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ATV aDrums Artist Series 14"Hi-Hat

538.00 € ATV aDrums Artist Series 14" hi-hat pad set, matt black, silicone rubber, can be played on whole surface, bottom cymbal with optical non Contact sensor for great position detection, including power... Loe edasi

Gewa G9 Hi-Hat Setup

518.00 € Gewa G9 Hi-Hat Setup, E-Drum HiHat Pad, 3-Zones (Bow, Bell, Edge), incl. HH-Controller, Adapter for HiHat stand, clutch and cable

Millenium Hi-Hat Controller

35.09 € Millenium electronic Hi-Hat controller - for open and closed Hi-Hat. Pedal down for closed sound and pedal up for open sound. Does not work with Roland TD-1, TD-4 and TD-9 module.

Millenium MPS-750X Hi-Hat Pad

142.00 € Millenium MPS-750X Hi-Hat Pad including Hi-Hat Controller, compatible MPS-750X drum module,

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller

35.09 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller, for MPS-850 e-drum set, delivery without hi-hat stand, hi-hat pad and power supply,

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller V2

47.19 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller V2, new version, no power supply needed, suitable for MPS-850 E-Drum Set, Lieferung without hi-hat stand and cymbal pad,

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad

83.50 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad, for MPS-850 e-drum set, including hi-hat Clutch

Roland CY-5

126.00 € Roland CY-5 V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad - large optimal play area.

Roland FD-8 V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller

142.00 € Roland FD-8, V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller, realistic, stepless transitions between open and closed Hi-Hat, fresh new look,

Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller Pedal

232.00 € Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller Pedal, quiet hi-hat pedal controller for e-drums, comes with patented link mechanism which decreases impact noise, does open/halfopen/closed hi-hat sounds, compatible ... Loe edasi

Roland VH-10 12" V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad

403.00 € Roland VH-10 12" V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad, dual-zone pad, containin g 12" hi-hat pad and motion sensor, can be mounted on every traditional hi-hat stand and provide a better playing feeli ng than regular ... Loe edasi

Roland VH-11 V Drum Hi-Hat Pad

455.00 € Roland VH-11 V-Drum hi-hat pad - with their eyes closed, drummers will think they're playing a regular two-piece hi-hat. But examine the innovative new VH-11 floating hi-hat and you'll see that it ... Loe edasi

Roland VH-13 V-Drum Hi-Hat

670.00 € Roland VH-13, 13" V-Hi-Hat provides full motion capability for natural stick/pedal with High Resolution Motion Sensor work a perfect complement to the TD-50K and -KV Kit, 2 Trigger (Bow/Edge), blac... Loe edasi

Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat Pad

857.00 € Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat Pad, diameter: 14", contain many different triggers for main, edge and choke, Prismatic Sound Modelling-Technology, includes clutch and connection cable, works with Rol... Loe edasi

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