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DW Hardware Pack Ultralight 6000

620.00 € Drum Workshop Hardware Pack, 6000 Series containing DW6300UL Snare Stand, DW6500UL Hi-Hat Stand, 2x 6710UL Cymbal Stand, 6000UL Hardware bag

DW PDP 700 Hardware Set

318.00 € DW PDP 700 Hardware Set, containing 1x PDCB710 cymbal boom stand, 1x PDCS710 straight cymbal stand, 1x PDHH713 hi-hat stand, 1x PDSS710 snare stand, 1x PDSP710 single pedal,

DW PDP 800 Hardware Set

433.00 € DW PDP 800 Hardware Set, containing 1x PDCB810 cymbal boom stand, 1x PDCS810 straight cymbal stand, 1x PDHH813 hi-hat stand, 1x PDSS810 snare stand, 1x PDSP810 single pedal,

Gibraltar 8700PK Hardware Set Flat Base

493.00 € Gibraltar Hardware Set, 8700PK Series, Flat Base, 1x 8706 snare drum stand, 1x 8707 Hi-Hat stand, 1x 8709 cymbal boom stand, 1x 8710 cymbal stand, tripod assembly with cast height adjustment assemb... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 9701PK Hardware Set

789.00 € Gibraltar 9701PK Hardware Set, Set bestehend aus: 1x 9706 Snare Stand, 1x 9707ML-DP Hi-Hat Stand, 2x 9709BT cymbal boom stand, 1x 9710BT staright cymbal stand

Gibraltar Hardware Set 5700 Series

497.00 € Gibraltar 5700 Series Hardware Set - comprises 1x 5706 snare drum stand, 1x 5707 Hi-Hat stand, 1x 5709 cymbal boom stand, 1x 5710 cymbal stand, 1x 5711S bass drum pedal.

Gibraltar Hardware Set 6700 Series

630.00 € Gibraltar Hardware Set, 6700 Series, Set containing: 1x 6706 Snare Drum Stand, 1x 6707 Hi-Hat Stand, 1x 6709 Cymbal Boom Stand, 1x 6710 Cymbal Stand, 1x 6711S Bass Drum Pedal,

Gretsch Drums G3 Hardwarepack

472.00 € Gretsch Drums G3 Hardwarepack, Hardware Pack containing: 1x G3 straight cymbal stand, 1x G3 cymbal boom stand, 1x G3 hi-hat stand, 1x G3 snare stand, 1x G3 Bass Drum Pedal

Gretsch Drums G5 Hardwarepack

555.00 € Gretsch Drums G5 Hardwarepack, Hardware Pack containing: 1x G5 straight cymbal stand, 1x G5 cymbal boom stand, 1x G5 hi-hat stand, 1x G5 snare stand, 1x G5 Bass Drum Pedal, double braced

Ludwig ASPACK Atlas Standard Pack

403.00 € Ludwig LASPACK Hardware Pack, Atlas Standard Series, complete Hardwarepack containing: LAS15FP Bass Drum Pedal, LAS16HH Hi-Hat Stand, LAS22SS Snare Stand, LAS26CS Cymbal Stand, LAS36MBS Boom Stand.

Mapex HP2005 Tornado Hardware Pack

208.00 € Mapex HP2005-TND, Tornado Hardware Pack, containing C200TND Cymbalstand, B200TND Boom Stand, H200TND Hihat Stand, S200TND Snare Stand, P200TND Bass Drum Pedal

Mapex HP6005 Mars Hardware Pack

424.00 € Mapex HP6005 Mars Hardware Pack, chrome finish, hardware set containing 2x B600 cymbal boom stand, 1x H600 Hihat stand, 1xS600 snare stand 1xP600 Bass Drum Pedal, lightweight yet highly functional ... Loe edasi

