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Aquarian 14" Classic Clear Resonant

15.13 € Aquarian 14" Classic Clear, Snare Drum Resonant Drumhead, CCSN14, clear, single ply, thin weight snare side drumhead,

Aquarian 14" Hi-Performance Resonant

18.03 € Aquarian 14" Hi-Performance Snare Bottom (Resonant) Head, HPSN14, clear, single ply, thin weight snare side drumhead with a special material at each end of the head where the snare wires rest, this... Loe edasi

DW 14" Resonant Snare Drum Head

26.62 € DW SS-14, 14" Snare Resonant Drum Head, Transparent-Clear

Evans 14" Hybrid Snare Side

50.82 € Evans SS14MH1, 14" Hybrid snare side, colour. gray, high-tensile fibers in an open weave pattern embedded between two ultra-thin layers of clear film to produce the sound and sensitivity of a polye... Loe edasi

Evans 14" S14GEN30 Snare Resonant

18.76 € Evans S14GEN30 Snare Resonant Head for 14" Snare Drums

Evans S14GEN20 Snare Resonant Head

19.24 € Evans S14GEN20 14" Snare Resonant Head

Evans S14H30 14" Snare Resonant Head

16.82 € Evans S14H30 Hazy 300 - 14" snare drum Resonant Head with a 3mil (0.0762mm) film for a wide dynamic range and controlled snare response at all dynamic levels.

Evans S14R50 14" Snare Resonant Head

20.45 € Evans S14R50, Hazy 500, 14" Resonant Snare Drum Head, the 5mil (0,127 mm) Glass 500 snare side produces a dark, throaty sound that is best suited for deep drums, or heavy rock performers

Evans S15H30 Hazy 300 Resonant Head

21.06 € Evans S15H30 15" Hazy 300 Resonant Snare Drum Head - 3mil (0.076mm), Evans' most versatile snare side head. The 3mil film yields a wide dynamic range and controlled snare response at all dynamic le... Loe edasi

Millenium 14" Sound Control Ring Snare

2.34 € Millenium 14" Sound Control Ring For Snare Drums - easy-to-use external overtone control ring which 'floats' on the surface of the drumhead to round out and flatten the sound, also allows for easie... Loe edasi

Remo 14" Ambassador Reso Classic

20.93 € Remo 14" Ambassador Snare Reso Classic Fit, single-ply clear snare reso head, 3mil thick, Classic Fit heads are made for vintage drums with oversized shells until the 1960´s, model: CL-0114-SA

Remo 14" Ambassador Snare Reso

17.79 € Remo 14" Ambassador snare resonant drum head, hazy, single-ply, 3-mil thick, the most famous resonant drum head in the world.

Remo 14" Black Suede Snare Reso

33.76 € Remo 14" Black Suede Snare Side Resonant (hazy) Drum Head, SA-0814-ES, the BLACK SUEDE Snare Side drumheads feature 1-ply of textured EBONY® 4-mil film, the result is an aesthetically unique drumh... Loe edasi

Remo 14" Diplomat Snare Reso Head

20.45 € Remo Diplomat 14" Snare Resonant Drum Head - 'hazy' head.

Remo 14" Emperor Reso. Snare Head

20.45 € Remo 14" Emperor - resonating snare head.

Remo 14" Renaissance Reso Snare

26.50 € Remo 14" Renaissance Resonant Snare Head, Ambassador Version,

Remo Encore 14" Ambassador Hazy

6.29 € Remo Encore 14" Ambassador Hazy, sinlge-ply, snare resonant head, clear, made in Taiwan by Remo

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