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DW SM-020 Pedal Spring

9.68 € DW SM-020 Pedal Spring - spring for DW 3000, 4000, 5000, 7000, 8000 and 9000 series bass drum pedals. length with / without spring bow: 5,5cm / 3,5cm

DW SM005 Hinge

19.36 € DW SM005, Heavy Duty Hinge, Plate - Pedal, Aluminium, for 30 00 and 7000 Models

DW SM029 3/8" Drum Key Screw

8.47 € Drum Workshop DW SM029 3/8" Drum Key Screw (4 Pack),

DW SM101 Bass Drum Beater

32.67 € Drum Workshop SM101 - two-way bass drum beater, felt / plastic, with weight

DW SM101Air Bass Drum Beater

35.09 € DW SM101Air Bass Drum Beater, air weight beater, colour: black

DW SM104 Solid Maple Beater

35.09 € DW SM104 Solid Maple Beater, material: maple, including beater weight

DW SM110 Direct Drive BD Beater

42.23 € DW SM110 Direct Drive Bass Drum Beater, designed in conjunction with our MDD Direct Drive Pedal, including interchangeable weights and 3 striking surfaces; plastic, hard felt, and thick felt

DW SM110 XL Bass Drum Beater

58.08 € DW SM110 XL Bass Drum Beater, interchangeable weights, oversized square wood and felt striking surfaces, as well as an extra-long steel shaft for optimal throw and power, designed in conjunctjon wi... Loe edasi

DW SM1204 Spare Chain for 5000er

20.57 € Drum Workshop DW SM1204 Chain for 5000er Pedals, Doppelkette, Double Chain,

DW SM1207 Delta Hinge

64.13 € Drum Workshop SM1207, DW’s patented Ball-Bearing hinge,

DW SM50P Floor Plate

59.29 € Drum Workshop SM50P, Floor Plate for 5000er, Color Red,

DW SP-024 Pedal Spring

9.08 € DW SP-024 Pedal Spring - high tension spring for DW 3000, 5000, 8000 and 9000 series bass drum pedals. length: 3,5cm

DW SP016 Rocker Hub for 5000er

6.05 € Drum Workshop DW SP016 Rocker Hub, for 5000er Pedals,

DW SP025 Bass Drum Springsystem

22.99 € Drum Workshop DW SP025, Bass Drum Springsystem, for DW 3000/4000/5000/7000 Bass Drum Pedals

DW SP028 9/16" Drum Key Screw

8.47 € Drum Workshop DW SP028 9/16" Drum Key Screw (4 Pack), for fixing the beater,

DW SP1204S Spare Chain for 9000er

23.60 € Drum Workshop DW SP1204S Chain for 8000 / 9000er Pedals, Doppelkette, Double Chain,

DW SP209 Cardan Shaft

71.39 € Drum Workshop SP209, Linkage Drive Assembly w/ Universal, for DW SP211 complete linkage drive assembly, for DW Pedals 5000 and 9000,

DW SP211 Cardan Shaft

142.00 € Drum Workshop SP211 - complete linkage drive assembly.

DW SP50TS Shoe Stopper

13.31 € DW SP50TS Shoestopper for Bass Drumpedals and und Hi-Hats, simple Build on with Screw

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