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Vic Firth VFVKB1 Beater

43.44 € Vic Firth VFVKB1 Beater, radial. Medium-hard premium felt head creates clear articulation with a full low-end sound, dual orientation offers multiple sound and feel options, Length = 7 7/8", Head s... Loe edasi

Vic Firth VFVKB2 Beater wood

37.51 € Vic Firth VFVKB2 Beater, radial, Hard maple head creates super rhythmic clarity. Weight of ball helps produce a full sound. Dual orientation offers multiple sound and feel options. Ideal for rocker... Loe edasi

Vic Firth VFVKB3 Beater Fleece

47.07 € Vic Firth VFVKB3 Beater Fleece, Fleece-covered felt, oval, Medium felt core covered with fleece for an incredibly full and warm sound, perfect for jazz applications, Length = 8 1/8", Head size = 3"... Loe edasi

Vic Firth VFVKB4 Cajon Bass Beater

30.13 € Vic Firth VFVKB4 Cajon Bass Beater, foam rubber, round shape, perfect for the thin front plate of cajons, lenght: 20 cm, size: 4,8 cm

Vic Firth VKB5 Wood Shaft Beater

47.07 € Vic Firth VFVKB5 Wood Shaft Beater, distributes weight for an unbelievable sense of balance and throw, unlocks a sense of touch and control that is simply not attainable with any other beater on th... Loe edasi

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