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Istanbul Agop "08"" Xist ION Splash Brilliant"

122.00 € " Istanbul Agop 08"" Xist ION Splash Brilliant, Splash, Size: 08"", Xist ION series, Brillant finish, Material: B20 bronze (80% copper, 20"" tin), Professional quality, Splash with holes for short,... Loe edasi

Istanbul Agop "08"" Xist Splash Brilliant"

122.00 € " Istanbul Agop 08"" Xist Splash Brilliant, Splash Cymbal, Size: 08"", Xist Series, Brilliant finish, Material: B20 bronze (80% copper, 20% tin), Professional quality"

Istanbul Mehmet "08"" Splash Traditional Series"

122.00 € " Istanbul Mehmet 08"" Splash Traditional Series, 8"" Splash, Traditional series, Regular finish, Dark, warm sound, Fast decay time, Suitable for all styles of music, The classic concept of these c... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet "08"" Splash Turk Series"

126.00 € " Istanbul Mehmet 08"" Splash Turk Series, Splash, Size: 08"", Turk series, Dry and voluminous sound, The turk cymbals are characterized by the untreated surface, which is responsible for the dray ... Loe edasi

Masterwork "08"" Custom Splash"

84.89 € " Masterwork 08"" Custom Splash, 8"" Splash@+A considerable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential features of the custom series.@+@+@+T... Loe edasi

Meinl "08"" Byzance Dark Splash"

186.00 € " Meinl 08"" Byzance Dark Splash, Dark Splash, Byzance series, Size: 08"", Dark (natural) finish, Dark, earthy sound with short sustain, Material: B20 bronze, hand-hammered"

Meinl "08"" Byzance Splash Brilliant"

177.00 € " Meinl 08"" Byzance Splash Brilliant, Splash, Byzance series, Size: 08”, Brillant finish, Very fast, dynamic attack, Fine, brillant treble, Material: B20 bronze, hand-hammered"

Meinl "08"" Byzance Splash"

177.00 € " Meinl 08"" Byzance Splash, Splash, Byzance series, Size: 08”, Traditional finish, Beautifully spreading, fast attack splash, Punchy and washy, Very traditional sound"

Meinl "08"" Classics Cust. Dark Splash"

82.43 € " Meinl 08"" Classics Cust. Dark Splash, Splash Cymbal, Size: 8"", Classics Custom Series, CC08DAS, Explosive splash for crisp accents, Ideal for music styles that require a lot of volume and an as... Loe edasi

Meinl "08"" Classics Custom Splash"

82.43 € " Meinl 08"" Classics Custom Splash, Splash, Size: 8”, Classics custom series, Brillant surface, Clear, transparent tone with gentle sound reflection and short decay, Places clear accents in c... Loe edasi

Meinl "08"" HCS Splash"

31.99 € " Meinl 08"" HCS Splash, 08"" Splash Cymbal, Regular execution, Fast, explosive response with short sustain"

Meinl "08"" Pure Alloy Custom Splash"

150.00 € " Meinl 08"" Pure Alloy Custom Splash, Splash Cymbal, Size: 10"", Pure Alloy Custom Series, Warm, slightly washed-out tone with short sustain, Crisp attack, Finish: Smoke Bronze, Made in Germany"

Meinl "08"" Pure Alloy Splash"

135.00 € " Meinl 08"" Pure Alloy Splash, Finish: Traditional, high-tech machine-made hammering, versatile cymbal with a powerful and bright sound, fast and crispy attack"

Paiste "08"" 602 Mod. Essential Splash"

224.00 € " Paiste 08"" 602 Mod. Essential Splash, 8"" Splash Cymbal, Modern Essentials Series, Regular model, CuSn20 bronze alloy, Fast responding and dark warm sounding splash cymbal for lively accents in ... Loe edasi

Paiste "08"" Masters Dark Splash"

206.00 € " Paiste 08"" Masters Dark Splash, 08"" Splash Cymbal, Fine sizzling effect sounds, Soft feel and fast response, Designed in cooperation with well-known jazz drummers like Gregory Hutchinson and An... Loe edasi

Paiste "08"" Signature Dark Energy MK1"

224.00 € " Paiste 08"" Signature Dark Energy MK1, Dark Energy Splash, Mark I, Size: 08"", Dark body, Full frequency spectrum, Brilliant heights, Very wide range, Direct sensitive response, Strong attack, Ba... Loe edasi

Paiste "08"" Signature Splash"

211.00 € " Paiste 08"" Signature Splash, 08"" Splash@+The Splash of the Signature line provides an explosive, warm and very clear sound. Harmonious splash sound perfect for both studio and live applications... Loe edasi

Paiste "2002 Classic 08"" Splash"

155.00 € " Paiste 2002 Classic 08"" Splash, Splash@+A very thin, warm Splash, with a soft sound character. The sound spectrum opens nicely, even with a light touch.@+@+, Size: 8"", Designed for live and stu... Loe edasi

Paiste "PST5 08"" Splash '14"

43.06 € " Paiste PST5 08"" Splash '14, Splash, Size: 08"", From the new PST5 series, Material: CuSn8 bronze (also called 2002 bronze), Bright, clear and focussed sound, Fast attack"

Sabian "08"" AAX Splash"

200.00 € " Sabian 08"" AAX Splash, Splash Cymbal, AAX series, Size: 8"", Brilliant finish, Transparent sound, Extremely fast, Very bright response, Firm tone, Very assertive splash cymbal"

Sabian "08"" Paragon Splash"

200.00 € " Sabian 08"" Paragon Splash, 8"" Splash Cymbal, Paragon series, Natural finish, Neil Peart Signature, Handmade from Sabian B20 bronze, Fast response, Sharp, assertive and loud Splash, Extremely po... Loe edasi

Sabian "8"" B8X Splash"

109.00 € " Sabian 8"" B8X Splash, Splash, Size: 08"", B8X series, Alloy: B8 bronze, Natural finish, Hammered bell, Stronger hammering, Warm and complex sound, Successor of the popular Sabian B8 series"

Zildjian "08"" A-Custom Splash"

186.00 € " Zildjian 08"" A-Custom Splash, Splash, Size: 08"", A Custom series, Brillant finish, Fast attack, Round, short sustain, Very musically"

Zildjian "08"" A-Series Splash"

161.00 € " Zildjian 08"" A-Series Splash, Splash, Size: 08"", Regular finish, Fast, clean, short sounding splash"

Zildjian "08"" K-Custom Dark Splash"

206.00 € " Zildjian 08"" K-Custom Dark Splash, Splash, K Custom series, Size: 8”, Dark splash, Traditional finish, Played amongst others by Jimmy Branly, Gerry Brown, Loraine Faina and Steve Smith"

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