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DW "13""x4,5"" Stainless Steel Snare"

783.00 € " DW 13"" x 4.5"" Stainless Steel Snare, Snare Drum, Size: 13"" x 4.5"", Collector's shell is made of pure steel, Steel True Pitch tension rods and nickel plated steel flanged 3.0 counter hoops and... Loe edasi

Gretsch Drums "13""x07"" Brooklyn Chrome/Steel"

526.00 € " Gretsch Drums 13"" x 07"" Brooklyn Chrome/Steel, Snare Drum, Brooklyn Series, Size: 13"" x 07"", Chrome-plated steel, 2 mm Rolled steel shell with knurled centre, Chrome finish with chrome hardwa... Loe edasi

LP "13""x5,5"" Salsa Snare Steel"

431.00 € " LP 13"" x 5.5"" Salsa Snare Steel, Salsa snare drum, Size: 13"" x 5.5"", Same steel shells as the LP ""Prestige"" series, Eight tensioning lugs, Stainless steel hoops, 24-spiral snare wires"

Millenium "13""x3,5"" Black Beast Snare"

105.00 € " Millenium 13"" x 3.5"" Black Beast Snare, Snare Drum, Size: 13"" x 3.5"", ""Black Beast"" Snare Drum, 1.0 mm Steel drum shell, 1.6 mm Black steel hoops, 10 Tuning screws, Metal snare drum for all... Loe edasi

Millenium SD-17 Snare Drum Starter Kit

165.00 € " Millenium SD-17 Snare Drum Starter KitSnare Drum Starter Kit, Complete Snare Drum Kit, Ideal for beginners, Min. Height (bottom edge of the snare basket): 60 cm, Max. Height (bottom edge of the s... Loe edasi

Pearl "13""x03"" Snare Drum S1330B"

345.00 € " Pearl 13""x03"" Snare Drum S1330B, SnarePiccolo and Effects Snare Drums have become some of the most widely used and best selling Snare Drums in popular music today. Their use as both a secondary... Loe edasi

Tama "13""x4"" Metalworks Flat Black"

166.00 € " Tama 13""x4"" Metalworks Flat Black, Snare drum, Size: 13"" x 04"", Metalworks Series, BST134MBK, 1.2 mm thick steel shell, Black shell hardware, 1.6 mm triple flanged hoops, Carbon steel snare w... Loe edasi

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