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Tama AC146 14"x06" Abe Cunningham

1028.00 € Tama AC146 14"x06" Abe Cunningham Signature Snare, 3mm Brass-Shell with four 2" holes, Brass Tube Lugs, Die Cast Hoops with 10 holes, Chrome hardware, Starclassic carbon steel snarewires, Remo Amba... Loe edasi

Tama CB1465 Charlie Benante Snare

537.00 € Tama CB1465 14" x 6,5" Charlie Benante Signature Snare, shell: stainless steel 1,2mm, colour: stainless steel, hardware: black nickel, hoops: die-cast hoops, snarewire: starclassic carbon

Tama JT147 John Tempesta Snare

838.00 € Tama John Tempesta 14" x 7" 2mm Brass, Straight Edge Shell in high Brushed Black Nickel Finish, deep and powerful Brass Snare, the right Snare for Collectors and for Hard and Heavy Drummer, Lugs: M... Loe edasi

Tama SC145 14x05" Stewart Copeland

537.00 € Tama SC145 14x05" Stewart Copeland Signature Snare, 14"x05", Shell: 1.5mm Brass, Hoops: Die-Cast (10 Hole Batter side)/Steel Mighty (10 Hole Snare side), Lugs: MSL35(Chrome), Strainer/Butt: MUS80A/... Loe edasi

Tama SP125H Simon Phillips Model

848.00 € Tama SP125H Signature Snaredrum Simon Phillips, Shell 12"x5", Maple Wood Shell, Brushed Nickel Hardware, Die-Cast, Lug MSL35, Strainer/Butt MCS50A/MCS50B, Snare Snappy MS20S-S

Tama SP1455H Simon Phillips Model

670.00 € Tama SP1455H, Signature Snaredrum Simon Phillips, "The Gladiator", Shell 5.5"x14" Bronze (Nickel Black Plated), Hoop Brass Mighty, Lug MSL35, Spannmechanik MCS50A/MCS50B, Snare Drum Strainer MS20S-... Loe edasi

Tama SP1465H Simon Phillips Model

933.00 € Tama SP1465H, Simon Phillips Signature Model, "The Monarch", 14" x 6,5" Figured Maple/Bubinga/Maple Shell, 8 ply with Reinforcement Rings, Brushed Nickel Hardware, Starclassic Singlelugs, Brass Mig... Loe edasi

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