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Istanbul Mehmet 06" Splash Traditional Series

106.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 6" Splash Traditional Series, SP06, regular finish, short fast response, The Traditional Series sound is suited for pretty much every style of music imaginable. The classic concept ... Loe edasi

Istanbul Mehmet 06" Splash Turk Series

106.00 € Istanbul Mehmet 6" Splash Turk Series, SPT06, 6" Splash, dry sound, the Turk series are Unlathed cymbals with a raw surface, meant for drummers who want a dry and compact sound, yet keeping the wid... Loe edasi

Masterwork 06" Custom Splash

78.66 € Masterwork Custom Serie, 06" Splash, Traditional Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B25 alloy, The all-rounder in the range.The custom Series offers awide fre... Loe edasi

Masterwork 06" Resonant Splash

93.18 € Masterwork Resonant Series, 06" Splash, Brilliant Surface, manufactured completely by hand in the finest Turkish tradition, B25 alloy, Cymbals in the Resonant Series are handpolished to a high glos... Loe edasi

Meinl 06" Byzance Splash Brilliant

145.00 € Meinl Byzance Series 6" Splash - highly-polished finish, brilliant and bright sound with fast response, B20 material, hand-hammered. Brilliant finish.

Meinl 06" Byzance Splash Traditional

145.00 € Meinl Byzance Series, 06" Splash, traditional Finish, a nice spread with great attack.Punchy and washy but still with a traditional feel, material: b20 bronze, hand hammered

Paiste 06" Signature Splash

163.00 € Paiste Signature Line 06" Splash, Bright, full, warm, clear, silvery. Narrow range, balanced mix. Fast, explosive response. Great for stronger splash playing. [0,10_CH]

Sabian 06" AAX Splash

142.00 € Sabian AAX 06" Splash Cymbal - brilliant finish, extremely fast and very bright, tight sound ensuring strong penetrating power.

Zildjian 06" A-Custom Splash

158.00 € Zildjian A-Custom 6" Splash - brilliant finish, fast, colourful, short crash sound, very musical.

Zildjian 06" A-Series Splash

142.00 € Zildjian A-Series 06" Splash, Regular Finish, Quick, short crash.

Ufip 06" FX Traditional Splash

115.00 € UFIP 06" FX Traditional Splash Medium, the UFIP Class Series cymbals always have something more to offer, more volume, b etter sound output on stage, warmer tones and a complete and dynamic range, ... Loe edasi

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