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2box Drumit Tom L-Rod

14.76 € 2box Drumit Tom L-Rod, Tom L-Rod, Tom holder L-Rod for rack clamp

Alesis Multipad Clamp

97.19 € Alesis Multipad Clamp, Multi Clamp with Holder for Percussion Pads, Fits Alesis Strike Multipad, Sample Pad, Sample Pad Pro and Sample Pad 4 as well as many other percussion pads, Support plate wi... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 6713E Electronic Mount Stand

140.00 € Gibraltar 6713E Electronic Mount Stand, Tripod, Perfect as an additional stand for hybrid sets, Double-braced, 360° adjustable holding clip

Gibraltar GEMS Elect. Mounting Station

280.00 € Gibraltar GEMS Elect. Mounting Station, Mounting Station, To hold mixers, Can also hold Laptops, Height: 70 cm - 107 cm, Not just for drummers!

Gibraltar GEMS-TTOP E.Mount. Station

60.28 € Gibraltar GEMS-TTOP E.Mount. Station, Electronic Mounting Station, Top, Without arms, For holding mixers, laptops, etc.

Gibraltar SC-EMARM Module Arm with clamp

77.51 € Gibraltar SC-EMARM Module Arm with clamp, Support Arm, Suitable for E-Drum modules, With clamps, Manufacturer No.: SC-EMARM

Gibraltar SC-GEMC Electronic Mounting

133.00 € Gibraltar SC-GEMC Electronic Mounting, Mounting System, For recording drum modules or tablets on drum racks, Standard clamps with 38 mm diameter, 2 Rubber mounts for secure hold of the electronic ... Loe edasi

Millenium E-Drum Add-On Set 1

122.00 € Millenium E-Drum Add-On Set 1@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Millenium PD-111 Pro Bass Drum Pedal@+*Bass Drum Pedal*, Pro Series, Aluminium hinge, Chain over sprocket drive, Side-operating clamp mech... Loe edasi

Millenium E-Drum Mounting Plate

10.95 € Millenium E-Drum Mounting Plate, E-Drum Mounting Plate, Suitable for most e-drum modules and percussion pads (e.g. SPD-SX, SPD-30, TD50), Hole spacing: 7 cm and 10 cm, Height of plate including sp... Loe edasi

Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp

35.68 € Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp, Multi Clamp with Mounting Plate, Suitable for most E-Drum modules and percussion pads, such as the SPD-SX, SPD-30, TD30, Distance between the holes: 7 cm and 10 cm, H... Loe edasi

Millenium EDR-1 E-Drum Rack

155.00 € Millenium EDR-1 E-Drum Rack, E-Drum Rack, Complete E-Drum Rack, Hexagonal L-Rods, Includes 3 cymbal arms and 5 pad holders@+*Note:* without module holder

Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp Tom

9.72 € Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp Tom, Rack Clamp, For tom / snare, MPS rack clamp for Millenium E-Drum racks MPS-100/200/400

Millenium MPS-150/250/425 Rack Clamp Cym

9.72 € Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp C, Rack Clamp for Cymbal Arm, Suitable for Millenium MPS-150 / 250 / 425 / 850, For mounting a 19 mm cymbal arm to a 38 mm rack tube

Millenium MPS-150/425 Rack T-Clamp

9.72 € Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack T-Clamp, Rack T-Clamp, For connecting two 38 mm rack tubes, Suitable for Millenium E-Drum Racks MPS-100 / 150 / 200 / 400 / 425 / 600 / 850

Millenium MPS-250/500/750 Rack T-Clamp

12.18 € Millenium MPS-250/500/750 Rack T-Clamp, Rack Clamp, For connecting two 38mm diameter rack tubes, Suitable for Millenium MPS-250/500/750

Millenium MPS-500/750 Cymbal Clamp

12.18 € Millenium MPS-500/750 Cymbal Clamp, Rack Beck Clamp, For mounting a 22 mm cymbal arm to a 38 mm rack pipe, For Millenium MPS-500 and MPS-750

Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Arm

24.48 € Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Arm, Cymbal Arm, Suitable for Millenium MPS-750 Electric Drum Set, Including twist protection, 22 mm pipe diameter

Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Top Rack Clamp

12.18 € Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Top Rack Clamp, Rack Beck Clip, For mounting a 22 mm cymbal arm at the end of a 38 mm back pipe, For Millenium MPS-750

Millenium MPS-750 Hexagonal L-Rod

15.87 € MPS-750 Hexagonal L-Rod, Hexagonal L-Rod, For snare and tom pads of the MPS-750X mesh set

Millenium MPS-750 Hexagonal Straight Rod

11.32 € Millenium MPS-750 Hexagonal Straight Rod, Tom Holder for E-Drums, For tom pads of the MPS-750X Mesh Set, Hexagon

Millenium MPS-750X Pad Rack Clamp

12.18 € Millenium MPS-750X Pad Rack Clamp, Rack Clamp, Replacement clamp for mounting MPS-750Xx snare and MPS-750X tom pads

Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle

60.28 € Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Millenium E-Drum Multi-Clamp@+*Multi Clamp with Mounting Plate*, Suitable for most E-Drum modules and percussion pads, such as the SPD-S... Loe edasi

Millenium Percussion Pad Stand

84.89 € Millenium Percussion Pad Stand, Stand for Roland and Alesis Percussion Pads, Height adjustable from 69 - 105 cm, Double-braced, Adjustable angle of support plate

Millenium Rack Clamp with L-Rod

19.56 € Millenium Rack Clamp with L-Rod, Rack Clamp, For Millenium MPS-100, -200, -400, -600 drumracks, With L-Rod arm, Tom Tom Pad attachment, Diameter rod: 10.5 mm

Roland APC-33

105.00 € Roland APC-33, Multiclammer Clamp Set, For Roland drum module, For Roland SPD-S and SPD-20, Delivery without mounting screws - (delivered with the device itself)

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