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Meinl 10" Generation X Filter China

79.87 € Meinl Generation X Series, 10" Filter China, regular Finish, a fast, sharp and almost sinister sound, quieter than most chinas, they have a short sustain due to the waved edge

Meinl 10" Generation X Jingle China

87.13 € Meinl Generation X Series 10" Jingle Filter China - equipped with three jingles along with the distinctive sound attributes of a filter china. Shimmering, rattling sound with a slight bell-like cha... Loe edasi

Sabian 10" AA Mini Holy China

169.00 € Sabian 10" AA Mini Holy China, brilliant finish, developed in collaboration with Chad Smith, extra thin, very short and aggressive sounding china cymbal,

Sabian 10" B8X China Splash

68.97 € Sabian 10" B8X China Splash, Alloy: B8 Bronze, natural Finish, hammered bell, Successor to the legendary Sabian B8 Series, more hammering, enhanced projection, more complexity and a great new look

Zildjian 10" FX Oriental China "Trash"

152.00 € Zildjian 10" FX Oriental China "Trash", FX Series, Brillant Finish, Authentic "trashy" Chinese sound, Very fast, explosive response with rapid decay, Ideal for special accents and effects, B20 alloy,

Zildjian 10" S Series Chinese Splash

102.00 € Zildjian 10" S Series Chinese Splash, Paper Thin, B12 bronze alloy, (88% copper, 12% tin), brilliant finish, bright and shimmering tone with sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges, sounding a... Loe edasi

Thomann China Cymbal 25cm

22.99 € Thomann China Cymbal - handmade in Wuhan. Diameter: 25cm (10")

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