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130.00 € AMT CN-1 Chameleon Cab, guitar cabinet emulator, controls: size, magnet, mic-turn, mic-position, phone output, AUX input, 9V power supply optional (order code: 192043)

ART Cleanbox Pro

83.50 € ART Cleanbox Pro, Dual Channel Level Converter, XLR connectors for balanced inputs and outputs, RCA phono jacks and stereo 1/8" mini-phone jacks for unbalanced inputs and outputs, Unbalanced output... Loe edasi


89.55 € ART Dual RDB, Re-amping interface for multiple amps, Stereo/Dual direct box, Variable Input pad for mic or instrument inputs, Dual 1/4" TRS and XLR balanced line level inputs, Transformer isolated ... Loe edasi

ART Dualzdirect

53.24 € ART Dualzdirect, Fully passive Dual DI Box, high performance transformer design. No battery required, Converts 50k Ohm inputs into 600 Ohm balanced outputs, Switchable input attenuation (0, -20, -4... Loe edasi

ART Dualxdirect

68.97 € ART Dualxdirect Active Dual DI Box - fully active design, 18-48V phantom powered or 9V battery powered, converts high-impedance balanced/unbalanced inputs into 600 Ohms balanced outputs, switchable... Loe edasi

ART ZDirect

35.09 € ART ZDirect, Passive DI-Box, The Zdirect is a high quality totally passive interface that lets you connect instrument, line, or speaker level signals to a mixer or other balanced input thru a high ... Loe edasi

ART XDirect

47.19 € ART XDirect, Active DI Box - high quality interface that lets you connect instrument, line or speaker level signals to a mixer or other balanced input. The high impedance single-ended 1/4" and XLR ... Loe edasi

Audiowerkzeug MeDi

163.00 € Audiowerkzeug MeDi, DI box to match and adapt MP3-/ CD-/ DVD-player, tablets and other computers to professional PA systems. Two 6,3mm jack and RCA inputs. Integrated summing stage sums stereo sign... Loe edasi

Audiowerkzeug MoDi

137.00 € Audiowerkzeug MoDi, passive mono DI-box, for balancing and matching of unbalanced instruments and line signals. Second 6,3mm jack for parallel/link out, 20 dB pad switch and ground lift switchable.... Loe edasi

BluGuitar BluBox VSC

275.00 € BluGuitar BluBox VSC, professional impulse response speaker simulation in DI-box form with a virtual collection of the best speaker cabinets in music history, great sounding solution for direct con... Loe edasi


108.00 € BSS AR133 Active DI box - Battery or phantom power operated, XLR/jack in, jack link, XLR out, output ground lift, -20/40dB pad, galvanic isolation. Solid Construction with non slip rubber sides, st... Loe edasi

Cordial CIW 1

60.50 € Cordial CIW 1, passive DI, adapter, jack female (input) to XLR male (output)

Cordial CLT 1

62.92 € Cordial CLT 1, Line-transformer, 1:1, adapter XLR fe-/male, 600 / 600 Ohms, frequencyrange 20 Hz - 20 kHz ± 0,5 %

Countryman DI Type 10

382.00 € Countryman DI Type 10, Active DI-Box (Battery/Phantom), XLR/Jack in, Jack-Link, XLR out, Frequency response 10Hz-50kHz, Output-gnd-lift, PAD -15/30 dB, galvanical separation. Dimensions 45 x 77 x 1... Loe edasi


131.00 € DBX DI4, multi-channel-DI-box with line mixer, frequency response 20 Hz - 20 kHz, independent 20/40 dB pad switch/channel, ground lift switch, pan control and volume control/channel, headphone outp... Loe edasi


42.35 € DBX DJDI, 2-channel passive DI-Box, converts 2 unbalanced signals (2-poled 6,3mm jack) to balcanced (3-poled XLR),with Ground-Lift function, continuously variable input signal, input impedance 50 k... Loe edasi

Fire-Eye Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp

158.00 € Fire-Eye Dee-Eye Instrument Preamp, a simple solution for connecting instruments with high-impedance piezoelectric pickups to a Mixer, any passive or active instrument pickup is supported, high fid... Loe edasi

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Instrument Preamp

260.00 € Fire-Eye Red-Eye Instrument Preamp, all analog, handmade, high input impedance DI, footswitchable Boost with volume control for amplifying solos, high fidelity, low noise and simple plug and play p... Loe edasi

Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin Instr. Preamp

350.00 € Fire-Eye Red-Eye Twin Instr. Preamp, all analog, handmade, high input impedance DI and clean boost solution for musicians that play two instruments at the same gig, A/B footswitch selects alternate... Loe edasi

Fischer Amps Mini DI-Box

77.45 € Fischer Amps Mini DI-Box, compact and hard aluminium housing with metall belt clip, Neutrik In- and output connectors, active balanced (Phantompower neccessary), LED signal when phantompower is on,... Loe edasi

Koch Amps Dummybox Home

182.00 € Koch Amps Dummybox Home, DI-Box, dummyload 60 watts, thru output: speaker output with no volume loss, monitor output: low power speaker output with three selectable levels: 5% (H), 3% (M), 1% (L), ... Loe edasi

Koch Amps Dummybox Studio/PA

246.00 € Koch Amps Dummybox Studio/PA, DI-Box, Dummy-load 60 watts, thru output: speaker output with no volume loss, monitor output: low power speaker output with three selectable levels: 5% (H), 3% (M), 1%... Loe edasi

LD Systems LDI 02

53.24 € LD Systems LDI 02 - battery/phantom powered active DI box with XLR/jack input, jack-link, -20dB pad, XLR output and ground lift. Strong galvanised metal housing.

Mackie MDB-1A

78.66 € Mackie MDB-1A, active direct box, suitable for stereo sources like keyboards, media players, etc., high impedance 6,3mm jack input with Thru-output and 20 db pad, balanced XLR output with Ground Li... Loe edasi

Mackie MDB-1P

59.29 € Mackie MDB-1P, passiv direct box, suitable for guitars, bass and more, high impedance 6,3mm Klinken Eingang with Thru-output and 15 db pad, balanced XLR output with Ground-Lift, extremely low noise... Loe edasi

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