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2box DrumIt Five MKII

1020.00 € 2Box DrumIt Five MKII, Drum Module, 100 Editable drum kits, 24-Bit / 44.1kHz PCM sounds, 32 GB internal storage, Metronome, Song player, Signature sounds by Simon Phillips and Randy Black, Softwar... Loe edasi

2box DrumIt Three

851.00 € 2Box DrumIt Three, E-drum module, Supports a variety of pads from different manufacturers, 3-zone snare drum pads as well as up to three (3x) 3-zone cymbal pads, 4 GB storage space for samples by ... Loe edasi

2box DrumIt Three Bundle

732.00 € 2box DrumIt Three Bundle@+*Bundle offer comprising*, 2box DrumIt Three, E-drum module, Supports a variety of pads from different manufacturers, 3-zone snare drum pads as well as up to three (3x) 3... Loe edasi

DDrum DDTI Trigger Interface

196.00 € DDrum DDTI Trigger Interface, Trigger-To-Midi Interface, 10 Stereo trigger inputs for single or dual zone triggers, 20 Programmable presets for storing and loading different setups, Simple operati... Loe edasi

Efnote Pro E-Drum Module

2979.00 € Efnote Pro E-Drum Module, E-Drum Module, Control panel with colour LCD touch screen, 167 Multilayer Samples, 15 User kits, 20 User kits, Bus-Mixer, 3-Band EQ, Compressor, Master EQ and compressor,... Loe edasi

Gewa G3 E-Drum Module

742.00 € Gewa G3 E-Drum Module, E-Drum Module, Same sound and trigger engine as in the GEWA G9, 901 Sounds, 40 Preset kits, 128 User preset kits, Up to 1000 single samples per instrument, High-resolution m... Loe edasi

Gewa G5 Drum Module

1254.00 € Gewa G5 Drum Module, E-Drum Module, 901 Instruments, 40 Preset Kits, 128 User presets, Up to 1000 single samples per instrument, High-resolution multilayer samples recorded in the Funkhaus Studio ... Loe edasi

Gewa G9 Drum Workstation

2195.00 € " Gewa G9 Drum Workstation, E-Drum Sound Module, 10"" Touch screen, Resolution: 1280 x 800px, 901 Sounds, 40 Preset kits, 128 User preset kits, Up to 1000 individual samples per instrument, High-re... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-1000 E-Drum Module

441.00 € " Millenium MPS-1000 E-Drum Module, E-Drum Module, 820 Sounds, 40 Preset kits, 40 User kits, 70 Songs, Quick Record, Metronome, Compressors, Equalizer, 23 Effects, 335 MB storage space for user sam... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-150 Drum Module

109.00 € Millenium MPS-150 Drum Module, Drum Module, For Millenium MPS-150, 108 Sounds, 10 Drum kits, 40 Songs, Metronome with tempo 30 to 280, Built-in Reverb, 2x 6.3 mm Mono jacks outputs, 3.5 mm Stereo ... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-450 Drum Module

155.00 € Millenium MPS-450 Drum Module, Electric Drum Module, 408 Voices, 30 Preset kits, 10 User kits, 80 Songs, 5 User songs, Metronome, Includes power supply and mounting plate@+*Note:* Cable tree (Art.... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-750X E-Drum Module

223.00 € Millenium MPS-750X E-Drum Module, E-Drum Module, 20 Preset and 20 User kits, 697 Sounds, 55 Songs, 4 Band Equaliser, Faders to control the volume of the pads, the effects or the equaliser, Bluetoo... Loe edasi

Millenium MPS-850 Drum Module

223.00 € Millenium MPS-850 Drum Module, Drum Module, 550 Voices, 30 Preset Kits, 20 User Kits, 100 Songs, 2 User songs, Connections for a total of 9 pads and hi-hat controller, 6 Faders for volume control ... Loe edasi

Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor

323.00 € Roland EC-10M ELCajon Mic Processor, ELCajon microphone processor, Incl. Clip microphone for Cajons, The microphone is attached to the soundhole of the Cajon, The processor amplifies the acoustic ... Loe edasi

Roland TD-17 Drum Module

732.00 € Roland TD-17 Drum Module, Drum Module, 310 Sounds, 50 Preset kits, 50 User kits, Quick Record, Coach function, WAV samples can be imported via SD / HC card, Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for wirelessl... Loe edasi

Roland TD-27 Drum Module

1411.00 € Roland TD-27 Drum Module 2.0 , Drum Module, 728 Sounds, 75 Preset kits, 45 User kits, Prismatic sound modeling technology, Sample Reverb (IR) enables the retrieval of room halls, Up to 500 wav sam... Loe edasi

Roland TD-50X Drum Module

2613.00 € " Roland TD-50X Drum Module, E-Drum Module, 100 Drum kits, Prismatic sound modelling technology, Playback of WAV samples from an SD card, USB 10-channel audio output for convenient multitrack recor... Loe edasi

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module

206.00 € Roland TM-1 Trigger Module, Trigger Module, Perfect for hybrid drumming, 30 Built-in sounds, 30 User samples, 15 Kits, 2 Integrated footswitches for triggering sounds, changing kits and muting, Se... Loe edasi

Roland TM-2 Trigger Module

258.00 € Roland TM-2 Trigger Module, Trigger Module, Compact trigger module for acoustic drummers who want to expand their drums with electronic sounds, Over 100 internal sounds, SDHC card slot for playing... Loe edasi

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