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Alesis SR16

172.00 € Alesis SR 16 drum machine - 4 audio outputs (2 stereo pairs), 12 velocity sensitive pads (with Dynamic Articulation), 16/18-bit sample/DAC resolution, 233 sounds, 12 sounds accessible via pads, 120... Loe edasi

Alesis SR18

253.00 € Alesis SR18 Drum Machine - 32 note polyphonic, 32Mb sound set with percussion bank and bass synth, integrated FX (reverb, EQ and compression), backlit LCD, MIDI in/out, 1/4" TRS aux output, headpho... Loe edasi

Arturia DrumBrute

403.00 € Arturia DrumBrute; Analog Drum Machine; 17 analog Drumsounds (2 Kicks, Snare, Clap, HiHat 1, HiHat 2, Conga Hi, Conga Lo , Tom Hi, Tom Lo, Maracas, Rimshot, Clave, Tambourine, Cymba l, Zap and Reve... Loe edasi

Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition

403.00 € Arturia DrumBrute Creation Edition - Limited Edition in blac k/gold finish with imprint of Michelangelo's "The Creation o f Adam "; Analog Drum Machine; 17 analog Drumsounds (2 Kicks , Snare, Clap,... Loe edasi

Arturia DrumBrute Decksaver Set

435.00 € Arturia DrumBrute Bundle containing ARTURIA DRUMBRUTE (order code 400094), DECKSAVER ARTURIA DRUMBRUTE (order code 403150)

Arturia DrumBrute Impact

329.00 € Arturia DrumBrute Impact; Analog drum computer; 10 sounds: Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Tom Hi, Tom Low, Cowbell, Cymbal, Closed Hat, Open Hat and FM; 64 patterns with up to 64 steps each; accentuation ... Loe edasi

Behringer RD-8

329.00 € Behringer RD-8 Rhythm Designer; Analog Drum Machine; 16 Drum Sounds; 64 Step Sequencer supports poly-meter, step-repeat, note-repeat, real-time triggering, track-mute and track-solo; Wave Designer ... Loe edasi

Boss DR-01s

247.00 € Boss DR-01s, rhythm partner fort the acoustic musician; build in 4" speaker; tempo: 40-300 bpm; time signature: 3/4, 4/4, 6/8; 24 voice polyphonic; 50 favorit patches for combinations; instruments:... Loe edasi

Boss DR-3

206.00 € Boss DR-3 drum machine - 100 preset styles with 11 Patterns, 100 user styles with 11 patterns, real/step time recording, velocity sensitive pads, 100 user songs. TSC Total Sound Control: 3-band com... Loe edasi

Clavia Nord Drum 3P

636.00 € Clavia Nord Drum 3P, modeling percussion-synthesizer, 6-channels, integrated multipad and kick pad input, simplified user interface with easy sound selection, individual sound preset libraries for ... Loe edasi

Elektron Analog Rytm MKII

1534.00 € Elektron Analog Rytm MKII, analog drumcomputer and groovebox; 8 drum voices, each with: 1 × selectable analog percussion sound generator, 1 × sample playback engine, 1 × analog multi-mode filter... Loe edasi

Elektron Digitakt

676.00 € Elektron Digitakt, digital drum machine; 8 internal audio tracks; 8 dedicated midi tracks; 1 × multi-mode filter per audio track; 1 × assignable lfo per track; delay and reverb send fx; built in ... Loe edasi

Elektron Model:Samples

476.00 € Electron Model:Samples; 6 track groovebox and sampler; 6 audio tracks (can also be used as MIDI tracks); 6 Velocity-sensitive pads; 96 projects; 96 patterns per project; sample playback engine, mul... Loe edasi

Elektron Model:Samples Bag Bundle

518.00 € Elektron Model:Samples Bag Bundle containing ELEKTRON MODEL:SAMPLES (order code 457085), ELEKTRON CARRY BAG ECC-5 (order code 460288)

Elektron Model:Samples Cover Bundle

528.00 € Elektron Model:Samples Cover Bundle containing ELEKTRON MODEL:SAMPLES (order code 457085), ELEKTRON PROTECTIVE COVER PL-4 (order code 460285)

IK Multimedia UNO Drum

238.00 € IK Multimedia UNO Drum; analog/PCM drum machine; 6 true analog voices for kick, snares, claps, and hi-hats; 12 PCM voices with 54 samples; freely layer analog & PCM sounds with 11-voice polypho... Loe edasi

Jomox Alpha Base

1748.00 € Jomox Alpha Base, Analoger Drum Synthesizer; 11 Instruments: Kick Drum, MBrane, Cl HiHat, Op HiHat, Clap, Rim Shot, Crash, Ride, X Sample 1, X Sample 2, FM Synth; Real analog Jomox kick drum; Real ... Loe edasi

Jomox MBASE 11

246.00 € Jomox MBase 11 Analog Bass Drum Module - fully analog sound engine with storeable parameters, 110x bass drum presets (10x user RAM, 100 flash), 8-waveform LFO (saw +/-, sine +/-, tri +/-, rect +/-,... Loe edasi

Korg KR-55 Pro

329.00 € Korg KR-55 Pro; Drum / Percussion Rhythm Machine with Recording Function; 24 Drum / Percussion Styles with Pattern: two Variations, Basic, Fill-in 1, Fill-in 2 and Ending; Chain-Function (create Rh... Loe edasi

Korg Rhythm KR Mini

90.76 € Korg Rhythm KR Mini, portable Drumcomputer, 16 Pads, Rhythm Record Function, Chain-Function, Start/Stop Remote Function with optionalen Footswitch, build-in 2W Speaker, Headphone/Speaker-Connection... Loe edasi

Korg Volca Beats

158.00 € Korg Volca Beats, Analogue Rhythm Machine, 6 Analog and 4 PCM-based Drumparts, Loop- and Step-Sequencer, Stutter-, Active Step- and Step Jump-Functions, Multitouch Trigger Pad / Step-Button, LED-Di... Loe edasi

Korg Volca Drum

178.00 € Korg Volca Drum; Digital Percussion Synthesizer; 6 Drum-Parts with Analog Modeling synthesis; two sound layers per part; each layer uses a basic eaveform to trigger a tunable resonator; internal St... Loe edasi

MFB 301 Pro

173.00 € MFB 301 Pro; analog Drumcomputer; 8 instruments taken from t he MFB 301 and 401; all instruments can be edited in various parameters; instruments: Bass Drum, Snare, Clap, Tom, Bongo , Clave, Cymbal... Loe edasi

MFB Tanzbär 2

1009.00 € MFB Tanzbär 2; Analog/Digital Hybrid Drum Machine; 8 analog and 8 sample-based Sounds; analog Instruments: Kick 1/2, Snare 1/2, 3x Tom, play- and programmable Synthesizer; 3 Sample Banks with 16 S... Loe edasi

Roland TR-08

372.00 € Roland TR-08, Drum Machine; compact recreation of the roland tr-808 drum machine; retains the sound, character, and user interface of the original tr-808; hands-on control for tone, level, tuning, ... Loe edasi

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