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Masterwork "07"" Custom Splash"

83.66 € " Masterwork 07"" Custom Splash, 7"" SplashA considerable frequency range and a warm basic character with sensitive dynamic characteristics are the essential features of the Custom series.@+@+In th... Loe edasi

Masterwork "07"" Resonant Splash"

92.27 € " Masterwork 07"" Resonant Splash, 7"" Splash CymbalThe Resonant series is hand-polished to give it its shiny surface and brilliant sound with a warm basic character.@+@+, Masterwork Resonant serie... Loe edasi

Sabian "07"" HHX Complex Splash"

200.00 € " Sabian 07"" HHX Complex Splash, Splash Cymbal, Size: 07"", HHX Complex Series, Material: B20 Bronze, Combination of HH and HHX hammering, Hammered bell, Full and very warm sound, Universally appl... Loe edasi

Sabian "07"" HHX Evolution Splash"

200.00 € " Sabian 07"" HHX Evolution Splash, Splash CymbalThe HHX Evolution series was developed in cooperation with Dave Weckl.@+@+, Size: 7, Series HHX Evolution, Mechanically hand-hammered, Sabian Tone P... Loe edasi

Ufip "07"" FX Traditional Splash"

140.00 € " UFIP 07"" FX Traditional Splash, Medium Splash Cymbal, Size: 07"", The UFIP Class Series always has something more to offer - more volume, assertiveness on stage, warm tones and a complete dynami... Loe edasi

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