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Masterwork 09" Custom Splash

87.13 € Masterwork Custom Serie, 09" Splash, Traditional Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B25 alloy, The all-rounder in the range.The custom Series offers awide fre... Loe edasi

Zildjian 09" K-Custom Hybrid Splash

220.00 € Zildjian K-Custom 09" Hybrid Splash, Inside Brilliant - Outside Regular Finish, Spectacularly clean clear and articulate.

Zildjian 09" Oriental Trash Splash

189.00 € Zildjian 9" Oriental Trash Splash Cymbal - Oriental Series, brilliant finish, exotic, 'trashy' special effects sound for short, sharp accents. Blends perfectly with other splash cymbals.

Zultan 09" Heritage Splash

119.00 € Zultan 09" Heritage Splash, 100% handcrafted cymbal following the ancient tradition of cymbal making, crafted with serveral hammers, Material: B20 Bronze, cutting but suitable for nearly any kind o... Loe edasi

Zultan 09" Rock Beat Splash

75.03 € Zultan 09" Rock Beat Series Splash, Barking & biting, sparkly tones. Use in any musical situation for phrasing or accents, Brilliant Finish, mirror-like high hand polished, Rock Beat specific s... Loe edasi

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