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Danmar 209RED Wool BD Beater Red

36.18 € Danmar 209RED Wool Beater, colour: red, material: synthetically wool, steel shaft, adapts to all pedals.

Dixson Bass Drum Lift

59.29 € Dixson Bass Drum Lift, Bassdrumlifter for 16", 18", 20", 22" und 24" Bass Drums, raises the bass drum to offer more room to resonate, eliminates the attachment of the bass drum pedal to the drum ho... Loe edasi

DW SM-020 Pedal Spring

9.68 € DW SM-020 Pedal Spring - spring for DW 3000, 4000, 5000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series bass drum pedals. length with / without spring bow: 5,5cm / 3,5cm

DW SM005 Hinge

19.36 € DW SM005, Heavy Duty Hinge, Plate - Pedal, Aluminium, for 30 00 and 7000 Models

DW SM029 3/8" Drum Key Screw

8.47 € Drum Workshop DW SM029 3/8" Drum Key Screw (4 Pack),

DW SM101 Bass Drum Beater

32.67 € Drum Workshop SM101 - two-way bass drum beater, felt / plastic, with weight

DW SM101Air Bass Drum Beater

35.09 € DW SM101Air Bass Drum Beater, air weight beater, colour: black

DW SM104 Solid Maple Beater

35.09 € DW SM104 Solid Maple Beater, material: maple, including beater weight

DW SM104W Black Sheep Beater

50.82 € DW SM104W Black Sheep Beater, maple beater with removeable wool elastic cover, colour: black

DW SM110 Direct Drive BD Beater

42.23 € DW SM110 Direct Drive Bass Drum Beater, designed in conjunction with our MDD Direct Drive Pedal, including interchangeable weights and 3 striking surfaces; plastic, hard felt, and thick felt

DW SM110 XL Bass Drum Beater

58.08 € DW SM110 XL Bass Drum Beater, interchangeable weights, oversized square wood and felt striking surfaces, as well as an extra-long steel shaft for optimal throw and power, designed in conjunctjon wi... Loe edasi

DW SM1204 Spare Chain for 5000er

20.57 € Drum Workshop DW SM1204 Chain for 5000er Pedals, Doppelkette, Double Chain,

DW SM1207 Delta Hinge

64.13 € Drum Workshop SM1207, DW’s patented Ball-Bearing hinge,

DW SM50P Floor Plate

59.29 € Drum Workshop SM50P, Floor Plate for 5000er, Color Red,

DW SP-024 Pedal Spring

9.08 € DW SP-024 Pedal Spring - high tension spring for DW 3000, 5000, 8000 and 9000 series bass drum pedals. length: 3,5cm

DW SP016 Rocker Hub for 5000er

6.05 € Drum Workshop DW SP016 Rocker Hub, for 5000er Pedals,

DW SP025 Bass Drum Springsystem

22.99 € Drum Workshop DW SP025, Bass Drum Springsystem, for DW 3000/4000/5000/7000 Bass Drum Pedals

DW SP028 9/16" Drum Key Screw

8.47 € Drum Workshop DW SP028 9/16" Drum Key Screw (4 Pack), for fixing the beater,

DW SP1204S Spare Chain for 9000er

23.60 € Drum Workshop DW SP1204S Chain for 8000 / 9000er Pedals, Doppelkette, Double Chain,

DW SP209 Cardan Shaft

71.39 € Drum Workshop SP209, Linkage Drive Assembly w/ Universal, for DW SP211 complete linkage drive assembly, for DW Pedals 5000 and 9000,

DW SP211 Cardan Shaft

142.00 € Drum Workshop SP211 - complete linkage drive assembly.

DW SP50TS Shoe Stopper

13.31 € DW SP50TS Shoestopper for Bass Drumpedals and und Hi-Hats, simple Build on with Screw

Gibraltar SC-0053 Pedal Spring Assembly

6.05 € Gibraltar SC-0053 Bass Drum Pedal Spring Tension Assembly (2 Pieces)

Gibraltar SC-3261 Bass Drum Beater Felt

20.57 € Gibraltar SC-3261 Bass Drum Beater, Felt, Standard Model

Gibraltar SC-3262 Wood Bass Drum Beater

9.68 € Gibraltar SC-3262, Wood Bass Drum Beater,

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