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Millenium 2B Carbon Drumstick

21.78 € Millenium 2B Carbon Drumstick, finish black in ø 15,6 mm - Length 404 mm, carbon sticks features a extreme long and high durability, tear drop tip, versatile drumstick for any style, bass, medium ... Loe edasi

Millenium 2B Carbon Drumstick Supergrip

26.62 € Millenium 2B Carbon Drumstick, Supergrip Series's, finish black in ø 15,6 mm - Length 404 mm, the special characteristic of the supergrip Series's are the handle has a rubber covering to enhance t... Loe edasi

Millenium 2B Drum Sticks

3.36 € Millenium 2B maple drum sticks (pair)

Millenium H2B Hickory Sticks -Wood-

7.87 € Millenium H2B American hickory drum sticks - wood tip, best American hickory wood, 1A quality. Length: 407mm, grip diameter: 16mm, shaft diameter: 7mm, tip length: 15mm.

Millenium HB2B Hornbeam -Wood-

5.67 € Millenium HB2B - hornbeam drum sticks.

Millenium HB2B Hornbeam Black

6.05 € Millenium HB2B Black - hornbeam drumsticks.

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