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Dunlop Bill Russel Capo Banjo/Ukulele

10.46 € Dunlop Bill Russel Capo Banjo/Ukulele, Capo Banjo / Ukulele, Elastic capo, Banjo or ukulele

Dunlop Trigger Capo Banjo

36.78 € Dunlop Trigger Capo Banjo, Trigger Capo / capo for Banjo, Colour: Black

Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund Capo

11.07 € Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund Capo, Capo for Ukulele, Elise Ecklund Signature Model, The trigger design of the capo makes it possible to place and move the capo quickly with one hand, Aluminium frame... Loe edasi

Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund CapoTürkis

11.07 € Flight FC-EE Elise Ecklund CapoTürkis, Capo for Ukulele, Elise Ecklund Signature Capo, Aluminium frame, The trigger design of the capo allows the capo to be moved and placed quickly with one ha... Loe edasi

K&M 30920 Kapodaster

18.45 € K&M 30920 Kapodaster, Capo, Especially for ukulele with straight fretboard, One-hand operation, Material: Aluminium, Colour: Matte, chrome-plated

Kyser KBMB Banjo / Mandolin Capo

27.07 € Kyser KBMB Banjo / Mandolin Capo, Capo, Banjo / mandolin, Easy to operate with one hand, Colour: Black

Kyser Quick Change Short Cut 3 Capo

27.07 € Kyser Quick Change Short Cut 3 Capo, Capodaster for Acoustic Guitars, Covers 3 strings, For the creative musician, Allows new Chords


17.10 € Ortega BGCAPO, Bluegrass Capo, Suitable for mandolin and banjo (from the 1st to the 4th fret on 5-string banjos), Material: Aluminium alloy, Padding: Silicone, Design: Brushed brass, Bag included


15.87 € Ortega OCAPOUKE-CR, Capo for Ukulele or Banjo, Rubberized edition, Colour: Chrome

Ortega OCAPOUKE-WND Capo Ukulele

18.33 € Ortega OCAPOUKE-WND Capo Ukulele, Capo for ukulele and banjo, Padding: Silicone, Material: Aluminium Alloy, Design: Walnut, Incl. Bag

Shubb Banjo 5th String Capo NI(long)

62.74 € Shubb FS-LB Banjo 5th String NI Capo (long), Capo Supplement (long), For the 5th string banjo, With rod: 200 mm long, Finish: Nickel

Shubb Banjo C5

28.30 € Shubb Banjo C5, Capo, For 4-String Banjo, Mandolin and Bouzouki, Material: Chrome-plated nickel

Shubb C6B Capo

51.67 € Shubb C6B Capo, Capo for Square-Necks, Suitable for many fretboard dimensions, Precise adjustment, Cone system, Material: nickel with brass finish

Shubb C9B Ukulele Capo

27.07 € Shubb C9B Ukulele Capo, Ukulele Capo, Fits tenor, concert and soprano ukulele models, Width: 4.20 cm, Material: Brass

Shubb Capo L9 Ukulele

27.07 € Shubb Capo L9 Ukulele, Capo, For Ukulele straight fretboard, Material: Aluminum

Shubb Transposing Guide

12.92 € Shubb Transposing Guide, Shubb Capo Transposing Guide, Contains all notes and chord equivalents to the transposition to a different key. simply align the old and new key at each other to see every... Loe edasi

Thomann Dulcimer Capodaster

12.18 € Thomann Dulcimer Capodaster, Capo, Special capo for dulcimer, Made of walnut and lacewood

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