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Efnote "EFD-K1612-WS 16""x12"" Kick Drum"

750.00 € " Efnote EFD-K1612-WS 16""x12"" Kick Drum, Kick Drum Pad, 6-Ply birch shells, Finish: White Sparkle, Double-layer mesh head, Colour-matched hoop guard, Incl. kick drum legs and riser"

Millenium "MPS-850 08"" Mesh Head Kick Pad"

71.39 € " Millennium 08"" Mesh Head Kick Pad, Kick Pad, Size: 8"", Double-ply mesh head, Suitable for MPS-850 E-Drum set, Without a pedal"

Millenium "PB-20 20""x16"" Kick Grey Line"

318.00 € " Millenium PB-20 20""x16"" Kick Grey Line, Kick Drum Pad, MPS-1000 Series, Size: 20"" x 16"", Suitable for Millenium MPS-1000, Wooden shell, Dual-layer mesh heads, Colour: Grey Line"

Millenium "PB-20 20""x16"" Kick NT"

318.00 € " Millenium PB-20 20""x16"" kick drum pad, MPS-1000 series, wood shell, finish: Natural, doubly-ply mesh heads, including cable"

Millenium "PB-20 20""x16"" Kick PW"

318.00 € " Millenium PB-20 20""x16"" kick drum pad, MPS-1000 series, wood shell, finish: Pure White, doubly-ply mesh heads, including cable"

Millenium E-Drum Kick Bass Pad

52.03 € Millenium E-Drum Kick Bass Pad, Electric Drum Bass Drum Pad, Mono pad, Extremely stable bass drum pad, Incl. cable, Bass drum pedal not included

Roland "22""x18"" KD-222-GN Kick Pad"

1079.00 € " Roland 22""x18"" KD-222-GN Kick Pad, Kick Pad, Size: 22"" x 18"", V-Drums Acoustic design, Wooden shell, Roland Mesh Heads, Colour: Gloss Natural"

Roland "22""x18"" KD-222-PW Kick Pad"

2046.00 € " Roland 22""x18"" KD-222-PW Kick Pad, V-Drums Acoustic Design, finish: Pearl White, wooden shells, Roland mesh heads, delivery without pedal"

Roland "KD-180L-BK 18""x7"" Kick Pad"

596.00 € " Roland KD-180L-BK 18""x7"" Kick Pad, Kick pad, Trigger pad built into 18 ""x 07"" bass drum, Can be used with single as well as double kickdrum pedal, Kickdrum pedal not included"

Roland KD-10 Kick Pad

220.00 € " Roland KD-10 Kick Pad, Bass drum pad, 5"" Large mesh head, Quiet construction thanks to rubebr cover and cushion, Good playing feel@+*Note:* Foot pedal is not included@+@+"

Roland KD-140-BC V-Drum Bass Kick Pad

1058.00 € " Roland KD-140-BC V-Drum Bass Kick Pad, Electric Bass Drum Pad, 14"" V-Drum Bass Kick Pad, With enlargened batter head and solid metal framefor a dynamic, natural playing feel. The difference is n... Loe edasi

Roland KD-7 Kick-Controller

179.00 € Roland KD-7 Kick-Controller, Kick Trigger Unit for Roland Drum System, Can be combined with practical any pedal, Realistic play feel due to velocity sensitivity, Also for trigger interfaces of oth... Loe edasi

Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

238.00 € Roland KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal, Electric Kick Drum Pedal, With reverse-action trigger mechanism, Low noise production when played, Flexible, adaptable and can be used in combination with a second... Loe edasi

Roland KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal

242.00 € Roland KT-9 Kick Trigger Pedal, Ultra-quiet bass drum pedal for electronic drum sets, Equipped with a patented, beaterless link mechanism that significantly reduces noise, Compatible with all Rola... Loe edasi

Triggera Krigg V3 Kick Pedal Trigger

71.39 € Triggera Krigg V3 Kick Pedal Trigger, Kick pedal trigger, A very quiet kick pad, Can be used with any single or double pedals, Produces a very realistic playing experience, Compatible with all dru... Loe edasi

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