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Istanbul Mehmet 15" X-Rubbish Crash

193.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 15" X-Rubbish Crash, XR-C15, 15" Crash Cymbal, very trashy sound, short Sustain, perfect for fast and powerful accents

Masterwork 15" Custom Crash

152.00 € Masterwork Custom Serie, 15" Crash, Traditional Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy, The all-rounder in the range.The custom Series offers awide sou... Loe edasi

Masterwork 15" Custom Thin Crash

148.00 € Masterwork Custom Serie, 15" Thin Crash, Traditional Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy, The all-rounder in the range.The custom Series offers awid... Loe edasi

Masterwork 15" Resonant Crash

179.00 € Masterwork Resonant Series, 15" Crash, Brilliant Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B-20 alloy, Cymbals in the Resonant Series are handpolished to a high glos... Loe edasi

Meinl 15" Byzance Thin Crash

246.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 15" Thin Crash, Traditional Finish, Byzance cymbals are completely hand made from start to finish, 80% copper + 20% tin, Made in Turkey, Lightweight, sounds fairly washy and d... Loe edasi

Meinl 15" Byzance Thin Crash Brill.

242.00 € Meinl Byzance Serie, 15" Thin Crash, brilliant Finish, highly polished finish contains bright overtones with a silky, washy, dark sound, short sustain, material: b20 bronze, hand hammered

Meinl 15" Classics Custom Med. Crash

142.00 € Meinl 15" Classics Custom Series, Medium Crash, Brilliant Finish, Full frequency range with a wide, full spread. Fairly smooth attack with a warm and shimmering fade. Universal crash for multipurpo... Loe edasi

Meinl 15" Classics Medium Crash

120.00 € Meinl Classics Series - B8 bronze alloy 15" medium crash, B8 bronze alloy, wide frequency spectrum with a warm sound, immediate attack and medium sustain, crash for all styles of music,

Paiste 15" Signature Fast Crash

296.00 € Paiste Signature Line 15" Fast Crash, Medium Bright, silvery, warm, full, transparent. Fairly narrow range, clean mix. Extremely responsive, fades fast with beautiful, dark shimmer. Suited for fast... Loe edasi

Sabian 15" AAX AAXplosion Crash

221.00 € Sabian AAX AAXplosion 15" Crash Cymbal - clean, fine controlled cymbal sound with great dynamics, suitable for all music styles. Brilliant finish.

Sabian 15" AAX Studio Crash

221.00 € Sabian AAX 15" Studio Crash Cymbal - thin design and small bell for quick response, tonally full, glassy and shimmering accents. Brilliant finish.

Sabian 15" B8X Thin Crash

103.00 € Sabian 15" B8X Thin Crash Cymbal, Alloy: B8 Bronze, natural Finish, hammered bell, Successor to the legendary Sabian B8 Series, more hammering, enhanced projection, more complexity and a great new ... Loe edasi

Zildjian 15" A-Custom Crash

253.00 € Zildjian A-Custom Crash - 15" brilliant finish, natural, bright, not too high, not too low, speaks very quickly, beautiful warm undertones.

Zildjian 15" A-Custom Fast Crash

220.00 € Zildjian A-Custom 15" Fast Crash, Brilliant Finish, Bright, airy and responsive Crashes with an extremely short decay. Slightly thinner than the existing Custom Crash, the A Custom Fast Crash explo... Loe edasi

Zildjian 15" A-Series Fast Crash

242.00 € Zildjian A-Series 15" Fast Crash, Regular Finish, Sensitive response. Clear and fast.

Zildjian 15" K-Series Dark Crash Thin

246.00 € Zildjian K-Series 15" Dark Crash Cymbal - thin, dark, warm, low-pitched crash. Fast decay. Complex, full-bodied. Very musical. Regular finish.

Zildjian 15" S Series Thin Crash

137.00 € Zildjian 15" S Series Thin Crash, B12 bronze alloy, (88% copper, 12% tin), brilliant finish, bright and shimmering tone with sonic response throughout all dynamic ranges, sounding and looking great... Loe edasi

Zultan 15" Q Crash

120.00 € Zultan 15" Q Series Crash, Dark & low, full & strong with lots of dynamics, the outer 2" circle of the top is deeply hammered, unlathed & left raw, The remainder of the top surface is l... Loe edasi

Zultan 15" Rock Beat Crash

115.00 € Zultan 15" Rock Beat Series Crash, Loud & voluminous tone. Full-bodied crash with power & projection, Brilliant Finish, mirror-like high hand polished, Rock Beat specific sound character: B... Loe edasi

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