Mapex HP6005EB Mars Hardware Pack

435.00 € Mapex HP6005EB Mars Hardware Pack, black finish, hardware set containing 2x B600 cymbal boom stand, 1x H600 Hihat stand, 1xS600 snare stand 1xP600 Bass Drum Pedal, lightweight yet highly functional... Loe edasi

Mapex HP8005EB Armory Hardware Pack

610.00 € Mapex HP8005EB Armory Hardware Pack, Black Finish, Armory Hardware set containing: 2x MXB800 cymbal boom stand, 1x H800 Hi-Hat stand, S800 snare stand, P800 Bass Drum Pedal, double braced hardware

Mapex HPF1000 Falcon Hardware Set

915.00 € Mapex HPF1000 Falcon Hardware Set, Falcon Series, containing 2x BF1000 cymbal boom stand (stepless tilter, hide-away boom arm), 1x HF1000 Hi-Hat Ständer (Direct Pull System, removable swivel legs,... Loe edasi

Millenium 202CH Hardware Set Light

173.00 € Millenium 202CH Hardware Set, extrem ligtweight complete Drumset Hardware Pack, doublebraced Stands, Set containing Cymbalboomstand (BS202CH), straight Cymbalstand (CS-202CH), Snare Stand (SS-202CH... Loe edasi

Millenium 973CH Flat Base Hardware Pack

193.00 € Millenium 973CH Flat Base Hardware Set, complete Hardware Set containing BS-973 Flat Cymbalboomstand, SS-973 Flat Snare Drum Stand, CS-973 Flat straight Cymbalstand, HS-973 Flat Hi-Hat Stand, P-300... Loe edasi

Millenium Hardware Starter Bundle Pro

296.00 € Millenium Pro Hardware Starter Package, Set containing 2 pc. MILLENIUM CB-801 PRO SERIES BOOM STAND (order code 180215), MILLENIUM HH-901 PRO SERIES (order code 180211), MILLENIUM SS-801X PRO SERIE... Loe edasi

Millenium HW-800 Pro Hardware Bundle

318.00 € Millenium Pro Series HW-800 Hardware Pack - HH-901 Hi-Hat stand, CS-801 straight cymbal stand, CB-801 cymbal boom stand, SS-801 snare stand, PD-111 single drum pedal.

Millenium HW-900 Hardware Pack

350.00 € Millenium Pro Series HW-900 Hardware Pack - HH-902 Hi-Hat stand, CS-901 straight cymbal stand, CB-901 cymbal boom stand, SS-901X snare stand and PD-122A single bass drum pedal.

Millenium Pro HW-750 Hardware Pack

242.00 € Millenium Pro Series HW-750 Hardware Pack - HH-750 Hi-Hat stand, CS-750 straight cymbal stand, CB-750 cymbal boom stand, SS-750 snare stand, PD-750 single drum pedal.

Millenium Stage Series Hardware Bundle

173.00 € Millenium Hardware Package, tage Series, Set containing MILLENIUM PD-111 PRO BASS DRUM PEDAL (order code 180217), MILLENIUM DHS-1018 STAGE HI-HAT (order code 107122), MILLENIUM CBS-718 STAGE BOOM S... Loe edasi

Pearl HWP-150S Hardware Set

569.00 € Pearl HWP-150S Hardware Set, Flatbase Series, single braced, consisting of 1x BC-150S cymbal boom stand, 1x C-150S straight cymbal stand, 1x H-150S Hi-Hat, 1x S-150S snare stand,

Pearl HWP-2010 Hardware Set

1130.00 € Pearl HWP-2010 Hardware Set, Red Line Series, consisting of 2x B-1030 cymbal boom stand, 1x H-1050 Hi-Hat, 1x S-1030 snare stand, 1x P-2050C single pedal

Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Set

455.00 € Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Set, 830 Series, consisting of 1x BC-830 cymbal boom stand, 1x C-830 straight cymbal stand, 1x H-830 Hi-Hat, 1x S-830 snare stand, 1x P-930 single pedal

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