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Aquarian "12"" Hi-Energy Snare Fell"

35.68 € " Aquarian 12"" Hi-Energy Snare Fell, 12"" Hi-Energy Snare Head, Single-layer, transparent snare hammerhead, With Power Dot Center coat, Additional amplification by small power dot, Ideal for rock"

Aquarian "12"" Texture Coated Power Dot"

25.84 € " Aquarian 12"" Texture Coated Power Dot, Drum Head, Size: 12"", 10 Mil strong percussion head, Single-ply, Roughened, Power Dot on the underside, AQTCPD12, Colour: White"

Evans "12"" EC Edge Control Snare RD"

33.22 € " Evans 12"" EC Edge Control Snare RD, Snare Batter Head, Size: 12"", Edge Control, With Reverse Dot, The new 2-pile snare drum features a ""Sound Edge Control Ring"", The ring isolates and absorbs... Loe edasi

Evans "12"" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down"

28.30 € " Evans 12"" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down, Snare Batter Head, Size: 12"", Colour: White-coated, Power Center (5"" Dot) glued at the bottom, Single-ply"

Evans "12"" Genera Dry Coated Snare"

28.30 € " Evans 12"" Genera Dry Coated Snare, Snare Head, Size: 12"", Genera Dry Snare Battered Coated, White roughened, Attack: Focused, Tone: Bright, Sustain: Dry, Feel: Moderate, Durability: Moderate"

Evans "12"" Genera HDD Coated Snare"

30.76 € " Evans 12"" Genera HDD Coated Snare, Snare HEad, Size: 12"", Genera HDD, Vent holes, Two-ply, White roughened, Damping ring incorporated inside, Defined response and controlled sustain, Extremely ... Loe edasi

Evans "12"" Heavyweight Coated"

31.99 € " Evans 12"" Heavyweight Coated, Snare Drum Head, Size: 12"", Coated, Two-ply, 10 mil per layer, With reverse dot, Level 360, Overtone arm, Long-lasting, Ideal for loud music styles, B12HW"

Remo "12"" CS Coated Black Dot Snare"

29.53 € " Remo 12"" CS Coated Black Dot Snare, Snare Head, CS series, Size: 12"", White roughened with black reinforcement point on the underside of the head, Very popular snare drum skin"

Remo "12"" CS Emperor Coated Bottom"

29.53 € " Remo 12"" CS Emperor Coated Bottom, Snare Drum Head, Size: 12"", White roughened, With black dot on the underside, Double layered overtone-poor percussion head, Suitable for Rock and Hard-Rock"

Remo "12"" Emperor X Coated Dot"

30.76 € " Remo 12"" Emperor X Coated Dot, Snare Drum Head, Size 12"", White roughened, With black dot on the underside, Two piles batter head low in overtones, Suitable for rock, hard rock"

Remo "12"" Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare"

33.83 € " Remo 12"" Powerstroke 3 Coated Snare, Snare Drum Head, Powerstroke 3 Series, Size 12"", Colour: White with roughened surface, Single-ply head with double-reinforced underlay at the outer edge of ... Loe edasi

Remo "12"" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head"

44.29 € " Remo 12"" Powerstroke 77 Snare Head, Snare Head, Size: 12"", Double layer 7-mil fur, 7-Mil damping ring, 5-Mil clear dot on the underside of the coat for greater durability"

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