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Dunlop Bill Russel Capo Banjo/Ukulele

7.14 € Dunlop Bill Russel Capo Elastic Banjo/Ukulele DL 7828 Capodaster, for Banjo/Ukulele

Dunlop Trigger Capo Banjo

32.67 € Dunlop Trigger Capodaster Banjo Colour: Black

Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund Capo

10.89 € Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund Ukulele Capo; The capo features an aluminum frame, purple finish, and Elise Ecklund’s signature. The capo’s trigger design allows you to quickly place and move the capo... Loe edasi

G7th Newport Banjo Capo

32.67 € G7th Newport Capo Banjo, for Banjos and other instruments of the Mandolin family with flat fretboard

G7th UltraLight Ukulele Capo

11.98 € G7th UltraLight Ukulele Capo; the lightest capo (10g), for ukulelen

K&M 30920 Kapodaster

17.30 € K&M 30920 capo, high quality capo especially for ukulele with straight fingerboards, aluminum, chrome-plated

Kyser KBMB Banjo / Mandolin Capo

22.87 € Kyser KBMB Banjo / Mandolin Capo for banjo/mandolin, east to use with one hand, color black

Kyser KUPH Ukulele Capodaster

21.66 € Kyser KUPH Ukulele Capodaster quick change capodaster for ukulele, easy to use with one hand. Colour Pastel Hibiscus

Kyser KURH Ukulele Capodaster

21.66 € Kyser KURH Ukulele Capodaster quick change capodaster for ukulele, easy to use with one hand. Colour Red Hibiscus


13.92 € Ortega OCAPOUKE-CR, ukulele- and banjo capodaster, colour: chrome

Planet Waves NS Artist DADGAD Capo

28.92 € Planet Waves NS Artist DADGAD Capo, capo for acoustic steel guitar, simulates DADGAD tuning on guitars with standard tuning, light aluminum construction, integrated pickholder, incl. NS Micro Tuner... Loe edasi

Planet Waves NS Ukulele Capo Pro

27.71 € Planet Waves NS Ukulele Capo Pro for all Ukuleles, micrometer tension adjustment assures buzz-free, in-tune performance at every fret, Lightweight aircraft grade aluminum construction

Shubb Banjo 5th String Capo NI(long)

59.29 € Shubb FS-LB Banjo 5th String Capo NI (long), Capotaster for the 5 string of the banjo, with bar, lenghth: 200 mm, finish: Nickel

Shubb Banjo C5

22.87 € Shubb Banjo C5, capo for 4-string banjo, Mandoline and Bouzouki, material: chrom-plated nickel

Shubb C6B Capo

54.45 € Shubb Resonator C6B Capo - capo for square-neck resonator-type guitar, material: brass plated nickel

Shubb C9B Ukulele Capo

26.62 € Shubb C9B Ukulele Capo the C9B fits for most of tenor-, concert- and Soprano- Ukulele models, broad 4,20cm, finish: brass

Shubb Capo L9 Ukulele

22.87 € Shubb Capo L9 Ukulele, capo for ukulele with straight fretboard, material: aluminum

Shubb Replacement Cover

3.65 € Shubb Replacement Cover Delrin Replacement Cover for Shubb Capos

Shubb Transposing Guide

11.98 € Shubb Transposing Guide for Capo

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