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Line6 Relay G10

173.00 € Line6 Relay G10, 2,4 GHz plug and play Wireless System, audio frequency range 10 - 20.000 Hz, automic frequency setup, 118 dB SPL max., up to 15 meter distance between transmitter and receiver, plu... Loe edasi

Line6 Relay G10S

292.00 € Line6 Relay G10S, 2.4 GHz Wireless System for Guitar and Bas s, up to 40m of range (free field), digital 24-bit audio tra nsmission, rugged metal housing, outputs on XLR (balanced) a nd 6.3 mm jack... Loe edasi

Line6 Relay G30

212.00 € Line 6 Relay G30 - 2.4GHz, guitar and bass guitar wireless system with 6x switchable frequencies, audio frequency response 10 Hz - 20000 Hz, 118dB SPL, up to 30m working distance (free sight), jack... Loe edasi

Line6 Relay G50

328.00 € Line 6 Relay G50 - 2.4GHz guitar and bass wireless system wi th 12x switchable frequencies, frequency response: 10Hz-20kH z, 120dB SPL, up to 60m working distance (free sight), mini XLR input and 2... Loe edasi

Line6 Relay G55

382.00 € Line6 Relay G55, 2,4 GHz guitar and bass wireless system 12 switchable frequencies, Audio-frequencyrange 10 - 20.000 Hz, 117 dB dynamic range, up to 100 Meter (depends on location, 9,5" metall rece... Loe edasi

Line6 Relay G55 Bag Set

424.00 € Line6 Relay G55 Bag Set LINE6 RELAY G55 (order code 319717), GATOR GM-1W EVA WIRELESS BAG (order code 254745)

Line6 Relay G90

578.00 € Line 6 Relay G90 - 2.4GHz guitar and bass wireless system with 12x switchable frequencies, true diversity receiver, frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz, 120dB SPL, up to 90mtr working distance (free sig... Loe edasi

Line6 XD-V35/55 Guitar Bundle

382.00 € Line6 XD-V35/55 Guitar Bundle, set consists of: LINE6 TX55 BODYPACK (order code 289829), LINE6 RX: V35 (order code 326938), PRO SNAKE WL CABLE SHURE (order code 300571)

Line6 XD-V75TR

435.00 € Line6 Relay XD-V75TR, 2,4 GHz Wireless-System with pocket transmitter TAF4 MiniXLR input, 14 switchable channels (all simultaneously), 9 EQ-Filters, no compander, digitally qualtity: 24 Bit 10 - 20... Loe edasi

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