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Istanbul Mehmet "20"" China Turk Series"

420.00 € " Istanbul Mehmet 20"" China Turk Series, 20"" China Cymbals, Turk Series, Very deep sound, Ideal for accents and trashy ride figures, The Turk cymbals are distinguished by an untreated surface tha... Loe edasi

Masterwork "20"" Custom China"

215.00 € " Masterwork 20"" Custom China, 20"" ChinaThe all-round cymbal in the range. A remarkable sound spectrum and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic qualities are the essential features of th... Loe edasi

Meinl "20"" Byzance China Brilliant"

495.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance China Brilliant, 20"" China Cymbal, Brilliant finish, Bright, clear overtones with shimmering China sound, Material: B20 bronze, Hand hammered"

Meinl "20"" Byzance China Traditional"

505.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance China Traditional, China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Traditional version, Explosive response with a wide sound spread, China sound with explosive response and long decay time"

Meinl "20"" Byzance Dual China"

505.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance Dual China, Dual China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Material: B20 Bronze, Hand-hammered, Extra dry (natural) with a brilliant finish, Exciting contrast between extra dry and brilliant f... Loe edasi

Meinl "20"" Byzance Dual Trash China"

558.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance Dual Trash China, Dual Trash China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Byzance Series, Extra Dry (Natural) and brilliant version, Material: B-20 Bronze, With 6 holes for extra trashy character... Loe edasi

Meinl "20"" Byzance Extra Dry China"

537.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance Extra Dry China, 20"" Extra Dry China Cymbal, Byzance Series, Alloy: B20 bronze, Finish: Extra dry, Production: Hand hammered, This unique China has a dark, dirty sound that de... Loe edasi

Meinl "20"" Byzance Trash China Trad."

526.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance Trash China Trad., Trash China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Byzance Series, Traditional model, Material: B-20 Bronze, Trashy explosive China sound with a little more bite and shorter su... Loe edasi

Meinl "20"" Byzance Vintage China"

537.00 € " Meinl 20"" Byzance Vintage China, China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Byzance vintage series, Matt Garstka Signature Edition, Sand-blasted surface, Large surface hammers on thin material produce a long, de... Loe edasi

Paiste "20"" Rude Novo China"

367.00 € " Paiste 20"" Rude Novo China, 20"" Novo China, Sound: Bright, metallic, full, very powerful, extremely loud, Exotic China-type cymbal, can also be used as a crash cymbal, Strong, hissing and multi... Loe edasi

Paiste "20"" Rude Wild China"

377.00 € " Paiste 20"" Rude Wild China, China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Dark, full-bodied, earthy sounding China, Great sonic range, Heavy basic character, Always controllable, Highly explosive China crash, Extre... Loe edasi

Paiste "2002 Classic 20"" China"

377.00 € " Paiste 2002 Classic 20"" China, China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Paiste 2002 series, Exotic, powerful cymbal with a traditionally shaped bell, Bright sound with great projection, Beautiful changes in so... Loe edasi

Paiste "2002 Classic 20"" Novo China"

367.00 € " Paiste 2002 Classic 20"" Novo China, 20"" China@+An exotic, powerful cymbal with a traditionally shaped bell. The sound is bright with great projection. Beautiful sound changes depending on where... Loe edasi

Sabian "20"" HHX China Brilliant"

558.00 € " Sabian 20"" HHX China Brilliant, China, HHX series, Hand-hammered, Size: 20"", Brilliant finish, Excellent combination of ""tonal heat"" and rough attack, Biting attack with round, funky Chinese ... Loe edasi

Sabian "20"" HHX Zen China"

547.00 € " Sabian 20"" HHX Zen China, China, 20"" HHX Zen China, B20 alloy, Natural finish, Unique, inverted China with bell, Winner of the Sabian ""Players' Choice"" 2012"

Sabian "20"" Paragon China"

544.00 € " Sabian 20"" Paragon China, 20"" China Cymbal, Paragon series, Natural design, Neil Peart Signature, Handmade from Sabian B20 bronze, The China cymbal has a small bell, a high bow, and an extremel... Loe edasi

Zildjian "20"" Oriental China Trash"

431.00 € " Zildjian 20"" Oriental China Trash, Oriental China Trash Cymbals, Oriental series, Size: 20"", Brilliant finish, Authentic ""trashy"" China sound, Very quick response, explosive with short decay"

Zildjian "20"" Z Custom China brilliant"

522.00 € " Zildjian 20"" Z Custom China brilliant, China Cymbal, Diameter: 20"", Fast response with loud and explosive cut, Perfect for accents and effects, Instant, strong attack, but clean decay, Heavy-we... Loe edasi

Zildjian "21"" A-Serie Ultra Hammer China"

495.00 € " Zildjian 21"" A-Serie Ultra Hammer China, China, 21"", A series, Ultra hammered, Brilliant finish, B20 alloy, Small bell, Loud and trashy China cymbal with inverted ""volcano"" bell"

Zultan "20"" Rock Beat China"

224.00 € " Zultan 20"" Rock Beat China, China Cymbal, Size: 20"", China cymbal with clear, powerful trebles and short, quick response, Slowly decay, Made of B-20 bronze, Sparkling tones across the entire so... Loe edasi

Thomann China Cymbal 50cm

122.00 € " Thomann China Cymbal 50cm, China Cymbal, Diameter: 20"", Handmade in Wuhan"

Ufip "20"" FX Power China"

399.00 € " Ufip 20"" FX Power China, China Cymbal, Size: 20"", Material: B20 bronze, Bright and trashy with great dynamics, Very suitable for Hard Rock, Rock, Heavy Metal and Fusion"

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