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ATV "aDrums Artist Series 14""Hi-Hat"

579.00 € " ATV aDrums Artist Series 14""Hi-Hat, 14"" Hi-hat pad set, Made of silicone rubber, Playable on entire surface, Bottom cymbal with optical sensor for exact position detection, Without cable, Colou... Loe edasi

Gewa G9 Hi-Hat Setup

518.00 € Gewa G9 Hi-Hat Setup, Complete E-Drum Hi-Hat Pad Setup, 3-Zones: Bow, Bell, Edge, Includes HH controller, adapter for hi-hat stand, clutch and cable

Millenium "CH-13 13"" Hi-Hat Pad"

108.00 € " Millenium CH-13 13"" Hi-Hat Pad, dual-zone hi-hat pad including clutch and controller for hi-hat stand, works only with Millenium MPS-1000"

Millenium "CH-13X 13"" Hi-Hat Pad"

108.00 € " Millenium CH-13X 13"" Hi-Hat Pad, dual-zone hi-hat pad including clutch, controller for hi-hat stand & cable, works with drum module from Roland, Pearl, ATV, Alesis und Gewa, including cable"

Millenium Hi-Hat Controller

35.09 € " Millenium Hi-Hat Controller, Hi-Hat Controller, The electronic hi-hat pedal allows the opening and closing of the ""Hi-Hat"", Hi-Hat ""closed sound"" - hi-hat ""open sound"", With a switch, so it... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-750X Hi-Hat Pad

142.00 € Millenium MPS-750X Hi-Hat Pad, Hi-Hat Pad, Compatible with MPS-750X drum module, Includes a hi-hat controller

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller

35.09 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller, Hi-Hat Controller, For Millenium MPS-850, *Note:* Delivery without hi-hat stand, hi-hat pad and power supply

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller V2

47.19 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Controller V2, Hi-Hat Controller, Suitable for MPS-850 E-Drum Set, V2 model, New version, No longer needs a separate power supply, Delivery without hi-hat pad and stand

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad

83.50 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad, Hi-hat pad, Suitable for Millenium E-Drum Set MPS-850, Includes hi-hat clutch

Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad V2

83.50 € Millenium MPS-850 Hi-Hat Pad V2, Hi-Hat Pad, New version, Playable on the complete surface, Suitable for Millenium E-Drum Set MPS-850, Incl. hi-hat clutch

Roland "VH-10 12"" V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad"

351.00 € " Roland VH-10 12"" V-Drum Hi-Hat Pad, 12"" Hi-Hat pad, 2-Zone pad, Consists of a 12"" hi-hat pad and motion sensor, Can be mounted to a traditional hi-hat stand, thus creating a more realistic fee... Loe edasi

Roland CY-5

126.00 € Roland CY-5, V Drum Hi-Hat Pad, Large playing surface, The appropriate attachment hole is not in the centre, Always in an optimal playing position

Roland FD-8 V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller

142.00 € Roland FD-8 V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller, V-Drum Hi-Hat Controller @+, Ultra-Sensitive Hi-Hat control, More realistic hi-hat sound, Smooth transitions between open and closed playing modes, New look

Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller Pedal

229.00 € Roland FD-9 Hi-Hat Controller Pedal, Silent Hi-Hat Controller Pedal for Electric Drum Sets, Equipped with a patented, impact sound-reducing mechanism, Allows open, semi-open and closed playing, Co... Loe edasi

Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat Pad

819.00 € " Roland VH-14D Digital Hi-Hat Pad, Digital Hi-Hat Pad, Diameter: 14"", Contains many different sensors for area, edge and stop detection, Prismatic sound modelling technology, Includes clutch and ... Loe edasi

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