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Istanbul Agop 13" Mel Lewis Sign.1982 Hi-Hat

403.00 € Istanbul Agop 13" Mel Lewis Signature Hi-Hat, Warm, full bodied sound, Soft, washy and buttery

Istanbul Agop 13" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat

221.00 € Istanbul Agop 13" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat, Xist Dry Dark Series, B20 bronze, hand hammered, pointed, dark and trashy attack with a fast decay,

Istanbul Agop 13" Xist Hi-Hat Brilliant

217.00 € Istanbul Agop 13" Hi-Hat Cymbal, Xist Series, Brilliant Finish, professional quality in B20 (80% Copper, 20" Tin), Hi-Hats are crisp and focused with tight sticking and are medium in weight,

Istanbul Mehmet 13" 61st Vintage Hi-Hat

275.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 13" 61st Anniversary Hi-Hat, MT-AN-VHH13, 13" Hi-Hat with very dark but warm vintage sound like the old Turkish Cymbals

Istanbul Mehmet 13" Medium Hi-Hat Turk Series

253.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 13" Medium Hi-Hat Turk Series, HHMT13, 13" Hi-Hat Cymbals, dry, dark, clear stick sound, the Turk series are Unlathed cymbals with a raw surface, meant for drummers who want a dry a... Loe edasi

Masterwork 13" Custom Hi-Hat

242.00 € Masterwork Custom Serie, 13" Hi-Hat, Traditional Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy, The all-rounder in the range.The custom Series offers awide fr... Loe edasi

Masterwork 13" Resonant Hi-Hat

296.00 € Masterwork Resonant Series, 13" Hi-Hat, Brilliant Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy, Cymbals in the Resonant Series are handpolished to a high glo... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" Byzance Dark Hi-Hat

359.00 € Meinl Byzance Series 13" Dark Hi-Hat - dark untreated finish, esoteric dark sound with a dirty earthy open sound, short sustain and chick. Hand-hammered B20 bronze.

Meinl 13" Byzance Dark Spectrum Hats

365.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Byzance Dark Spectrum Hi-Hat, dark Finish, unique pairing, designed with Rodney Holmes’s personal inspirations in mind, solid, strong chick sound with tight stick respons... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hat

403.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Extra Dry Medium Hi-Hat, extra dry Finish, distinctive hi-hat due to its weight relation between top and bottom, dry and defined, fat chick due to heavy bottom, light weig... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" Byzance Fast Hi-Hat

385.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Fast Hi-Hat, Brilliant Finish, Hi-Hat features two different finishes, enabling a dry immediate response, an extremely fast chick, and a short sustain, material: b20 bronz... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" Byzance Hi-Hat Brilliant

392.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Hi-Hat Brilliant, brilliant Finish, bright sound, based on the highly polished surface and bright finish, wide dynamic spectrum, material: b20 bronze, hand hammered

Meinl 13" Byzance Hi-Hat Medium

365.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Hi-Hat Medium, Traditional Finish, Byzance cymbals are completely hand made from start to finish, 80% copper + 20% tin, Made in Turkey, Wide dynamic spectrum with a soft, ... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" Byzance Jazz Thin Hi-Hat

371.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Jazz Thin Hi-Hat, Jazz Finish, exceptional lightweight hihat with a low volume stick response and a soft, smooth chick, blends well and has a comfortable feel, material: b... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" Byzance Serpents Hi-Hat

392.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 13" Serpents Hi-Hat Brilliant, Derek Roddy Signature, brilliant Finish, hihat offers two different finishes, different types of hammering and a noticeable weight difference be... Loe edasi

Meinl 13" HCS Bronze Hi-Hat

131.00 € Meinl 13" HCS Bronze Hi-Hat, HCSB13H, B8 bronze, traditional finish, bright and clear sound, balanced sustain, made in Germany,

Meinl 13" HCS Hi-Hat

73.82 € Meinl HCS Series 13" Hi-Hat - entry level cymbal line, combines quality and value, MS63 alloy, a versatile hi-hat, medium weight. Warm, clean sound and an articulate open hi-hat.

Millenium 13" Still Series Hi-Hat reg.

83.50 € Millenium 13" Still Series Hi-Hat regular, Finish: regular, practice cymbal which is up to 80% quieter than a traditional cymbal, Material: Nickel, low volume cymbals perfectly suits drummers who l... Loe edasi

Paiste 13" 101 Hi-Hat

70.18 € Paiste 101 series 13" Hi-Hat - brass, bright and full, controlled open sound, mellow with defined chick sound. Controllable Hi-Hat for general-purpose use.

Paiste 13" Signature Dark Hi-Hat

455.00 € Paiste Line 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat, Fairly dark, full, crisp. Wide range, complex mix. Very responsive feel. Full, slightly dirty open sound. Crisp, strong chick sound. A very articulate and versati... Loe edasi

Paiste 2002 Classic 13" Hi Hat Top

221.00 € Paiste 2002 Classic Series, 13" Hi-Hat Top Cymbal, only Top Hi-Hat Cymbal

Paiste 2002 Classic 13" Sound Edge HH

382.00 € Paiste 2002 Classic Series 13" Sound Edge Hi-Hat - medium bright, full, warm, brilliant. Wide range, fairly complex mix. Fast, responsive feel. Full, bright, energetic open sound. Sharp, full chick... Loe edasi

Paiste PST3 13" Hi-Hat

82.29 € Paiste PST3 Series 13" Hi-Hat - medium, bright, clean, full Hi-Hat cymbal, fairly narrow range, somewhat complex mix, even, balanced feel, bright, full, controlled open sound. Mellow defined chick ... Loe edasi

Sabian 13" B8X Hi-Hat

163.00 € Sabian 13" B8X Hi-Hat, Alloy: B8 Bronze, natural Finish, hammered bell, Successor to the legendary Sabian B8 Series, more hammering, enhanced projection, more complexity and a great new look

Sabian 13" HHX Evolution Hi-Hat

412.00 € Sabian 13" HHX Evolution Hi-Hat - brilliant version, hand machine hammered, fast attack, bright and crisp pairing with open top sound and tight, heavy bottom for boosted tone projection.

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