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2box Drumit Cymbal Holder

39.93 € 2box Cymbalholder

2box Drumit Five Rackpipe Long

148.00 € 2box Drumit Five Rackpipe Long/Front RSLMK2, DrumIt Five Rackpipe Long/Front,

2box Drumit Rack Clamp

47.19 € 2box Rack Clamp. Rack clamp for Cymbal- and Tomholder

Millenium DRSE-04 Drum Rack

193.00 € Millenium DRSE-4 Drum Rack - usable with both E-drums and acoustic drums. Complete drum rack including two long and one short (snare) pipes, T-legs, 5x pad holders with L-rod, pad clamps with Omni ... Loe edasi

Millenium E-Drum Add-On Set 1

95.60 € Millenium E-Drum Add-On Set 1, Set containing MILLENIUM PD-111 PRO BASS DRUM PEDAL (order code 180217), MILLENIUM MDT4 DRUM THRONE ROUND (order code 190868), THE T.BONE HD 880 (order code 152215), ... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp Tom

9.56 € Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp for Tom/Snare, MPS Rack Clamp for Tom/Snare for Mill. E-Drum Racks MPS-100/200/400,

Millenium MPS-150/250/425 Rack Clamp Cym

9.56 € Millenium MPS-150/250/425 Rack Clamp for Cymbalarm, to mount a 19mm cymbal arm on 38mm rack pipe , for Millenium MPS-150/250/425

Millenium MPS-150/425 Rack T-Clamp

9.56 € Millenium MPS-100/150/200/400/425/600 Rack T- Clamp, connects two rack tubes to a fixed 90 degree angle, for Mill. E-Drum Racks MPS-100/150/200/400/425/600,

Millenium MPS-250/500/750 Rack T-Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-250/500/750 Rack T-Clamp to connect two 1/2" rack pipes, suitable for Millenium MPS-250/500/750

Millenium MPS-500/750 Cymbal Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-500/750 Rack Cymbalclamp, to mount a 7/8" cymbal arm on 1,5" rack pipe, for Millenium MPS-500 and MPS-750

Millenium MPS-500/750 Pad Rack Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-500/750 Pad Rack Clamp, spare clamp for mounting MPS-500/750 snare and MPS-750 tom pads,

Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Arm

24.08 € Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Arm with anti-twist safeguard, 22mm pipe diameter, suitable for Millenium MPS-750 E-Drum Set

Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Top Rack Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-750 MPS-750 Cymbal Top Rack Clamp, to mount a 7/8" cymbal arm on a 1,5" rack pipe, for Millenium MPS-750,

Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle

58.08 € Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle, Holder included straight Cymbalstand, for Roland Products, Millenium Sixta Pad, etc. MILLENIUM E-DRUM MULTI-CLAMP (order code 225424), MILLENIUM CS-718 STAGE CYMBAL... Loe edasi

Millenium Percussion Pad Stand

71.39 € Millenium Percussion Pad Stand, stand for Roland and Alesis Percussion Pads, height adjustable from 69cm - 105 cm, double-braced, mounting plate angle adjustable

Roland Cymbal Holder for CY-5

71.39 € Roland Cymbal Holder for Roland CY-5 cymbal pad, without rack clamp

Roland MDS-4V Drum Rack

208.00 € Roland MDS-4V Drum Rack - for Roland TD-11K and TD-11KV V-Drum set, extra heavy design, very easily transportable, includes pad holder.

Roland MDS-50KV E-Drum Rack

1336.00 € Roland MDS-50KV E-Drum Rack, for Roland TD-50KV, pipe diameter: 38.1mm (1.5"), 3x pad holder, 3x cymbal holder, 1x sound Module holder, 3x cable tie, incl. cables, weight: 19 kg,

Roland MDS-9V Drum Rack

242.00 € Roland MDS-9V Electronic Drum Rack/Stand, for Roland TD-15K and Roland TD-15KV V-Drum Sets, 4x pad-holders, 1x Hi-Hat holder, 2x cymbal mounting plates, tuning key, 6x cable straps. 38.1mm pipe dia... Loe edasi

Roland PDS-10 Pad Stand

120.00 € Roland PDS-10 Pad Stand - 200º adjustment, double braced legs, 2x height adjustable pipes, for sitting or standing use.

Roland Rack Clamp

24.08 € Roland Rack Clamp for Roland racks MDS-4, MDS-9 and MDS-12

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