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Aquarian AQST4 Snare Strip

9.56 € Aquarian AQST4 Snare Strip, prevents damage from broken snare wires, can be used to repair damage from previous minor punctures, helps to dry out the sound of bottom snare head, 2 pieces

Cherub DT-10 Drum Tuner

71.39 € Cherub DT-10 Drum Tuner, Mirophone picks the sound of the acoustic drum, clamp mounted on on rim of the hoop, turn the tension rods for change and see on the display the pitch of the shell, the DT-... Loe edasi

Danmar Drumstick Holder Travis Barker

45.98 € Danmar Drumstickholder "Travis Barker", 1027GWB, colour: black/grey/white, stickholder for 3 pair of drumsticks, Travis Barker Edition, fixed to the existing stand

Dixon PA-HMM-SP Microphone Clamp

33.88 € Dixon PA-HMM-SP Hoop Microphone Mount, the Hoop Mount comes with N-Rod to attach a microphone clamp,

Dixon PA-HPM-SP Percussion Clamp

32.67 € Dixon PA-HPM-SP Hoop Percussion Mount - includes N-Rod attachment for percussion accessories.

Dixon PAKL1841-HP Rack Memory Clamp

9.20 € Dixon PAKL1841-HP Memory Clamp for Rackpipes, 1,5" (ca. 38,1 mm), (1 pieces)

DrumDial DDBEC Bearing Edge Conditioner

10.77 € DrumDial DDBEC Bearing Edge Conditioner,strenghtens and conditions the bearing edge for fast, easy tuning

DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner

126.00 € DrumDial Digital Drum Tuner, fast and precise, digital LCD display measures true timpanic pressure from 0-100, tuning chart and instructions, including custom foam lined protective hard shell case

DrumDial Drum Tuner

90.64 € DrumDial Drum Tuner, Drum Tuning device, quickly and precisely tunes all drums by accurately measuring drumhead tension NOT tension rod torque, heavy weight base for superior accuracy, adjustable B... Loe edasi

Drumgees Rim Drumgee Blue

15.61 € Drumgees Rim Drumgee Blue, allows to securely hold objects against a drumhead in any desired position and with any desired tension, made from durable ABS and Nylon plastics, cord is 100lb tensile s... Loe edasi

Drumgees Rim Drumgee Red

15.61 € Drumgees Rim Drumgee Red, allows to securely hold objects against a drumhead in any desired position and with any desired tension, made from durable ABS and Nylon plastics, cord is 100lb tensile st... Loe edasi

DW SM2031 Puppy Bone

61.71 € DW SM2031, Cymbalholder "Puppy Bone", adjustable angle, Techlock security system, fits with 1/2" cymbal arms

DW SM2033 Cymbal Expansion Arm

52.03 € DW SM2033 Cymbal Expansion Arm, fits 1/2" cymbal arms,

DW SM2141X Hi-Hat Stabilizer

53.24 € DW SM2141X Hi-hat stabilizing system with claw hook clamp. For mounting hi hats to bass drums when having a double bass drum set up

DW SM782 Memory Clamp

21.66 € Drum Workshop SM782 1/2" Memory Clamp SM782 for Cymbal Boom Arms 1 pair

DW SM788 Dogbone Smal

68.97 € DW SM788 Cymbaladapter, " Dogbone", Expansionpipe,

DW SMMG2 Multi Clamp with Tube

53.24 € DW SMMG2 Mega Clamp, 1-inch by 12-inch tube with angle adjustable 'V' clamp and memory lock.

DW SP-2013 Hi-Hat Rod short

20.33 € DW SP-2013 Hi-Hat Rod short, upper Hi-Hat Rod for DW Hi-Hats, short version, length 15" 38cm,

DW SP-358 Hi-Hat Rod Standard

20.33 € DW SP-358 Hi-Hat Rod Standard, upper Hi-Hat Rod for DW Hi-Hats, standard version, length 21" 53cm,

DW TM12-CR Memory Clamp

18.15 € DW TM12-CR Memory Clamp, Chrome Finish for TB12 Tom Rosette

Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit

23.60 € Gibraltar Drummer's Tech Kit, SC-DTK, Drum Accessory package containing: Gibrlagter Bass Drum Pad, 3x tuning rods, 2 cymbal washers, 3x cymbal sleeves, 8 cymbal felts, snare cord and tuning key

Gibraltar SC-13P2 8mm Wing Nut

5.24 € Gibraltar SC-13P2 8mm Wing Nut, 8mm Heavy-Duty Wing Nut (2 pk)

Gibraltar SC-13P3 6mm Wing Nut

4.45 € Gibraltar SC-13P3 6mm Wing Nut, 6mm Heavy-Duty Wing Nut (2 pk)

Gibraltar SC-APM Adjustable Platform

79.87 € Gibraltar SC-APM 3-Hole Adjustable Platform Mount - 3-way clamps accept 1/2" to 1" diameter tubes. Two sides are adjustable for detailed positioning. diameter pole: 25mm, length: 45cm

Gibraltar SC-DMM Microphone Mount

10.89 € Gibraltar SC-DMM, Deluxe Microphone Mount, material: Nylon, with threads for gooseneck microphone

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