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Sabian 10" AAX Aero Splash

173.00 € Sabian 10" AAX Aero Splash cymbal, brillant finish, B20 bronce, comes with little holes, extra thin splash cymbal with very short and aggressive sound,

Sabian 10" AAX O-Zone Splash

183.00 € Sabian 10" AAX O-Zone Splash, 'Multi-Hole' O-Zone design, 6 one-inch holes perforate its thin B20 bronze, bright, biting sound and rapid decay, B20 bronze, a combination of 80% copper with silver a... Loe edasi

Sabian 10" AAX Splash

163.00 € Sabian AAX 10" Splash - extremely fast and very bright, with tight sound ensuring strong penetrating power. Brilliant finish.

Sabian 10" B8X Splash

70.18 € Sabian 10" B8X Splash, Alloy: B8 Bronze, natural Finish, hammered bell, Successor to the legendary Sabian B8 Series, more hammering, enhanced projection, more complexity and a great new look

Sabian 10" HH Remastered Splash

179.00 € Sabian 10" HH Remastered Splash, Hand hammered , Brilliant Version, Small, thin and fast, with a dark touch of tone and its own special character,

Sabian 10" HHX Evolution Splash

158.00 € Sabian HHX Evolution 10" Splash Cymbal - machine hand-hammered, Sabian 'Tone Projection' for a fast attack, highly responsive, increased high end for brighter, faster and more penetrating projectio... Loe edasi

Sabian 10" HHX Splash

163.00 € Sabian 10" HHX Hand Hammered Splash, Fast, biting, and colorful with a punchy attack and rapid decay rate with increased punch, Brilliant Version,

Sabian 10" SBR Splash

33.88 € Sabian 10" SBR Splash, natural (thin), Material: brass, Small and thin, with a fast, punchy and splashy accent response

Sabian 10" XSR Splash

126.00 € Sabian 10" XSR Splash Cymbal, B20 bronce, brilliant finish, fast and clear articulation,

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