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DW PDP 10"x06" Black Wax Snare

183.00 € DW PDP 10"x06" Black Wax Snare Drum, 10ply all Maple Shell, Hand-applied wax sealer that protects its maple exterior and provides an earthy matte finish, DW MAG Throw- Off, True Pitch Tension Rods,... Loe edasi

Gretsch 10"x5,5" Mighty Mini Snare BK

89.55 € Gretsch 10"x5,5" Mighty Mini Snare BK, BH-5510-BK, shell material: poplar, chrome hardware, 1,6 mm steel triple flanged hoops, 30° bearing edge, with GTS bracket

Gretsch S1-0610-ASHT 10"x06" Ash Snare

191.00 € Gretsch 10"x06" Snare Drum, Silver Series, Model S1-0610-ASHT, 10-ply 100% 8mm Thickness Ash Wood Shell, 2,5mm Powerhoop Steel Hoops, Black Hardware, GTS Mountsystem for Shell, 30° Bearing Edge,

Pearl 10"x4,5" Short Fuse Snare Drum

108.00 € Pearl 10"x4,5" Short Fuse Snare Drum, SFS10/C31, finish: Jet Black (-31), covered shells, chrome hardware, shells made o f 6-ply poplar wood, 1,6mm steel hoops, including multiclamp to mount on cym... Loe edasi

Pearl 10"x6" Piccolo Wooden Snare

361.00 € Pearl M1060, Piccolo Snare, Size = 10"x6", Shell = 6lagiges Maple, Hoop = Super HoopII, Color = Natural Maple

Sonor Select 10"x2" Jungle Snare

152.00 € Sonor SEF 11 1002 SDJ, 10" x 2" jungle snare drum - natural wood shell, 2x 6-piece tension rods, 12x steel snare wires, 16x silver jingles. Colour: Natural

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