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1stClassRock Percussion Starter Set

289.00 € 1stClassRock Percussion Starter Set, Set containing: MILLENIUM MC890NT CONGA SET (order code 152557), MILLENIUM MB202H NT (order code 126349), MILLENIUM G225 GUIRO HAND (order code 325989), MILLENI... Loe edasi

Goldon 30300 Percussion Set

149.00 € Goldon 30300 Percussion Set - 31 pieces, washable bag. 4x Claves, Guiro, wood block(18/20 cm) wooden tone block with handle, jingle stick, bell stick, 2x Triangle (10 / 15 cm), 2x finger cymbal, 1x... Loe edasi

Goldon MusicTrolley Bongo Model 30512

414.00 € Goldon Music Trolley 1, "Bongo assortment", Model 30512, Contents as shown Made in beechwood, movable on easy running castors, with 3 drawers, hinged lid and bottom tray, is a MUST for every classr... Loe edasi

Goldon Paint Your Music Set 30050

53.24 € Goldon Paint Your Music Set, Model 30050, great paintable percussion set, comes with water-soluble, health harmless colours, 3 bushes, Set containing 1x Bongo, 1x Tambourine, 1x Claves, 1 Pair Mara... Loe edasi

Goldon Percussion Set 1 in Wood Box

81.08 € Goldon Percussion Set 1, Model 30110, 16 pieces in Wood Box, Set containing: 3x Claves 18mm x 200mm (pair), 3x Claves 20mm x 200mm (pair), Tone Block smal, Toneblock large, Guiro, Wooden Block 18cm... Loe edasi

Goldon Percussion Set 5 in Wood Box

116.00 € Goldon Percussion Set 5, Model 30150, 15 pieces in Wood Box, Set containing: 1x Claves 18mm x 200mm, 1x Claves 20mm x 200mm, Tone Block Small, Tone Block with Handle, Guiro, Wood Block 18cm, Wooden... Loe edasi

Goldon Rhythm Assortment 1/2

424.00 € Goldon Rhythm Assortment 1/2, Set includes Goldon Rhythmik Bag Set 1 and Bag Set 2 GOLDON RYTHM ASSORTMENT 2 (order code 198395), GOLDON PERCUSSION ASSORTMENT 1 (order code 195000)

Meinl Bongo & Percussion Pack

117.00 € Meinl Bongo & Percussion Pack, consiting of: HB50BK Journey Series Bongos, Compact Foot Tambourine, Luis Conte Live Shaker, Classic Wood Claves

Meinl Percussion-Set

1024.00 € Meinl Percussion-Set, containing: MEINL MCC1134SNT-M CONGA CLASSIC (order code 153320), MEINL MCC11SNT-M QUINTO CLASSIC (order code 163169), MEINL TMB BONGO STAND (order code 101998), MEINL MARATHO... Loe edasi

Nino 012 Rhythmik Set

175.00 € Nino Rhytmik Set 012 - includes 11 percussion instruments: 1x 12" blue ABS hand frame drum, 1x 10" red ABS hand frame drum with jingles, 1x 8" green ABS hand frame drum, 1x 6" yellow ABS hand frame... Loe edasi

Nino Nino 515 Rhythmik Set

156.00 € NINOSET515 Rhythm Set 515, include 15 individual instruments, contents: 1 x Wood Guiro, 1 x Triangle 6", 1 x Plastic Egg Maracas pair, red, 1 x Mini Guiro, 1 x Egg Shaker, 1 x Racket Tambourine, 1 ... Loe edasi

Remo Festival Combo Pack Royal Blue

466.00 € Remo Festival Combo Pack, DP-2510-AA-63, Set containing: Djembe, Timbau and Tubano, Colour: Royal Blue, acousticon shells, fliptop pre-tuned black suede drum head (exchangable), rubber feet

Schlagwerk Booster Set

455.00 € Schlagwerk booster set - booster box with base plate and the Roland Peil signature cajinto with floor stand (BC 460, BP 40, CC 202, BS 22). There will always be percussionists who aren't thrilled w... Loe edasi

Voggenreiter Rhythmic Village Percussion-S.

35.09 € Voggenreiter Rhythmic Village Percussion Set, contains: hand drum (diameter approx. 20 cm) with mallets, 2 bars, clamping rod, app code card "Rhythmic village" (Learning software) Specifications: r... Loe edasi

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