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Band Industries Roadie 3 Tuner

183.00 € Band Industries Roadie 3 Tuner; Automatic Tuner/motorized String Winder; completely standalone; High Resolution 135 x 240 Pixel LED Colour Display; simply put on a tuning peg; strike the string and... Loe edasi

Band Industries Roadie Bass Tuner

202.00 € Band Industries Roadie Bass Tuner, Automatic Tuner/motorized String Winder, completely standalone, twice the power of Roadie 2, sporting a built-in screen and selection wheel, simply put on a tunin... Loe edasi

Behringer TU300

42.35 € Behringer TU300, Tuner Pedal, seven different Tuner-Modi incl. Regular-, Flat-, Double Flat- and Chromatic-Mode, LED Display and 11 Dot Stream Meter for easy and perfect Tuning, power by 9V battery... Loe edasi

Boss TU-02 Clip Tuner

14.40 € Boss TU-2 Clip Tuner; Compact and accurate clip-on tuner with high-contrast color display; Four tuning modes: chromatic, guitar, bass, and ukulele; Up to 24 hours of continuous runtime with CR2032 ... Loe edasi

Boss TU-03 Clip Tuner

22.99 € Boss TU-03 Clip Tuner; compact and simple to operate chromatic clip on tuner and metronome, fast and accurate tuning performance with five different modes, advanced metronome functionality with a b... Loe edasi

Boss TU-10 BK

36.18 € Boss TU-10 BK, tuner for guitar and bass, runing range: C0 (16,35Hz) to C8 (4186 Hz), reference pitch from 436 to 445, +/- 1 cent tuning accuracy, switchable display modes: cent display/stream disp... Loe edasi

Boss TU-3

115.00 € Boss TU-3 Chromatic Floor Tuner - cent mode (like a classical tuner) or Stream mode, Accu Pitch, high brightness mode, flat tuning, mute/bypass, C0-C8 range (16.35Hz-4.186kHz), also for 7-string gu... Loe edasi

Boss TU-3 Bundle

124.00 € Boss TU-3 Bundle containing BOSS TU-3 (order code 238909), THOMANN NT 0910 AC/PSA (order code 409939)

Boss TU-3 Bundle PS E

138.00 € Boss TU-3 Bundle containing BOSS TU-3 (order code 238909), ROCKBOARD PEDALSAFE TYPE E UNIVERSAL (order code 492854)

Boss TU-3 Bundle PS E RB

130.00 € Boss TU-3 Bundle containing BOSS TU-3 (order code 238909), ROCKBOARD PEDALSAFE TYPE E ROCKBOARD (order code 493012)

Boss TU-30 Tuner & Metronom

31.34 € Boss TU-30 Tuner & Metronome, tuning modes: Chromatic, guitar, bass and flat tuning, "Accu-Pitch" function, reference tone output, several rhythm styles and visual display for the metronome, in... Loe edasi

Boss TU-3S Floor Tuner

131.00 € Boss TU-3S Floor Tuner, a TU-3 in a compact housing, LED meter with 21 segments and adjustable brightness, high brightness mode, "Accu-Pitch Sign" function, Chromatic, Guitar, Bass, 7-string guitar... Loe edasi

Boss TU-3W Waza Floor Tuner

193.00 € Boss TU-3W Waza Floor Tuner, a TU3 in WAZA format with perfected pitch detection and a high-quality signal buffer, optimized audio circuits for uncoloured signal transfer, Buffer can be deactivated... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-12 Micro Headstock Tuner

24.08 € Daddario PW-CT-12 Micro Headstocktuner virtually invisible c ompact design, high sensitivity piezo for accurate tuning (4 10-480 Hz), easy to read in dim or well-lit environments, su itable for ins... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-13 Micro Universal Tuner

25.29 € Daddario PW-CT-13 Micro Universal Headstock Tuner, headstocktuner for guitar & bass, fast clip-on attachement and flexible display position, fast reaction & high precision, bright rotating ... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-15 Micro Soundhole Tuner

27.71 € Daddario PW - CT - 15 Micro Soundhole Tuner, Clip Tuner for attachment in the sound hole, perfect for guitar and ukulele, quick precise response, gentle material mounting in the soundhole, multicol... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-16 Micro Banjo Tuner

30.13 € Daddario PW-CT-16 Micro Banjo Tuner, Clip Tuner for banjo for attachment on the rim, quick precise response, with visual metronome, multicolor display, frequency range 435 - 455Hz

Daddario PW-CT-17BK

15.61 € Daddario PW-CT-17BK Eclipse clip on tuner, Quick accurate tuning, dual-swivel display, compact design, vertical full-color-display, compact design, auto power-off, pitch-calibration range 430 - 450... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-17RD

15.61 € Daddario PW-CT-17RD Eclipse clip on tuner, Quick accurate tuning, dual-swivel display, compact design, vertical full-color-display, compact design, auto power-off, pitch-calibration range 430 - 450... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-21 Micro Clip Free Tuner

24.08 € Daddario PW-CT-21 Micro Clip Free Tuner; Chromatic headstock tuner with clip free mounting; full color display with four selectable viewing angles, mount attaches directly to the instrument´s tuni... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-24 Rechargable USB Tuner

24.08 € Daddario PW-CT-24 Rechargable USB Tuner; Clip on tuner; Chromatic for guitar, bass and other stringed instruments; Dual swivel color display; LCD segments for charge status; Calibration range of 43... Loe edasi

Daddario PW-CT-26 Rechargable USB Tuner

36.18 € Daddario PW-CT-26 Rechargable USB Tuner; Daddario PW-CT-26 Rechargable USB Tuner; Nexxus; Headstock tuner/tuner for headstocks of guitars, basses, etc.; Extra bright LED display; Rotates 360 degree... Loe edasi

Danelectro Snark SN-1X

20.45 € Danelectro Snark SN-1X; Clip-on chromatic tuner for guitar, flat tuning/transpose feature, full color display, rotates 360 degrees; Pitch calibration 415-466Hz; high sensitivity vibration sensor; b... Loe edasi

Danelectro Snark SN-RE Akku Tuner

26.50 € Danelectro Snark SN-RE Akku Tuner, rechargeable Clip-on chromatic tuner for guitar and bass, Hyper-Snark Software delivers faster, more precise tuning than previous Snarks, Vulcanized rubber collar... Loe edasi

Electro Harmonix 2020 Pedal Tuner

59.29 € Electro Harmonix 2020 Pedal Tuner; chromatic pedal tuner; compact size; high visibility display; tuning range: B0 to B7; Output muted when tuner is engaged; Accuracy: +/- 1cent; Calibration: 436-44... Loe edasi

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