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Advance Music Improvisation 101 Bass Clef

24.14 € Advance Music Improvisation 101-Major,Minor and Blues: For melody instruments in bass clef, A step-by-step approach to improvisation in Jazz,Rock and Pop, Easy songs and sample solos to introduce t... Loe edasi

Alfred Music Publishing Garantiert Walking Bass Lernen

26.56 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Garantiert Walking Bass Lernen, jazz harmonic easily understandably and avowedly in line with standard usage, for e-bass and double bass suitably, with play-along CD (... Loe edasi

Alfred Music Publishing Jaco Pastorius Book/DVD

28.98 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH. Jaco Pastorius Modern Electric Bass. Modern Electric Bass is an intimate look into Jaco's signature style, a guide to the musical elements and characteristics that mad... Loe edasi

Alfred Music Publishing Slap & Pop Bass

21.72 € Alfred Music Publishing GmbH, Slap & Pop Bass, over 100 examples, licks and grooves, techniques, funk bass lines, standard music notation and tab, with CD, (Engl.)

AMA Verlag Bass Bible E

48.34 € AMA Verlag Bass Bible by Paul Westwwod E: A world history of styles and techniques, in notation and Tab, with 2 CDs, Content: techniques, 49 steps to basic theory, walking bass lines, scales, arpeg... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag J.Resznicek Mein 1. Bass

24.14 € AMA Verlag Jäcki Resznicek Mein 1. Bass Die Grundlagen der Viersaitigkeit: the basics of playing bass - bass from the very beginning; CD included; with standard notation, Tab and chords; This scho... Loe edasi

AMA Verlag J.Reznicek Rock Bass

30.19 € AMA Verlag Jäcki Reznicek Rock Bass - bass method book, beginner to immediate. Rock, blues, funk, reggae, jazz, slapping, tapping, fretless, includes CD. German language.

Artist Ahead Musikverlag E-Bass Praxis

24.14 € Artist Ahead Musikvelag, E-Bass Praxis, From the chord symbol for the perfect bass line,by Tom Bornemann, Learn to play your e-bass in the band ! With CD,in notation,tabulature and chords, German l... Loe edasi

Artist Ahead Musikverlag www.four-strings.de

28.98 € Artist Ahead Musikverlag www.Four-Strings.DE, Learn to play bass,with 2 CD`s,by Tom Bornemann, German language

Berklee Press Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines

21.66 € Berklee Press Fingerstyle Funk Bass Lines: by Joe Santerre; with CD; Learn the art of creating a solid fingerstyle funk bass groove; Whether you are an aspiring or seasoned bass player, this worksh... Loe edasi

Berklee Press Metal Bass Lines

20.45 € Berklee Press Metal Bass Lines, David Marvuglio: Metal Bass Lines, by David Marvuglio, Learn the techniques to perform metal bass lines, In this book,you will learn to construct and perform bass li... Loe edasi

De Haske Reggae Bass

24.20 € De Haske Reggae Bass by Ed Friedland: with CD; medium heavy. From Early Ska to Dancehall: In Reggae Bass bass players find facts about the history of Reggae and about the progress of each style and... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Bass Unlimited

48.16 € Edition Dux Bass Unlimited: Workbook for electric bass, Written by Andy Mayerl, Revised edition 2015, All stylistics and techniques of modern bass-playing, Grooves,exercises and examples, Chapters ... Loe edasi

Edition Dux Walking Bass

44.53 € Edition Dux Walking Bass by Andy Mayerl - learn jazz & Latin bass lines step-by-step. Suitable for bass guitar and double bass. Includes 3x CDs. German language.

Hal Leonard Bass Lesson Goldmine 100 Funk

25.29 € Hal Leonard Bass Lesson Goldmine 100 Funk, Bass Lesson Goldmine 100 Funk /R&B Lessons, by Steve Gorenberg und Chris Kringel, Expand your Bass knowledge with the Bass Lesson Goldmine series, Fea... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Bass Licks

14.40 € Hal Leonard Bass Method Bass Licks by Ed Friedland: Over 200 licks, lines and grooves in many rhythmic styles, with CD, "Bass Licks" illustrates how simple melodic patterns can become the springboa... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Bass Method Bluesbass

15.61 € Hal Leonard Bass Method Blues Bass, A Guide To The Essential Styles And Techniques: A complete guide to learning the blues bass, Classic blues songs, Solid blues bass lines, 43 tracks to download f... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Bass Tab Method

13.19 € Hal Leonard Bass Tab Method, Bass Tab Method, Learn bass with the Music of The Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, The Who, The Police, U2 and more, With tabulature,lyrics and CD... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Chad Johnson: Bassist's Guide

22.39 € Hal Leonard Chad Johnson: Bassist's Guide To Scales Over Chords. With the Bassist's Guide To Scales Over Chords, you'll learn how these two topics are intertwined in a logical and fundamental manne... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Essential Elements Band Bass

13.79 € Hal Leonard Essential Elements Band Bass, Essential Elements For Band, Electric Bass, Book 1: Comprehensive Band method, Fully compatible with Essential Elements 2000, Enhanced Learning System, Opt... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Play Like Jaco Pastorius

21.18 € Hal Leonard Play Like Jaco Pastorius: The Ultimate Bass Lesson. Play Like Jaco Pastorius looks at 15 of Pastorius' most influential songs including Birdland, The Chicken, Donna Lee, Portrait of Tra... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Soloing for Bass

20.45 € Hal Leonard Soloing for Bass - A topic not often broached for bass guitar, improvising a solo can be a scary and mysterious situation for many bass players. Have no fear! This excellent book/CD pac... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Starter Pack Bass

18.03 € Hal Leonard Starter Pack Bass, Starter Pack Bass, Fast Track,Set: Book with CD and DVD! This pack is an exciting and new way to quickly learn how to play that bass guitar you just bought, In rhythm... Loe edasi

Hal Leonard Warm Up Exercises for Bass

9.56 € Hal Leonard Warm Up Exercises for Bass guitar, by Steve Gorenberg, Bass players: customise your warm-up routine with this fantastic collection of stretches, coordination exercises, pentatonic scale... Loe edasi

Hudson Music Victor Wooten: Bass Workshop

32.07 € Hudson Music Victor Wooten: Bass Workshop. In Part 1, he outlines his ten essential elements of music including such important and under-emphasized areas as emotion and feel, dynamics, tone, phrasi... Loe edasi

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