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DW SM2141X Hi-Hat Stabilizer

53.24 € DW SM2141X Hi-hat stabilizing system with claw hook clamp. For mounting hi hats to bass drums when having a double bass drum set up

DW SM788 Dogbone Smal

64.13 € DW SM788 Cymbaladapter, " Dogbone", Expansionpipe,

DW SMMG2 Multi Clamp with Tube

53.24 € DW SMMG2 Mega Clamp, 1-inch by 12-inch tube with angle adjustable 'V' clamp and memory lock.

DW SP-2013 Hi-Hat Rod short

20.33 € DW SP-2013 Hi-Hat Rod short, upper Hi-Hat Rod for DW Hi-Hats, short version, length 15" 38cm,

DW SP-358 Hi-Hat Rod Standard

20.33 € DW SP-358 Hi-Hat Rod Standard, upper Hi-Hat Rod for DW Hi-Hats, standard version, length 21" 53cm,

Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit

23.60 € Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit, SC-DTK, Drum Accessory package containing: Gibrlagter Bass Drum Pad, 3x tuning rods, 2 cymbal washers, 3x cymbal sleeves, 8 cymbal felts, snare cord and tuning key

Gibraltar SC-APM Adjustable Platform

83.50 € Gibraltar SC-APM 3-Hole Adjustable Platform Mount - 3-way clamps accept 1/2" to 1" diameter tubes. Two sides are adjustable for detailed positioning. diameter pole: 25mm, length: 45cm

Gibraltar SC-BAMML Boom Arm Mic Mount

50.82 € Gibraltar SC-BAMML 16" Boom Arm Mic Mount, 40cm boom arm with 5/8" microphone mount, clamp for most cymbal stands,

Gibraltar SC-BAMMS Boom Arm Mic Mount

47.19 € Gibraltar SC-BAMMS 10" Boom Arm Mic Mount, 25cm boom arm with 5/8" microphone mount, clamp for most cymbal stands,

Gibraltar SC-EA-100 Holding

38.72 € Gibraltar SC-EA-100, Extension Arm with one 360° multi clamp attachments, for Cymbal Arms or Tom Arms or anything others

Gibraltar SC-EB Eye Bolt

11.50 € Gibraltar SC-EB Eye Bolt for cowbells or jamblocks, containing eye bolt, wingnut and washer

Gibraltar SC-EMBA 16" Drum Module Arm

35.09 € Gibraltar SC-EMBA 16" Electronic Drum Module Arm, 40cm boom arm with rotating multi clamp for all kinds of drum module holders,

LP LP915 Mount Clamp Wing Nuts

9.68 € LP LP915 Mount Clamp Wing Nuts, wing nuts to adjust conga legs onto conga stands, 4 pieces.

Mapex AC906 Adapter for Hi-Hat on BD

83.50 € Mapex AC906, Adapter for attach a Hi-Hat on a Bass Drum

Meinl CAPS-01 Rubber Caps for 8mm

2.89 € Meinl CAPS-01 Rubber Caps, (set of 6 pcs.) for MEINL 8mm Tension Rods, for Bongos and Congas,

Meinl MQSM Quick-Set Markers

14.40 € Meinl MQSM Quick-Set Markers, 10 circles for drums, 60 strips for hardware, to position your drums and hardware in their correct places every time, Colour: Black

Meinl Silicone Protection Cover

15.61 € Meinl Silicone Protection Cover, 19cm big silicone pad, especially made for the Meinl MCS1-BK Mountable Cajon Snare protects it from scratches or stick marks,

Pearl M-8RN/2 Knurled Round Nut

9.68 € Pearl M-8RN/2 Knurled Round Nut, M8, chrome for various Pearl Multiclamps and rack clamps, 2 pieces

Pearl NP-366 Nylon Bushing

4.12 € Pearl NP-366 Nylon Bushing, bushing for Pearl Snare Stand S-930(D), Size: 7/8" / 22,2mm

Pearl PL-08 Nylon Bushing

3.02 € Pearl PL-08 Nylon Bushing, bushing for pearl stands from the 900er series, fit for BC-900, B-900, C-900, D-900, H-900, S-900, T-900,

Pearl PL-09 Nylon Bushing

4.12 € Pearl PL-09 Nylon Bushing, bushing for pearl stands from the 900er series, fit for BC-900, B-900, C-900, Inner Diameter 16mm

Pearl SM-012 Hi-Hat Rod

10.77 € Pearl Hi-Hat Rod for Pearl Hi-Hat`s, SM-012

Pearl UGB-835WA Wing Bolt M8 x 35mm

5.15 € Pearl UGB-835WA, Die-Cast Wing Bolt w/Washer, M8 x 35mm,

Pearl UGB620/2 Wing Bolt M6 x 20mm

8.35 € Pearl UGB620/2 Wing Bolt M6 x 20mm, 2pcs per pack

Pearl UX80 Universal Holder

66.55 € Pearl UX80 Universal holder, for Drum Stand or Rackmount, for Mounting of a L-Rod Holder, 7/8" Pipe x 13", incl.. Multiclamp

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