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Istanbul Mehmet 17" X-Ray Series Multi China

275.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 17" X-Ray Series Multi China, B20 bronce, brilliant finish, with many small holes, very distorted sound, fast attack, high tone,

Sabian 17" AA Holy China

335.00 € Sabian 17" AA Holy China, Brilliant, the Holy China features a higher profile to raise the pitch, holes for volume and sustain, and a large, unfinished bell for cut and durability,

Sabian 17" HHX Complex O-Zone China

403.00 € Sabian 17" HHX Complex O-Zone China, B20 bronze, employs a combination of HH and HHX hammering, raw hammered bell, 6 Soundholes produce a trashy sound over the rich and warm fundamental tone

Zildjian 17" K-Custom Dark China

455.00 € Zildjian K-Custom 17" Dark China, Regular Finish, Dry, dark China sound. Immediate initial trashy attack with fast decay.

Zildjian 17" K-Custom Hybrid China

455.00 € Zildjian K-Custom 17" Hybrid China, Regular/Brilliant Finish, responsive with colourful attack and quick decay

Zultan 17" Dune China

208.00 € Zultan 17" China, Dune Series, Material: B20 Bronze, hand hammered, dry, thrashy sound with fast decay, deep hammer marks, sophisticated sound with light overtones, polished bell, musical chinese c... Loe edasi

Zultan 17" Heritage China

242.00 € Zultan 17" Heritage China, 100% handcrafted cymbal following the ancient tradition of cymbal making, crafted with serveral hammers, Material: B20 Bronze, cutting but suitable for nearly any kind of... Loe edasi

Zultan 17" Q China

163.00 € Zultan 17" Q Series China, Dark & low, full & strong with lots of dynamics, the outer 2" circle of the top is deeply hammered, unlathed & left raw, The remainder of the top surface is l... Loe edasi

Zultan 17" Raw China

183.00 € Zultan 17" Raw China, Raw Series, Warm, dark & full tone. Anvil-like clarity, yet with a high musicality, 100% handhammered, B20 Bronze, dry & earthy sound, with a limited array of over-ton... Loe edasi

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