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DW Hardware Pack Ultralight 6000

630.00 € DW Hardware Pack Ultralight 6000, Hardware Set, From the 6000's series@+*Set comprises:*@+@+, DW6300UL Snare stand, DW6500UL Hi-hat stand, 2x 6710UL Cymbal stand, 6000UL Hardware bag

DW PDP 700 Hardware Set

323.00 € DW PDP 700 Hardware Set, Hardware Set*Consisting of:*@+@+, 1x PDCB710 boom cymbal stand, 1x PDCS710 straight cymbal stand, 1x PDHH713 hi-hat stand, 1x PDSS710 snare stand, 1x PDSP710 single drum p... Loe edasi

DW PDP 800 Hardware Set

441.00 € DW PDP 800 Hardware Set, Hardware set*Consisting of: *@+@+, 1x PDCB810 boom cymbal stand, 1x PDCS810 straight cymbal stand, 1x PDHH813 hi-hat stand, 1x PDSS810 snare stand, 1x PDSP810 single drum ... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 8700PK Hardware Set Flat Base

501.00 € Gibraltar 8700PK Hardware Set Flat Base, Hardware Set, 8700PK Series, Flat Base, With ABS clamping sleeves, Cymbal stands have standard 8 mm cymbal tilters, Without Bass Drum Pedal, Consists of: 1... Loe edasi

Gibraltar 9701PK Hardware Set

802.00 € Gibraltar 9701PK Hardware Set, Hardware Set@+*Comprises:*@+@+, 1x 9706 snare stand, 1x 9707ML-DP hi-hat stand, 2x 9709BT cymbal boom stand, 1x 9710BT straight cymbal stand

Gibraltar Hardware Set 5700 Series

505.00 € Gibraltar Hardware Set 5700 Series, Hardware Set, 5700 Series, Consists of: 1x 5706 Snare Drum stand, 1x 5707 Hi-Hat stand, 1x 5709 Cymbal boom stand, 1x 5710 Straight cymbal stand, 1x 5711S Drum ... Loe edasi

Gibraltar Hardware Set 6700 Series

641.00 € Gibraltar Hardware Set 6700 Series, Hardware Set, 6700 Series, Consists of: 1x 6706 Snare Drum stand, 1x 6707 Hi-Hat stand, 1x 6709 Cymbal boom stand, 1x 6710 Straight cymbal stand, 1x 6711S Drum ... Loe edasi

Gretsch Drums G3 Hardwarepack

480.00 € Gretsch Drums G3 Hardwarepack, Hardware Pack*Consists Of:*@+@+, 1 x G3 Straight cymbal stand, 1 x G3 Cymbal boom stand, 1 x G3 Hi-hat stand, 1x G3 Snare stick, 1x G3 Bass drum pedal

Gretsch Drums G5 Hardwarepack

564.00 € Gretsch Drums G5 Hardwarepack, Hardware Pack, Double-braced@+*Consists Of:*@+@+, 1x G5 Straight cymbal stand, 1x G5 Cymbal boom stand, 1x G5 Hi-hat stand, 1x G5 Snare stick, 1x G5 Bass drum pedal ... Loe edasi

Ludwig ASPACK Atlas Standard Pack

431.00 € Ludwig ASPACK Atlas Standard Pack, Hardware Set, Atlas standard series@+*Complete hardware package consisting of:*@+@+, LAS15FP Bass drum pedal, LAS16HH Hi-hat stand, LAS22SS Snare stand, LAS26CS ... Loe edasi

Mapex HP2005 Tornado Hardware Pack

206.00 € Mapex HP2005 Tornado Hardware Pack, Hardware Set, Tornado series, Finish: Chrome@+*Consists of:*@+@+, C200TND Straight cymbal stand, B200TND Boom cymbal stand, H200TND Hi-hat stand, S200TND Snare ... Loe edasi

Mapex HP6005 Mars Hardware Pack

431.00 € Mapex HP6005 Mars Hardware Pack, Hardware Set, Light, double braced hardware set, Finish: Chrome, Consists of: 2 x B600 Cymbal boom stands, 1 x H600 Hi-Hat stand, 1 x S600 Snare stand, 1 x P600 Ba... Loe edasi

