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Daddario Capo CP04NS

24.08 € Daddario Capo CP04NS, Capodaster for Classical Guitar, NS Design,Ultra light, One Hand operation, Color: Black

Daddario NS Lite Classical Capo

15.61 € Daddario NS Lite Classical Capo, capo for classical guitars, exact fit, lightweight design

Dunlop 14FD

13.19 € Dunlop 14FD Capo - for classical guitar.

Dunlop 15FD Advanced Flat

14.40 € Dunlop 15FD Advanced Flat Deluxe Professional Kapodaster f.Classicalguitar, Flat Fretboards

Dunlop Trigger Capo Classical N

32.67 € Dunlop Trigger Capo - nickel capo for classical guitar.

G7th Nashville Classical Capo

24.08 € G7th Nashville Classical Capo capo for classical nylonstring guitar - no trimming required, good intonation, With the spring pivot point closer to your guitar neck the Nashville is faster and easie... Loe edasi

G7th Newport Classical Capo

30.13 € G7th Newport Classical Capo capodaster for classical nylonstring guitar, flat fretboard, matt silver

G7th Performance II Classic

39.93 € G7th Performance II Classic, for 6-string classical guitar, satin stainless steel, no re-tuning and intonation problems

Harley Benton HBC007E-C Capo Classic H-Style

3.65 € Harley Benton HBC007E-C Capo Classic H-Style Capodaster Plastic, flat, for Classical Guitars, adjustable, colors unsorted

Harley Benton HBC05 Capo Classic

1.91 € Harley Benton HBC05 Capo Classic Capodaster, Nylonband, nickel plated, for Classicalguitars Flat

Harley Benton HBCA-7D-C D-Style Capo Classic

9.56 € Harley Benton HBCA-7D-C D-Style Capo A/E, D-Style Capodaster, One Hand, extrem light, for Flat Fretboard, Classical Guitars

Harley Benton HBCC-K Classic Capo

5.97 € Harley Benton HBCC-K Classical Capo - for classical guitar, metal, single-handed operation, rubber Contact surface. Width: 58mm. Finish: Black

Heriba Capodaster

7.14 € Heriba Capodaster Universalmodel for all Concert, 6- and 12-String Guitars

K&M 30910 Kapodaster

15.13 € K&M 30910 capo, high quality capo especially for concert guitars with straight fingerboards, aluminum, chrome-plated

Kyser Quick Change Capo Classic KGCB

21.66 € Kyser Quick change Capo KGCB, Classic, easy to use with one Hand, Color: Black


15.61 € Ortega OCAPO-CR, capo for classical guitars, suitable for up to 52 mm saddle width, rubberized pad, colour: chrome


14.40 € Ortega OCAPO-SBK, capo for classical guitars, guitar suitable for up to 52 mm saddle width, rubberized pad, colour: black satin

Ortega OCAPO-WND Capo Classical

18.03 € Ortega OCAPO-WND Capo Classical; Capo for classical guitars, suitable for guitars up to 52mm nut width, pad: silicone; material: aluminum alloy, walnut design, bag included


21.66 € Ortega TNCAPO-BCR True Note Capo Black Chrome Edition; easy to use capo made of aluminum for guitars with flat fretboard up to a maximum of 52mm neck width; quick-lock system for mounting in second... Loe edasi

Shubb C2

21.66 € Shubb C2 capo - for classic nylon string guitars, material: chrom-plated nickel

Shubb C2 Black

24.08 € Shubb C2 capo - for classic nylon string guitars, heavy brass finish; roller mechanism; ergonomic lever; rounded edges; plated in black chrome

Shubb L2 Classic Capo Lite

24.08 € Shubb L2 Classic Capo Lite; capo for classical guitar nylon; super light capo made of aluminium; weight under 30g (1oz); nickel plated

Shubb S2 Deluxe/Classic

32.55 € Shubb S2 Deluxe/Classic Kapo for Contert-Guitars and all flat Fretboards, Width: 5,72 cm, material: stainless steel

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