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Clayton Porcelain Slide Medium

28.92 € Clayton Porcelain Slide Medium; porcelain slide with american hottie graphics by Garry Palm; porcelain is much harder and more durable and has a more biting sound than ceramic; inside rough and ope... Loe edasi

Dunlop 265

43.56 € Dunlop 265 Bottleneck, Keb' Mo' Signature Mudslide, porcelain, large (20 x 31 x 70 mm)

Dunlop Boneyard Slide Medium Long

43.56 € Dunlop Boneyard Slide medium Long - porcelain slide designed by the Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Suitable for electric and acoustic guitars. Dimensions: 18 x 29 x 70mm

Dunlop Boneyard Slide Short

43.56 € Dunlop Boneyard Slide Short Designed of the Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, porcelain, to absorb porous inside around humidity, for e-guitar and acoustics guitar Dimension short (16 x 27 x 51 mm)

Dunlop Porcelain Mudslide Large 266

31.46 € Dunlop Porcelain Slide Mudslide 266 large, Inside diameter: 19mm, Wall: 6.5mm, Length: 70mm

Dunlop Porcelain Mudslide Medium

31.46 € Dunlop Mudslide - porcelain slide. Medium, 18,5mm x 5,5mm x 70mm.

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