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Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Rack

486.00 € Gibraltar GCS-450C Road Series Drum Rack - 4-post curved rack, 4x 30" straight vertical mini T-legs each equipped with cymbal mounts, 46" front curved horizontal bar with 4 multi-clamps and memory ... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GCS500H Adjustable Rack

375.00 € Gibraltar GCS500H Adjustable Rack, 14-inch legs and 18-inch extender bars with a notched numbering system to customize height from 21 to 35½ inches, can be used as low-profile side rack or front c... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GRS-125C Curved Rack Extension

149.00 € Gibraltar GRS-125C, Curved Rack Extension, chrome version, including vertical T-Leg

Gibraltar GRS-850DBL Drum Rack

414.00 € Gibraltar Road Series GRS-850DBL - double bass drum rack with curved front pipes, includes 4x GRSMC multi-clamps.

Gibraltar GSDS Stealth Side Docking St.

258.00 € Gibraltar GSDS Stealth Side Docking Station, space saving drum rack, u shaped main rack pipe for bass drums up to 22", all parts chromed, including two multi angled rack clamps for cymbal arms, tom... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GSSMS Stealth Side Mount

212.00 € Gibraltar GSSMS Stealth Side Mounting System - companion system to the stealth, handles cymbal and auxiliary mounting. Comes with 3/4", 7/8", and 1" adjustable sleeves and utilizes all Gibraltar an... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GSSVR Stealth Side V Rack

232.00 € Gibraltar GSSVR Stealth Side V Rack, ow profile V side rack measuring 18.5" tall and 30"long, Versatile design works with 4pc to double bass, Easy to transport, assemble or break down within second... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vert. Mounting

198.00 € Gibraltar GSVMS Stealth Vertical Mounting System - low profile vertical mounting plane for mounted toms and snare drum that creates a rock solid foundation for any style set up. This innovative mou... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GSVMS-DS Dual Snare Basket

212.00 € Gibraltar GSVMS-DS Dual Snare Basket VMS, Stealth Series, two fine-gear adjust snare baskets mounted from the two vertical posts of the Stealth, One basket cradles the mounted tom and the other bas... Loe edasi

Gibraltar GSVMS-KIT Vertical Mounting

258.00 € Gibraltar GSVMS-KITVertical Mounting , Stealth Series, including tom holder and snare basket with ball clamp, Accommodates double bass drum pedals and deep snare drums, chrome finish

Gibraltar SC-GPR435 Straight Rack Tube

23.60 € Gibraltar SC-GPR435 Straight Rack Tube, Length: 110cm

Gibraltar SC-GPR46C Single Pipe

42.35 € Gibraltar SC-GPR46C, Single Pipe, curved, Drum Rack Pipe, 116 cm

Gibraltar SC-GPR68 Single Pipe Rack

44.77 € Gibraltar SC-GPR68, Single Pipe, Length 68", Straight Pipe (diameter 38mm)

Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station Bundle

310.00 € Gibraltar Stealth Docking Station Bundle containing GIBRALTAR GSDS STEALTH SIDE DOCKING ST. (order code 486196), GIBRALTAR SDSCB STEALTH DOCKING ST. BAG (order code 486198)

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