Mapex HP6005EB Mars Hardware Pack

442.00 € Mapex HP6005EB Mars Hardware Pack, Hardware Set, Light, double braced hardware set, Finish: Black, Consists of: 2 x B600 Cymbal boom stands, 1 x H600 Hi-Hat stand, 1 x S600 Snare stand, 1 x P600 B... Loe edasi

Mapex HP8005EB Armory Hardware Pack

606.00 € Mapex HP8005 Armory Hardware Pack, Hardware Set, Mapex Armory Series, Double braced, Finish: Black, Consists of: 2 x MXB800EB Cymbal boom stands, 1 x H800EB Hi-Hat stand, 1 x S800EB Snare stand, 1... Loe edasi

Mapex HPF1000 Falcon Hardware Set

930.00 € " Mapex HPF1000 Falcon Hardware Set, Hardware Set, Falcon Series, All stands are double braced and extremely stable, Finish: Chrome, Consists of: 2 x BF1000 Cymbal boom stands (Adjustable boom arm)... Loe edasi

Millenium 202CH Hardware Set Light

176.00 € Millenium 202CH Hardware Set Light, Drum Hardware Set, Extremely lightweight complete drum set Hardware Pack, Double braced, Consists of: Cymbal boom stand (BS202CH), Straight cymbal stand (CS-202... Loe edasi

Millenium 973CH Flat Base Hardware Pack

196.00 € Millenium 973CH Flat Base Hardware Pack, Complete Drum Hardware Set, Consists of: BS-973 Flat Cymbal boom stand, SS-973 Flat Snare Drum stand, CS-973 Flat Straight cymbal stand, HS-973 Flat Hi-Hat... Loe edasi

Millenium Hardware Starter Bundle Pro

301.00 € " Millenium Hardware Starter Bundle Pro@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Millenium HH-901 Pro Series, Hi-Hat Stand, Pro Series, 3 Legs, Double-braced stand, Patented cymbal incline with tuning nut, Memo... Loe edasi

Millenium HW-800 Pro Hardware Bundle

323.00 € Millenium HW-800 Pro Hardware Bundle, Hardware Pack, Pro Series, Consists of: HH-901 Hi-Hat stand, CS-801 Straight cymbal stand, CB-801 Cymbal boom stand, SS-801X Snare stand, PD-111 Bass Drum pedal

Millenium HW-900 Hardware Pack

356.00 € Millenium HW-900 Hardware Pack, Hardware Pack, Pro Series, Consists of: HH-902 Hi-Hat stand, CS-901 Straight cymbal stand, CB-901 Cymbal boom stand, SS-901X Snare stand, PD-122A Bass Drum pedal

Millenium Pro HW-750 Hardware Pack

235.00 € Millenium Pro HW-750 Hardware Pack, Hardware Pack, Pro Series, Consists of: HH-750 Hi-Hat stand, CS-750 Straight cymbal stand, CB-750 Cymbal boom stand, SS-750 Snare stand, PD-750 Bass Drum pedal

Millenium Stage Series Hardware Bundle

176.00 € " Millenium Stage Series Hardware Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, Millenium PD-111 Pro Bass Drum Pedal, Bass Drum Pedal, Pro Series, Aluminium hinge, Chain over sprocket drive, Side-operating cl... Loe edasi

Pearl HWP-150S Hardware Set

579.00 € Pearl HWP-150S Hardware Set, Drum hardware set, Flatbase Series, Single strut@+@+*Set consisting of:*@+@+, 1x BC-150S boom cymbal stand, 1x C-150S straight cymbal stand, 1x H-150S hi-hat pedal, 1x... Loe edasi

Pearl HWP-2010 Hardware Set

1148.00 € Pearl HWP-2010 Hardware Set, Hardware Set, Red Line series@+*Set consists of:*@+@+, 2x B-1030 Cymbal boom stands, 1x H-1050 Hi-Hat machine, 1x S-1030 Snare stand, 1x P-2ß5ßC Single bass drum... Loe edasi

Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Set

474.00 € Pearl HWP-830 Hardware Set, Hardware Set, 830 Series, Consists of: 1x BC-830 Cymbal boom stand, 1x C-830 Straight cymbal stand, 1x H-830 Hi-Hat stand, 1x S-830 Snare stand, 1x P-930 Single Bass Dr... Loe edasi

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