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DW 13"x4,5" Stainless Steel Snare

670.00 € Drum Workshop 13"x4,5" Stainless Steel Snare Drum, Collector’s Stainless Steel is rolled from pure stainless, stainless steel True Pitch tension rods and nickel plated steel flanged 3.0 counter ho... Loe edasi

Gretsch 13"x07" Brooklyn Chrome/Steel

361.00 € Gretsch Snare Drum Brooklyn series, GB4163S, Size: 13"x07", Chrome over Steel Snare Drum, 2 mm rolled steel shell with knurled pattern, chrome finish with chrome hardware, 2.3mm double-flanged hoop... Loe edasi

Millenium 13"x3,5" Black Beast Snare

78.66 € Millenium 13"x3,5" Black Beast Snare Drum, SD-148B, 1,0mm Steelshell, Shell Black, 1,6mm Black Steelhoop, 10 lugs, Metal Snare Drum for all Music Styles, specially Second or Side Snare,

Millenium SD-17 Snare Drum Starter Kit

108.00 € Millenium SD-17 Snare Drum Starter Kit, compact Snare Drum Kit containing the 13"x3,5" chrome piccolo Snare Drum, fully equiped with basket-style concert Stand, Practice Snare Pad, Sticks and a Bac... Loe edasi

Pearl 13"x03" Snare Drum S1330B

232.00 € Pearl S1330B soprano series 13" x 3" piccolo snare - steel shell, rims = regular hoop 1.6mm, Colour: Black.

Tama PST137 Starphonic Black Nickel

414.00 € Tama PST137 Starphonic Snare Drum, Black Nickel Steel Shell 13" x 7" with 1,0mm Shell Thickness, new Design in Hoops, Tunelugs and Strainer, special Grooved Hoops, Line Drive Strainer, Super Sensit... Loe edasi

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