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1stClassRock Percussion Starter Set

416.00 € " 1stClassRock Percussion Starter Set@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Millenium MC890NT Conga Set, Conga Set, Size: 10"" and 11"", Material: Wood, Colour: Natural/amber lacquer, Incl. individual stands... Loe edasi

Goldon 30300 Percussion Set

186.00 € Goldon 30300 Rhythm Bag Assortment, 31-Piece Rhythm Set, 31 Pieces, Washable bag, Bag colour: Multicoloured@+*Instruments included:*, 4 x Claves, Güiro, Wood block (18/20 cm), Wood block drum, ... Loe edasi

Goldon MusicTrolley Bongo Model 30512

546.00 € " Goldon MusicTrolley Bongo Model 30512, Music Trolley 1, ""Bongo assortment"", Model 30512, Contents of purchase as shown, This beechwood cart, on easy-moving wheels, with 3 drawers, a lid and a s... Loe edasi

Goldon Paint Your Music Set 30050

72.58 € Goldon Paint Your Music Set 30050, Paint Your Music Set, The playful entrance into the world of rhythm, Unique rhythm set for painting, With 6 water-soluble, harmless colours, With 3 brushes, Incl... Loe edasi

Goldon Percussion Set 1 in Wood Box

92.27 € Goldon Percussion Set 1 in Wood Box, Percussion Set 1, Model 30110, 16 Parts, In wooden box@+*Box contains the following percussion instruments:*@+@+, 3x Claves 18 x 200 mm, 3x Claves 20 x 200 mm,... Loe edasi

Goldon Percussion Set 5 in Wood Box

140.00 € Goldon Percussion Set 5 in Wood Box, Percussion Set 5, Model 30150, 15 Parts, In wooden box@+*Contents of the set:*@+@+, Claves 18 mm x 200 mm, Claves 20 mm x 200 mm, Wooden croak block small, Woo... Loe edasi

Goldon Rhythm Assortment 1/2

526.00 € Goldon Rhythm Assortment 1/2@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Goldon Percussion Assortment 1, Rhythm Bag, Large set, Model 30310, Bag size: 90 x 48 cm@+*Bag contains:*@+@+, 3 Wood blocks, Cylindrical w... Loe edasi

Meinl Bongo & Percussion Pack

140.00 € Meinl Bongo & Percussion Pack, Bongo & Percussion Set@+*Comprises:*@+@+, HB50BK Journey Series Bongos, Compact foot tambourine, Luis Conte live shaker, Classic wood claves

Nino "08"" Hand Drum Set"

171.00 € " Nino 08"" Hand Drum Set, Children's Hand Drum Set, Set consisting of 6 hand drums and 6 mallets, Size: 8"" / 203 mm, Drum frame made of ABS, Synthetic head, In different colours, Incl. storage bag"

Nino 012 Rhythmik Set

223.00 € " Nino 012 Rhythm Set, Rhythm Set, Comprises 11 percussion instruments, ABS hand drum 12"" blue, ABS hand drum 10"" red with bells, ABS hand drum 08"" green, ABS hand drum yellow, Maracas, medium-s... Loe edasi

Nino Nino 515 Rhythmik Set

196.00 € Nino Nino 515 Rhythmik Set, Nino Rhythm Set, With basket@+*Includes (1x each):*@+@+, Wood guiro, Triangle with intense and long-lasting sound, medium, Plastic maracas, pair, small, Racket tambouri... Loe edasi

Nino Wooden Rhythm Set

140.00 € Nino Wooden Rhythm Set, Children's Percussion Set made of Wood, Incl. storage box@+*Set consisting of: *, 1x Egg shaker, 1 x Claves, 1x Pecker, 1x Egg Maracas, 1 x Hand castanets, 1x Guiro shaker,... Loe edasi

Remo Festival Combo Pack Royal Blue

650.00 € Remo Festival Combo Pack Royal Blue, Percussion set, Set consisting of Djembe, Timbau and Tubano, Acousticon shell, Exchangeable, pre-tuned fliptop black suede skin, Rubber feet, Remo No. DP-2510-... Loe edasi

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