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DW 9900BDCR Bass Drum Tom Holder

179.00 € Drum Workshop 9900BDCR, Bass Drum Tom Tom Holder, for Mounti ng of Two Tom Toms on a Bass Drum, L-Tom Arms with Omni Ball System, Multiclamp for Cymbal arm,

DW PDP Double Tom Holder

58.08 € DW PDP Doubletomholder, Omniball system, L-Rod Diameter 10,7mm, Pipe Diameter 25mm

DW PDP Tom Holder with Clamp

41.14 € DW PDP AC991 Tom Holder with Clamp - single tom holder including Omniball system and integrated multiclamp, for mounting on all drum stands, L-Rod Diameter 10,7mm

DW SM-992

100.00 € DW- SM-992 Double Tomholder

DW SM7771 Vintage Bass Drum Mount

90.76 € DW SM7771 Vintage Style Bana Bass Drum Mount, chrome, for installation of a Tom Tom on a bass drum,

DW SM991 Tom Holder with Clamp

66.55 € Drum Workshop SM991 Single Tom Holder - Omniball system with integrated multiclamp, for mounting on all drum stands., incl. memory clamp for mounting the tom holder to a cymbal stand, for diametre ... Loe edasi

DW SMTA10 L-Rod Tom Arm 10,5mm

37.51 € DW SMTA10 L-Rod Tom Tom Arm, 10,5mm, for Mounting Tom Toms on a Drumrack,

DW SMTA12 L-Rod Tom Arm 12,7mm

33.88 € DW SMTA12 L-Rod Tom Tom Arm, 12,7mm, for Mounting DW Tom Toms on a Drumrack, 1/2" Tom Arm,

Gibraltar SC-170 Tom Tom Arm

52.03 € Gibraltar SC-170, Tom Tom Arm, L-Rod Diameter 9,5mm, can also used as Cowbell- or Percussionholder

Gibraltar SC-4425D-1 Tom/Perc. Arm

30.86 € Gibraltar SC-4425D-1 Tom/Perc. Arm, 7/8" diameter post with an 9.5mm ratchet L-Rod for mounting cowbells, blocks, tambourines and other accessories, L-Rod also fits some tom mounts and electronic d... Loe edasi

Gibraltar SC-BA 78 Tomholder

43.56 € Gibraltar SC-BA 78 Tomholder, infinite variable, pipe diameter 7/8", lenght of bottom pipe 10"

Gibraltar SC-BALRM Tom Arm 10,5mm

33.88 € Gibraltar SC-BALRM - 'L' Tom Tom arm with 7/8" (22.23mm) diameter pipe, omni-ball system, 10.5mm L-rod diameter

Gibraltar SC-BCLR-L Tom Tom Arm

42.35 € Gibraltar SC-BCLR-L Tom Tom Arm with Omni Ball System, L-Rod 12,7mm (for DW), Diameter Pipe 22mm

Gibraltar SC-BCLR-M Tom Tom Arm

41.14 € Gibraltar SC-BCLR-M Tom Tom Arm with Omni Ball System, L-Rod 10,5 mm, Diameter Pipe 22mm

Gibraltar SC-DP Double Ball Platform

56.87 € Gibraltar SC-DP Double Ball Platform, Double tube platform designed for use with Gibraltar Ball L-Rods, Adjustable clamp fits up to 1" diameter tube, Downtube 17" length, 1" diameter

Gibraltar SC-DWLR Super L-Rod

14.76 € Gibraltar SC-DWLR Super L-Rod, Rod 12.7mm for DW Drums, Extra Large L-Rod (26mm x 12.7mm)

Gibraltar SC-GVRM Vintage Rail Mount

96.81 € Gibraltar SC-GVRM Vintage Rail Mount, Gibraltar’s Vintage Rail Mount is designed to fit most vintage two hole mounting patterns so it can be added aftermarket without drilling the shell, Features:... Loe edasi

Gibraltar SC-HBL 5" L-Rod

9.44 € Gibraltar SC-HBL 5" L-Rod, 1.5? diameter ball, Hex 5? mounting area, 10.5mm hex rod diameter

Gibraltar SC-LBL L-Rod Arm 12,7mm

10.65 € Gibralta SC-LBL, L-Rod Arm ( 12,7mm) with Ball (39mm), fixed for DW (Ball worked with Platform Gibralta SC-SP+SC-DP)

Gibraltar SC-LBM L-Rod Arm 10,5mm

9.44 € Gibraltar SC-LBM, L-Rod Arm ( 10,5mm ), with ball (39mm fits Platform Gibraltar SC-SP+SC-DP)

Gibraltar SC-LBS L-Rod Arm 9,5mm

10.65 € Gibralta SC-LBS, L-Rod Arm ( 9,5mm) with Ball (39mm), Ball worked with Platform Gibraltar SC-SP+SC-DP,

Gibraltar SC-LRL-1 Extra Large L-Rod

11.86 € Gibraltar SC-LRL-1 Extra Large L-Rod, Rod 12mm, Extra Large L-Rod (12mm x 12mm)

Gibraltar SC-LRM-1 Medium L-Rod

11.86 € Gibraltar SC-LRM-1 Medium L-Rod, Rod 10,5mm, Medium L-Rod (12mm x 10,5mm)

Gibraltar SC-LRS-1 Small L-Rod

10.65 € Gibraltar SC-LRS-1 Small L-Rod, Rod 9,5mm, Small L-Rod (12,7mm x 9,5mm)

Gibraltar SC-SLLRM L-Rod Mount 12,7mm

39.93 € Gibraltar SC-SLLRM L-Rod Mount, large single L-Rod mount with clamp, accepts 1/2" to 1" diametre tubes, 12,7 mm rod for mounting Toms from DW or Gretsch

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