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Daddario PW-PH-01

5.15 € Daddario PW-PH-01, Plectrum Holder For Guitars, Spring mechanism, For 4-5 picks (medium / heavy), With hook-and-loop fastener, Colour: Black

Dunlop 5010 Pickholder

10.77 € Dunlop 5010 Pickholder, Plastic PickholderGone with ugly Gaffa tape on the mic stands: The Dunlop Pickholder can be easily attached to the tripod and provides enough space for spare picks, just pi... Loe edasi

Dunlop 5012 Pickholder

13.19 € Dunlop 5012 Pickholder, Pick Holder, Offers space for 12 picks, To attach to the microphone stand

Dunlop JD5005 Pickholder

6.66 € Dunlop JD5005 Pickholder, Pickholder, Sticky

Dunlop Pick + Slide Holder

13.19 € Dunlop Pick + Slide Holder, Slide + PickholderThe Dunlop pick-up is easy to mount on the tripod and offers enough space for spare picks. If you're still playing Slide, the Dunlop pick-up has the i... Loe edasi

Dunlop Pick Holder transparent

5.15 € Dunlop Pick Holder Transparent, Plectrum holder, For instrument straps, 5 Compartments for picks, Attaches to strap without modification, Colour: Transparent

Ernie Ball Pick Buddy

8.35 € Ernie Ball Pick Buddy, Plectrum Holder, Free of adhesive, Lightweight thermoplast, Residue-free removal, 1 Plectrum included, Colour: Black

Harley Benton HB-A010D Mic Stand Pick Holder

5.15 € Harley Benton HB-A010D Mic Stand Pick Holder, Pick Holder, Practical, For microphone stand installation, Material: Rubber, Space for up to 5 picks@+*Note:* Functionality only on a stand

Harley Benton HB-A10C Pick Holder

2.89 € Harley Benton HB-A10C Pick Holder, Pick Holder, For head plate installation (easy to clamp between 2 strings), For 2 picks, Set with 5 pick holders

Harley Benton Keyring Pickholder

10.77 € Harley Benton Keyring Pickholder, Pickholder with Keyring, Sdeal gift for guitarists/bassists, Space for all 351- or similar - picks, Material: Leather, with rivets and Harley Benton logo

Harley Benton Pick Wallet

8.35 € " Harley Benton Pick Wallet, Pick wallet, Prevents disappearance into ""plectrum black holes"", Slots for 24 picks, Material: Imitation leather, With magnetic closure"

Harley Benton Pickholder 101

2.34 € Harley Benton Pickholder 101, Plectrum / Pick Holder, For several picks, of different sizes, Made out of plastic, With self-adhesive film, Delivered in different colours (unsorted)

Minotaur Pickholder Black

11.98 € Minotaur Pickholder Black, Pick Holder, Made of leather, For up to 6 picks, Easy to attach to any leather-strap or to any micro tripod, Hook & loop system for easy attachment, Colour: Black, H... Loe edasi

Thomann Keyring Pickholder

5.97 € Thomann Keyring Pickholder, Pick holder with Keyring, Ideal gift for guitarists / bassists, Space for all 351 or similar picks

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