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Dunlop 5010 Pickholder

8.35 € Dunlop 5010 Pickholder - for 6 plectrums.

Dunlop 5012 Pickholder

10.77 € Dunlop 5012 Pick Holder – for up to 12 plectrums.

Dunlop JD5005 Pickholder

3.65 € Dunlop JD5005 Pickholder - adhesive pad on rear.

Dunlop Pick + Slide Holder

10.77 € Dunlop Pick + Slide Holder

Ernie Ball Pick Buddy

8.35 € Ernie Ball Pick Buddy, pick holder, adhesive free lightweight thermoplastic leaving no residue, color: black

Gewa Stumreiter Pick-Holder

8.35 € Gewa Stumreiter Pick-Holder; Unique plectrum holder, five different oriented slots, suitable for all commercially available plectrum sizes; can be attached to any smooth surface using a suction cup... Loe edasi

Gewa Stumreiter Slide Holder

13.19 € Gewa Stumreiter Slide Holder; Slider holder, suitable for all commercially available slide sizes (20 - 31mm); can be attached to any smooth surface using a suction cup; made in Germyn; size HBT 35 ... Loe edasi

Harley Benton HB-A010D Mic Stand Pick Holder

5.15 € Harley Benton HB-A010D Micrphone Stand Pick Holder pick hold er, for mic stand, material rubber, place for 5 picks, funct ionality only on the stand

Harley Benton HB-A10C Pick Holder

2.89 € Harley Benton HB-A10C Pick Holder headstock mounting, holds two picks., Set with 5 pcs. of the Rupper Pick Holder

Harley Benton Pick Wallet

8.35 € Harley Benton Pick Wallet for 24 picks; Popular with guitarists all over the world. Imitation leather with magnetic closure, ideal for storing your picks, fits comfortably in a pocket, has slots fo... Loe edasi

Harley Benton Pickholder 101

2.34 € Harley Benton Pickholder 101, Plectrum/Pickholder, plastic, with adhesive film, will be delivered in different colours (unpicked)

Ibanez PHI01 Pick Holder

7.38 € Ibanez PHI01 Pick Holder - picks are firmly fastened and can be taken out easily at any time. Reusable - just wet it and re-apply. Consists of a white and a black pick holder. Includes three origin... Loe edasi

Minotaur Pickholder Black

11.98 € Minotaur Pickholder Black Black detachable leather pickhoder case for 6 picks., It can be easily attached on the backpart of the strap or on the microphone stand. Velktron system for easy and secur... Loe edasi

On-Stage GSAPK6500

45.98 € On-Stage GSAPK6500, Pick Holders, jar of 100 pick holders

On-Stage GSAPK6600

5.97 € On-Stage GSAPK6600, Plectrum Holder for Microphone Stand, mic stand pick hold-it, with 6 medium picks

On-Stage GSAPK6700

5.97 € On-Stage GSAPK6700, Plectrum Holder for Microphone Stand, mic stand pick hold-it, with 5 heavy picks

Thomann Keyring Pickholder

5.97 € Thomann Keyring Pickholder ideal gift for guitarist/ bass players, place for all 351 or similar shapes on plectren/picks/plectrum

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