Aspire Havana Café Bongos, shell material: Siam oak, diametres: 6 3/4" and 8", Fitted with natural rawhide heads, Áspire EZ Curve rims, brushed nickel hardware

LP LPA601-SW Aspire Walnut Bongos

158.00 € Latin Percussion LPA601-SW Aspire Walnut Bongos, shell material: Siam Walnut, around 15% lighter than Siam Oak, diametres: 6 3/4" and 8", Fitted with natural rawhide heads, EZ Curve rims, Black pow... Loe edasi

LP M199-AW Mini Bongos

91.97 € Latin Percussion LPM199-AW, Mini Bongo Set, Generation II, Siam Oak Wood, Comfort Curved II Rims, Aluminium Die Cast, 4 tuning Lugs, both Heads 10cm, High 4cm,

LP M201 Bongos Matador

242.00 € Latin Percussion LPM201 Matador Bongos - 7-1/4" and 8-5/8" bongos with Siam oak shells, traditional rims and chrome hardware. Colour: Dark Brown

LP M201-AW Bongos Matador

253.00 € Latin Percussion LPM201-AW Bongos - Matador Series, 7 1/4" + 8 5/8", Siamese Oak with traditional rims and gold hardware.

LP M201-BLWC Bongos Matador

202.00 € Latin Percussion LPM201-BLWC, Bongo Matador Series, 7 1/4" + 8 5/8", Color: Blue, Shell: Siam Oak, with Traditional Rims, Hardware: Chrome

Meinl Artist Diego Gale Bongos

350.00 € Meinl Diego Gale Bongos, artist series, model: DG400CW, chamchuri wood, calf-skin heads, sizes: 7" & 8 ½", hardware: brushed nickel, 8 mm hooks, 3mm SSR-rims, free ride suspension system,

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