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Baldman Percussion Stank Foot

135.00 € Baldman Percussion Stank Foot, Percussion Add-On for Creative Playing, To rest on drums but can also be played with the foot, Made in USA

DW SM2141X Hi-Hat Stabilizer

105.00 € DW SM2141X Hi-Hat Stabilizer, Hi-Hat Connection, For attaching the hi-hat to the bass drum hoop, Ideal for drummers with 2 bass drums, The hi-hat is stabilized and its stability increased

DW SM788 Dogbone Smal

109.00 € " DW SM788 Dogbone Smal, Cymbal adapter ""Dogbone"", Extension tube"

DW SMMG2 Multi Clamp with Tube

71.35 € " DW SMMG2 Multi Clamp with Tube, Multi clamp, With pipe, Tube length: 12"" (About 30 cm), Pipe diameter: 1"" (About 25.4 mm), Includes memory lock"

DW SP-2013 Hi-Hat Rod short

30.76 € " DW SP-2013 Hi-Hat Rod short, Hi-Hat Rod, Short version, Upper rod for DW hi-hat machines, Length: 15"" (38 cm)@+*Note:* Does not fit the DW 3500TA 2-leg Hi-Hat Stand.@+@+"

DW SP-358 Hi-Hat Rod Standard

31.99 € DW SP-358 Hi-Hat Rod Standard, Hi-Hat Rod, Standard version, Upper rod for DW hi-hat machines, Length: 21 - 53 cm

Gibraltar "SC-EMBA 16"" Drum Module Arm"

44.29 € " Gibraltar SC-EMBA 16"" Drum Module Arm, Boom Arm with Rotating Multi Clamp, 40 cm long boom arm with rotatable multi clamp, Suitable for all types of module holders"

Gibraltar 9813HA Foundation Stand

196.00 € " Gibraltar 9813HA Foundation Stand, Special Stand, For use with Gibraltar Rack components, Allows the construction of an individual live sound or home studio workstation, 18"" (46 cm) long, extend... Loe edasi

Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit

33.22 € Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit, Accessory Set for Drummer*Consists Of:*@+@+, Protection pad for bass drum, 3 Clamping screws, 2 Washers for cymbal, 3 Pods, 8 Cymbal felts, Snare cord, Tuning key

Gibraltar SC-APM Adjustable Platform

117.00 € " Gibraltar SC-APM Adjustable Platform, 3-Hole Platform, With pipe, 3-Way adapter for pipe diameters from 1/2 ""to 1"", Two sides are adjustable, Diameter (pipe): 25 mm, Length: 45 cm"

Gibraltar SC-BAMML Boom Arm Mic Mount

68.89 € " Gibraltar SC-BAMML Boom Arm Mic Mount, Boom Arm with Microphone Thread, 40 cm long boom arm, With 5/8"" microphone thread, Bracket suitable for most cymbal stands"

Gibraltar SC-BAMMS Boom Arm Mic Mount

62.74 € " Gibraltar SC-BAMMS Boom Arm Mic Mount, Microphone Boom Arm, 25 cm long boom arm, With 5/8"" microphone thread, Bracket suitable for most cymbal stands"

Gibraltar SC-EA-100 Holding

56.59 € Gibraltar SC-EA-100 Holding, Extension Arm, With a multi-clamp attached at the end, For any brackets, L-Rods, cymbal arms, Variable use

Gibraltar SC-EB Eye Bolt

12.30 € Gibraltar SC-EB Eye Bolt, Clamping screw for cowbells or jam-blocks, Consisting of eyebolt, wing nut and washer

Gibraltar SC-RMAADP Inserts

8.73 € " Gibraltar SC-RMAADP Inserts, Plastic Inserts, Set of 3 with sizes 3/4"", 7/8"" and 1"""

LP LP915 Mount Clamp Wing Nuts

7.38 € LP LP915 Mount Clamp Wing Nuts, Wing Nuts, For mounting legs to conga stands, Package quantity: 4 Pieces

Meinl CAPS-01 Rubber Caps for 8mm

2.94 € Meinl CAPS-01 Rubber Caps for 8mm, Cap, For MEINL 8 mm clamping screws, Made of rubber, For Meinl Bongos and Congas, Colour: BK - Black, Delivery quantity: 6 Pieces

Meinl Drum Tech Kit

40.60 € Meinl Drum Tech Kit, Tool and Accessory Set for Drummers*Set consists of:*@+@+, 1x L-shaped drum key, 4x Drum honey gel pads, 6x Cymbal sleeves, 4x Steel rivets, 4x Cymbal felts, 2x Hi-hat felts, ... Loe edasi

Meinl MQSM Quick-Set Markers

17.22 € Meinl MQSM Quick-Set Markers, Quick-set markers, 10 Circular, 60 Straight & curved adhesive markers, Colour: Black

Meinl Silicone Protection Cover

18.45 € Meinl Silicone Protection Cover, Silicone Pad, Size: 19 cm, Specially developed for the Meinl MCS1-BK mountable cajon snare, Protects the surface from scratches or stick marks

MusicNomad Microfiber Drum Towels

16.61 € " MusicNomad Microfiber Drum Towels, Microfibre Cloth Set, Microfibre cleaning and polishing cloth for drum kits and cymbals, Two-piece set, Ideal for cleaning and polishing, Safe to use on all sur... Loe edasi

On-Stage DTA1088 Drum Set Dust Cover

84.89 € On-Stage DTA1088 Drum Set Dust Cover, Dust Cover for Drum Sets, For protection against dust, dirt, UV rays and humidity, Made of water-repellent nylon, Dimensions approx. 203 x 274 cm, Colour: Black

Pearl M-8RN/2 Knurled Round Nut

13.41 € Pearl M-8RN/2 Knurled Round Nut, Round groove, M8 Thread, Chrome-plated, For various Pearl multi-clamps and rack clamps, 2 Pieces

Pearl NP-366 Nylon Bushing

4.19 € " Pearl NP-366 Nylon Bushing, Bushing, For Pearl snare stand S-930 (D), Dimensions inside: 7/8"" / 22.2 mm"

Pearl PL-008 Nylon Bushing

3.71 € Pearl PL-008 Nylon Bushing, Plastic Bushing, For Pearl Stand from the 900 series, Suitable for BC-900, B-900, C-900, D-900, H-900, S-900, T-900, Internal dimensions: 22.2 mm

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