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Daddario GH Humidifying System

10.77 € Daddario Acoustic Guitar Humidifying System - especially for acoustic and classical guitars, prevents body cracks and warped necks.

Daddario GHP Humidifier

16.82 € Daddario GHP Humidifier, humidifier for guitar, for hooking onto the strings, protects against shrinkage of the wood, warping of the neck and cracks in the body even under extreme conditions, easy ... Loe edasi

Daddario Humidifier Replacement Sponges

8.35 € Daddario Humidifier Replacement Sponges;set with 3 spare sponges for Planet Waves/Daddario acoustic guitar humidifier; releases moisture slowly and evenly, GH-RS

Daddario PW-GH-HTS

54.45 € Daddario PW-GH-HTS - humidity sensor with air moisturiser. Suitable for steel and nylon string acoustic guitars. Flat sensor for use inside a guitar case, can be clipped inside the guitar (fixed by... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-HPK-01

33.76 € Daddario PW-HPK-01 Humidipak - automatic humidity control, 45% RH. Includes headstock pouch, soundhole pouch, gives 2-4 months of use after opening, depending on temperature and air humidity (see i... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-SIH-01

9.56 € Daddario PW-SIH-01 Humdifier, humdifying system, ideal for acoustic guitars, ukulele, mandoline, bowed instruments and woodwind insturments, emit slowly and steadily moisture to the instrument, eas... Loe edasi

Grover Humidifier 7960

21.66 € Grover 7960 Humidifier - air moisturiser for guitar, fits into the soundhole, protects the guitar from cracks and other damage caused by dryness. Made in the USA.

Ortega Humibuster100

15.61 € Ortega Humibuster100, feedback buster/humdification system, diamter: 100 mm, colour: black

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