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Evans 10" EC Edge Control Snare

21.78 € Evans 10" EC Edge Control Snare drum batter head, B10ECS, 2-ply Coated snare head, A controlled sound but with resonance and sensitivity at all tuning and dynamic ranges, EC Snare head combines two... Loe edasi

Evans 10" EC Edge Control Snare RD

21.18 € Evans 10" EC Edge Control snare drum batter head - reverse dot, B10ECSRD, Evans "Edge Control" technology with 2-ply design for durability, playability, and a pre-EQ'd sound that is well-suited for... Loe edasi

Evans 10" G1 Coated Tom

17.06 € Evans B10G1 Coated, white Coated Drumhead, single Head, natural warm Sustain, for all Styles Live, Studio, Jazz, Fusion Latin etc.

Evans 10" G1 Powercenter Snare -Down

18.76 € Evans B10G1RD, Power Center 10" Snare Drumhead, White Coated, Power Center (5" Dot) Reversed on Head, Singlehead,

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