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Kirchhoff 14"x10" Arctic Tom Tom

403.00 € Kirchhoff Arctic 14"x10" Tom Tom, Colour: Arctic clear, Shell are produced of seamless acryl, 12"-18" Shell/ 5mm, shells are fitted with plastic underneathed lugs, the Sound characteristics is dry ... Loe edasi

Millenium 14"x12" MX200 Series TomTom

47.19 € Millenium 14" x 12" Tom Tom - from the Millenium MX200 series, covered shell, single skin drum head. Colour: Black.

Sonor ProLite 14"x11" TT Creme White

700.00 € Sonor ProLite 14"x11" Tom Tom, Color Creme White (-70), Version Matte/Satin Semi Gloss lacquered Shells, chrome Shell Hardware, 2,3 mm Power Hoops, Shell Construction: Vintage (Extra Thin), Shell T... Loe edasi

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