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Daddario Humidifier Replacement Sponges

8.11 € Daddario Humidifier Replacement Sponges;set with 3 spare sponges for Planet Waves/Daddario acoustic guitar humidifier; releases moisture slowly and evenly, GH-RS

Daddario PW-HTS

32.07 € Daddario Planet Waves PW-HTS Humidity Sensor - displays current humidity & adjusted minimum humidity, temperature, time, date and whether an air moisturizer is needed. Convenient small size (re... Loe edasi

Grover Humidifier 7960

24.81 € Grover 7960 Humidifier - air moisturiser for guitar, fits into the soundhole, protects the guitar from cracks and other damage caused by dryness. Made in the USA.

Ortega Humibuster100

14.76 € Ortega Humibuster100, feedback buster/humdification system, diamter: 100 mm, colour: black

Planet Waves GH Humidifying System

10.53 € Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifying System - especially for acoustic and classical guitars, prevents body cracks and warped necks.

Planet Waves PW-GH-HTS

41.14 € Planet Waves PW-GH-HTS - humidity sensor with air moisturiser. Suitable for steel and nylon string acoustic guitars. Flat sensor for use inside a guitar case, can be clipped inside the guitar (fixe... Loe edasi

Planet Waves PW-HPK-01

32.67 € Planet Waves PW-HPK-01 Humidipak - automatic humidity control, 45% RH. Includes headstock pouch, soundhole pouch, gives 2-4 months of use after opening, depending on temperature and air humidity (s... Loe edasi

Planet Waves PW-SIH-01

9.32 € Planet Waves PW-SIH-01 Humdifier, humdifying system, ideal for acoustic guitars, ukulele, mandoline, bowed instruments and woodwind insturments, emit slowly and steadily moisture to the instrument,... Loe edasi

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