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Aquarian 13" Classic Clear Resonant

13.92 € Aquarian 13" Classic Clear, Snare Drum Resonant Drumhead, CCSN13, clear, single ply, thin weight snare side drumhead,

Aquarian 13" Hi-Performance Resonant

16.82 € Aquarian 13" Hi-Performance Snare Bottom (Resonant) Head, HPSN13, clear, single ply, thin weight snare side drumhead with a special material at each end of the head where the snare wires rest, this... Loe edasi

DW 13" Resonant Snare Drum Head

24.20 € DW SS-13, 13" Snare Resonant Drum Head, Transparent-Clear

Evans 13" Hybrid Snare Side

43.56 € Evans SS13MH1, 13" Hybrid snare side, colour. gray, high-tensile fibers in an open weave pattern embedded between two ultra-thin layers of clear film to produce the sound and sensitivity of a polye... Loe edasi

Evans S13H30 Hazy 300 Resonant Head

16.94 € Evans S13H30 13" Hazy 300 Resonant Snare Drum Head - 3mil (0.076mm), Evans' most versatile snare side head. The 3mil film yields a wide dynamic range and controlled snare response at all dynamic le... Loe edasi

Remo 13" Ambassador Reso Classic

19.85 € Remo 13" Ambassador Snare Reso Classic Fit, single-ply clear snare reso head, 3mil thick, Classic Fit heads are made for vintage drums with oversized shells until the 1960´s, model: CL-0113-SA

Remo 13" Ambassador Reso Snare

19.24 € Remo 13" Ambassador Snare - resonant drum head.

Remo 13" Emperor Snare Head Reso

19.24 € Remo Emperor 13" Clear transparent Snare Resonant Drumhead, very thick Resonanthead, for Rock, Hard-Rock, Heavy

Remo 13" Renaissance Reso Snare

25.29 € Remo 13" Renaissance Resonant Snare Drum Head, Ambassador Version,

Remo 13" Snare Reso Head

19.24 € Remo Diplomat 13" Snare Resonant Drum Headl, Hazy Head,

Remo Encore 13" Ambassador Hazy

5.97 € Remo Encore 13" Ambassador Hazy, sinlge-ply, snare resonant head, clear, made in Taiwan by Remo

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