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2box Drumit Cymbal Holder

39.93 € 2box Cymbalholder

2box Drumit Five Rackpipe Long

148.00 € 2box Drumit Five Rackpipe Long/Front RSLMK2, DrumIt Five Rackpipe Long/Front,

2box Drumit Rack Clamp

47.19 € 2box Rack Clamp. Rack clamp for Cymbal- and Tomholder

Alesis Multipad Clamp

95.60 € Alesis Multipad Clamp, for attching percussion pads, holding plate with ball joint, 15" long boom arm, adjustable angle, fits for Alesis Sample Pad, Sample Pad Pro and Sample Pad 4, as well as most... Loe edasi

Millenium DRSE-04 Drum Rack

193.00 € Millenium DRSE-4 Drum Rack - usable with both E-drums and acoustic drums. Complete drum rack including two long and one short (snare) pipes, T-legs, 5x pad holders with L-rod, pad clamps with Omni ... Loe edasi

Millenium E-Drum Add-On Set 1

95.60 € Millenium E-Drum Add-On Set 1, Set containing MILLENIUM PD-111 PRO BASS DRUM PEDAL (order code 180217), MILLENIUM MDT4 DRUM THRONE ROUND (order code 190868), THE T.BONE HD 880 (order code 152215), ... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp Tom

9.56 € Millenium MPS-100/200/400 Rack Clamp for Tom/Snare, MPS Rack Clamp for Tom/Snare for Mill. E-Drum Racks MPS-100/200/400,

Millenium MPS-150/250/425 Rack Clamp Cym

9.56 € Millenium MPS-150/250/425 Rack Clamp for Cymbalarm, to mount a 19mm cymbal arm on 38mm rack pipe , for Millenium MPS-150/250/425

Millenium MPS-150/425 Rack T-Clamp

9.56 € Millenium MPS-100/150/200/400/425/600 Rack T- Clamp, connects two rack tubes to a fixed 90 degree angle, for Mill. E-Drum Racks MPS-100/150/200/400/425/600,

Millenium MPS-250/500/750 Rack T-Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-250/500/750 Rack T-Clamp to connect two 1/2" rack pipes, suitable for Millenium MPS-250/500/750

Millenium MPS-500/750 Cymbal Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-500/750 Rack Cymbalclamp, to mount a 7/8" cymbal arm on 1,5" rack pipe, for Millenium MPS-500 and MPS-750

Millenium MPS-500/750 Pad Rack Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-500/750 Pad Rack Clamp, spare clamp for mounting MPS-500/750 snare and MPS-750 tom pads,

Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Arm

24.08 € Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Arm with anti-twist safeguard, 22mm pipe diameter, suitable for Millenium MPS-750 E-Drum Set

Millenium MPS-750 Cymbal Top Rack Clamp

11.98 € Millenium MPS-750 MPS-750 Cymbal Top Rack Clamp, to mount a 7/8" cymbal arm on a 1,5" rack pipe, for Millenium MPS-750,

Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle

58.08 € Millenium Multipad Stand Bundle, Holder included straight Cymbalstand, for Roland Products, Millenium Sixta Pad, etc. MILLENIUM E-DRUM MULTI-CLAMP (order code 225424), MILLENIUM CS-718 STAGE CYMBAL... Loe edasi

Millenium Percussion Pad Stand

71.39 € Millenium Percussion Pad Stand, stand for Roland and Alesis Percussion Pads, height adjustable from 69cm - 105 cm, double-braced, mounting plate angle adjustable

Millenium Rack Clamp with L-Rod

15.61 € Millenium Rack Clamp with L-Rod Arm, for Tom Pad Rack Mounting, for Millenium MPS-100, -200, -400, -600 Drumracks,

Roland Cymbal Holder for CY-5

71.39 € Roland Cymbal Holder for Roland CY-5 cymbal pad, without rack clamp

Roland MDS-50K E-Drum Rack

838.00 € Roland MDS-50K E-Drum Rack, for Roland TD-50KV and TD-30K / KSE, pipe diameter: 38.1mm (1.5"), 3x pad holder, 3x cymbal holder, 1x sound Module holder, 3x cable tie, incl. cables, weight: 14,5 kg,

Roland MDS-50KV E-Drum Rack

1336.00 € Roland MDS-50KV E-Drum Rack, for Roland TD-50KV, pipe diameter: 38.1mm (1.5"), 3x pad holder, 3x cymbal holder, 1x sound Module holder, 3x cable tie, incl. cables, weight: 19 kg,

Roland MDS-9V Drum Rack

242.00 € Roland MDS-9V Electronic Drum Rack/Stand, for Roland TD-15K and Roland TD-15KV V-Drum Sets, 4x pad-holders, 1x Hi-Hat holder, 2x cymbal mounting plates, tuning key, 6x cable straps. 38.1mm pipe dia... Loe edasi

Roland PDS-10 Pad Stand

108.00 € Roland PDS-10 Pad Stand - 200º adjustment, double braced legs, 2x height adjustable pipes, for sitting or standing use.

Roland Rack Clamp

24.08 € Roland Rack Clamp for Roland racks MDS-4, MDS-9 and MDS-12

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