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Istanbul Agop "13"" Agop Signature Hi-Hat"

410.00 € " Istanbul Agop 13"" Agop Signature Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat, Size: 13"", Agop Signature Series, B20 Bronze, Hand-hammered, Dry stick attack with warm fundamental tone, Crisp chick sound, The Agop Signature ... Loe edasi

Istanbul Agop "13"" Mel Lewis Sign.1982 Hi-Hat"

410.00 € " Istanbul Agop 13"" Mel Lewis Sign.1982 Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Size: 13"", Mel Lewis Signature Model, Classic warm and soft hi-hat sound"

Istanbul Agop "13"" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat"

269.00 € " Istanbul Agop 13"" Xist Dry Dark Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat, Size: 13"", Xist Dry Dark Series, B20 Bronze, Hand-hammered, Short trashy attack"

Istanbul Agop "13"" Xist Hi-Hat Brilliant"

290.00 € " Istanbul Agop 13"" Xist Hi-Hat Brilliant, Hi-hat cymbal, Size: 13"", Agop Xist series, Brillant edition, Material: B20 bronze (80% copper, 20% tin), The medium-weighted hi-hat pair impresses with... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet "13"" Hi-Hat Sultan Series"

367.00 € " Istanbul Mehmet 13"" Hi-Hat Sultan Series, 13"" hi-hat cymbal, Sultan series, Sound: defined, dry, dark, very warm and musical, Sultan cymbals are a combination of the Traditional and the Turk se... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet "13"" Light Hi-Hat Traditional"

351.00 € " Istanbul Mehmet 13"" Light Hi-Hat Traditional, 13"" light hi-hat, Traditional series, Regular design, Dynamic spectrum with a dark, warm sound, The Traditional Series is suitable for just about e... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet "13"" Medium Hi-Hat Turk Series"

367.00 € " Istanbul Mehmet 13"" Medium Hi-Hat Turk Series, 13"" Medium Hi-Hat, Turk series, Dry and dark accentuated stick sound, The Turk cymbals are characterized by an untreated surface that provides dry... Loe edasi

Masterwork "13"" Custom Hi-Hat"

224.00 € " Masterwork 13"" Custom Hi-Hat, 13"" hi-hatA considerable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential features of the Custom series.@+@+In t... Loe edasi

Masterwork "13"" Resonant Hi-Hat"

258.00 € " Masterwork 13"" Resonant Hi-Hat, 13"" Hi-HatThe Resonant series is hand-polished to give it its shiny surface and brilliant sound with a warm basic character.@+@+, Masterwork Resonant series, Bri... Loe edasi

Meinl "13"" Byzance Dark Hi-Hat"

459.00 € " Meinl 13"" Byzance Dark Hi-Hat, Dark Hi-Hat Cymbal, Size: 13"", Byzance Series, Dark (natural/earthy) finish, Very controlled, dry sound with a rather soft, deep tonal character, Material: B20 Br... Loe edasi

Meinl "13"" Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hat"

442.00 € " Meinl 13"" Byzance Extra Dry Hi-Hat, 13"" Extra dry medium hi-hat, Extra dry (natural) finish, Very dry, earthy sound with a very sensitive response and clear sound, Material: B20 bronze, hand ha... Loe edasi

Meinl "13"" Byzance Hi-Hat Medium"

442.00 € " Meinl 13"" Byzance Hi-Hat Medium, Hi-hat cymbal, Size 13"", Traditional design, Medium hi-hat, Series: Byzance, Cymbals are made by hand in Turkey, refined and revised by Meinl"

Meinl "13"" Byzance Jazz Thin Hi-Hat"

442.00 € " Meinl 13"" Byzance Jazz Thin Hi-Hat, 13"" Jazz Thin hi-hat, Byzance Series, Jazz version, Exceptionally lightweight hi-hat with a deep tone and a soft chick, Material: B20 Bronze, hand-hammered"

Meinl "13"" Byzance Serpents Hi-Hat"

431.00 € " Meinl 13"" Byzance Serpents Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat, Size: 13"", Derek Roddy Signature, Brilliant design, Different designs for upper and lower cymbal with different hammering and weight, This creates a v... Loe edasi

Meinl "13"" Classics Custom Dark HH"

247.00 € " Meinl 13"" Classics Custom Dark HH, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Size: 13"", Material: B10 Bronze, Finish: Natural, Provides a bright, warm stick attack and a clear, emphasised chick sound, Ideal for music sty... Loe edasi

Meinl "13"" HCS Hi-Hat"

98.42 € " Meinl 13"" HCS Hi-Hat, Hi-hat, HCS Series, Size: 13"", Beginners cymbal series, Combines quality and value, MS63 blend, A versatile hi-hat in the medium weight range, Warm, clear sound with a ple... Loe edasi

Millenium "13"" Still Series Hi-Hat reg."

84.89 € " Millenium 13"" Still Series Hi-Hat reg., Hi-Hat Cymbal, Size: 13"", Still series, Up to 80% quieter compared to a standard pelvis, Ideal as a low volume practice tank for drummers who want to hav... Loe edasi

Paiste "13"" 101 Hi-Hat"

88.58 € " Paiste 13"" 101 Hi-Hat, 13"" Hi-Hat, 101 Series, Material: Brass, Broad, full and controlled open sound, Mature, defined and bright sound, Hi-Hat suitable for all styles"

Paiste "13"" Signature Dark Hi-Hat"

526.00 € " Paiste 13"" Signature Dark Hi-Hat, Dark Crisp Hi-Hat, Size: 13"", Universally applicable, Soft, deep tone, Controlled sound, Hand-hammered in Switzerland"

Paiste "2002 Classic 13"" Sound Edge HH"

399.00 € " Paiste 2002 Classic 13"" Sound Edge HH, 13"" hi-hat sound edge, Medium bright, full, brilliant hi-hat, Extreme, responsive sound, Energetic with open hi-hat, Sharp, full of ""chick"" sound, The o... Loe edasi

Paiste "PST3 13"" Hi-Hat"

92.27 € " Paiste PST3 13"" Hi-Hat Cymbal, Hi-Hat, Size: 13"", Paiste Sound Technology Series, Medium bright, clear, full sounding hi-hat cymbal, Narrow, clear frequency range, With versatile application po... Loe edasi

Sabian "13"" B8X Hi-Hat"

241.00 € " Sabian 13"" B8X Hi-Hat, Hi-hat cymbal, Size: 13"", Strength: medium, B8X series, Alloy: B8 bronze, Natural finish, Hammered bell, Stronger twilight, Warm and complex sound, Successor to the popul... Loe edasi

Sabian "13"" HHX Evolution Hi-Hat"

610.00 € " Sabian 13"" HHX Evolution Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat, Series: HHX, Size: 13"", Evolution hi-hat, Brilliant finish, Bright and clear hi-hat pair with an open tone top cymbal and a heavy, deep bottom cymbal, W... Loe edasi

Zildjian "13"" A-Series New Beat Hi-Hat"

442.00 € " Zildjian 13"" A-Series New Beat Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Size: 13"", New beat model, Regular design, Processes all stock variations at its finest, Rounded sound with the hi-hat open"

Zildjian "13"" I Family Hi-Hat"

221.00 € " Zildjian 13"" I Family Hi-Hat, Hi-Hat Cymbal, Size: 13"", I Family Series, Material: B8 Bronze, Weight: medium-thin top / medium bottom, Traditional version, Bright and defined ""chick"" sound"

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