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DW 3900A Double Tom Stand

193.00 € Drum Workshop 3900A Double Tom Stand, 3000 Series, doublebraced Legs, for Mounting of two Tom Toms, double 2-ball joint memory clamp Tom Tom arm, lightweight Version,

DW 3991 Tom/Accessory Stand

179.00 € Drum Workshop 3991 Tom/Accessory stand, DW 3000 Series, single telescopic, including memory lcok, double braced, lightweight version

DW 9900 Double TomTom Stand

286.00 € DW 9900 Standard Double Tom Stand - double 2-ball joint memory clamp Tom Tom arm.

DW 9900AL Air Lift Tom Stand

350.00 € Drum Workshop 9900AL Air Lift Doubletom Stand, revolutionary new Airlift hardware is a pneumatic shock that effortlessly allows drums to float on a cushion of air for quick, effortless and exact ad... Loe edasi

DW 9991 Single Tom Stand

253.00 € DW 9991 Single Tom Stand, DW Tom Stands feature ball-in-socket half-inch diameter arms, integrated auxiliary clamp and heavy-gauge tubing,

Gibraltar 6713DP Tom Stand

142.00 € Gibraltar 6713DP Tom Stand, Mounts for two ball L-arms (not included), Single hinged clamp to mount cymbal boom arm or accessory,Double braced tripod base with cast adjustment, Super Lock height ad... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 6713SP Tom / Cymbal Stand

124.00 € Gibraltar 6713SP Tom / Cymbal Stand, Double braced design makes this stand extra stable, Memory lock at height adjustment to lock in settings

Gibraltar 9613PM 3-Mount Tom Stand

173.00 € Gibraltar 9613PM Double Braced Adjustable 3-Mount Platform Stand, Adjustable arms from 19 mm (3/4") to 31 mm (1-1/4") diametre, height: from 26" - 41"

Gibraltar 9813DP Tripod Tom Stand

193.00 € Gibraltar 9813DP Tripod Tom Stand, Tom / Cymbal Mount Platform adjusts from 18" to 32" playing height, Cast adjustment points with memory locks lock in position, Dual L-rod mount accepts following ... Loe edasi

Gibraltar SC-PM Hole Platform Mount

56.87 € Gibraltar SC-PM Hole Platform Mount, Mount up to three tom arms or cymbal arms from racks or stands, Diameter: 1" (2,54cm), Length (Post) 16" (40,6cm)

Mapex TS950A Double Tom Stand

242.00 € Mapex TS950A Doubletomstand, Two Independently Adjustable Tom Holders, Dual Tube Construction with Slip-Proof Nylon Inner Sleeve, Universal Ball-in-Socket Tom Arm, Die Cast Memory Locks, Double Bra... Loe edasi

Millenium TS-6 Double Tom Stand

103.00 € Millenium TS-6 Double Tom Stand, double tom stand with single tom holders fpr 10,5mm und 12,7mm Tom Tom mounting systems, ball joints, tom holders can be removed seperately, including bracket for a... Loe edasi

Pearl T-1030 Double Tom Stand

329.00 € Pearl T-1030 Double Tom Stand, double-braced multi stand, 2x T-1030S tom holders, memory clamp, Gyro Lock system for the positioning. extra large rubber feet,

Pearl T-930 Double Tom Stand

238.00 € Pearl T-930 Doubletom Tom Stand, 930er Series, double braced Multi-Stand, 2x TH-900S Tom Tom holder, Memory Clamp, Uni Lock System for the positioning of the Tom Toms, extra large rubber feet

Sonor BA19-BDS MC

224.00 € Sonor BA19-BDS MC Basic Arm System - basic arm 19 double stand, min.height 60cm, max.height 104cm.

Sonor BA19-BSS MC

224.00 € Sonor BA19-BSS MC Basic Arm System - basic arm single stand.

Sonor CTS 4000 Cymbal Tom Stand

186.00 € SonorCTS 4000 Cymbal Tom Stand, 4000 Hardware Series, gearless tilter, New rubber feet design for maximum stability, New wing screw for better grip, Tom Arms now come with flexible open ball clamp,... Loe edasi

Sonor DTS 4000 Double Tom Stand

176.00 € Sonor DTS 4000 Double Tom Stand, 4000 Hardware Series, New rubber feet design for maximum stability, New wing screw for better grip, Tom Arms now come with flexible open ball clamp, short hex rod, ... Loe edasi

Sonor DTS 675MC Double Tom Stand

253.00 € Sonor DTS 675MC Doppeltomstand from the 600er Series fits for Delite, S-Classix, Force Modelle, doublebraced, with Axial Ballsystem, with memory clamp

Sonor STS 4000 Single Tom Stand

145.00 € Sonor STS 4000 Single Tom Stand, 4000 Hardware Series, New rubber feet design for maximum stability, New wing screw for better grip, Tom Arm now come with flexible open ball clamp, short hex rod, 2... Loe edasi

Sonor STS676MC Single Tom Stand

224.00 € Sonor STS676MC Single Tom Stand, single tom stand from the 6 00 series, chrome, maximum reliablility and handling, 3-sect ion clamp, adjustible legs

Tama HTC107W Combination Stand

296.00 € Tama HTC107W Cybmbal-Tom Stand, Tama Star Hardware series, tilting the stand itself, the back-and-forth position of the tom toms is more easily adjusted, with new Orbital Quick-Tite Cymbal Tilter a... Loe edasi

Tama HTC807W Combination Stand

212.00 € Tama HTC807W - combination stand with tom mounting and cymbal boom arm, double braced legs, adjustable tom angle (omni-ball), quick-set tilter. Boom arm length: 300mm. Base section tubing diameter:... Loe edasi

Tama HTC87W Tom/Cymbal Combi Stand

191.00 € Tama HTC87W, Combinationstand for Tom Mounting and Cymbal Boomarm, with Quick Set Tilter, with 1x Omniball Angle adjustment for tom+Double bolt angle adjuster for Cymbal, boom arm length: 300mm

Tama HTS108W Single Tom Stand

212.00 € Tama HTS108W Single Tom Stand, For toms with a max. depth of 10", Glide-Tite Grip Joint, True Sound Isolation Damper, Big rubber feet with adjustable spikes,

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