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Enki AMG-2 Double Bass Case 3. Gen

702.00 € Enki AMG-2 Double Bass Case 3. Gen, Case for 2 Electric Basses or Baritone Electric Guitars, Suitable for 2 electric basses with standard scale or 2 baritone electric guitars, Made of rotationally... Loe edasi

Epiphone Case Allen Woody 940-EAKCS

176.00 € Epiphone Case Allen Woody 940-EAKCS, Original case, Suitable for Allen Woody E-Bass, Dimensions (L x W x D): 112 x 35 x 11 cm

Gator Deluxe Case Bass

122.00 € Gator Deluxe Case Bass, Case For Bass Guitars, Plywood, Outer material: Artificial leather, External dimensions (HxWxD): 122.56 x 41.91 x 11.43 cm, Inside dimensions (LxWxH): 119.38 cm x 33.02 cm ... Loe edasi

Gator Foam Case Bass

103.00 € Gator Foam Case Bass, Foam Case, For bass, Body length: 53.34 cm, Body height: 7.62 cm, Lower bout width: 34.62 cm, Middle bout width: 34.62 cm, Upper bout width: 34.62 cm, Overall length: 120.65 cm

Gator GC-Bass ABS Case

144.00 € Gator GC-Bass ABS Case, Bass Case, Suitable for standard bass, Plastic, Aluminium lid, Inside with EPS foam padding, neck brace, accessory compartment, Lockable lock, Weight: 5.71 kg, Internal Dim... Loe edasi

Gator GPE-Bass-TSA

196.00 € Gator GPE-Bass-TSA, Bass Case, Material: Polyethylene, TSA locks, Dimensions, Body length: 537 mm, Body height: 67 mm, Lower body width: 346 mm, Middle body width: 346 mm, Top body width: 346 mm, ... Loe edasi

Gator GWE-TBird-Bass

132.00 € Gator GWE-TBird-Bass, Case for Thunderbird Electric Bass, Lockable, Construction: Plywood, Outer material: Black Tolex, Lining: Black plush, Ergonomically shaped carrying handle, Large inner compa... Loe edasi

Gator GWP-Bass

516.00 € Gator GWP-Bass, Case for Electric Bass, Titan Series ATA-300 (Air Transport Association) certified shockproof and waterproof guitar case with Power Claw latches, Outer material: Impact-resistant &... Loe edasi

Gator Hardshell Case Bass

122.00 € Gator Hardshell Case Bass, Bass Case, For electric-bass, Universal, Accessory compartment, Plywood, External material: Artificial leather, Inner lining: Black, Inner dimensions (L x W): 1194 x 356 mm

Gator Minivault for 2 Bass Guitars

630.00 € " Gator Minivault for 2 Bass Guitars; Flightcase for 2 x Bass Guitars; Engineered for live musicians, a weather-resistant, roto-molded polyethylene plastic outer shell with thick interior foam wall... Loe edasi

Gretsch Jet Bass/Baritone Case

117.00 € Gretsch Jet Bass/Baritone Case, Case, Suitable for all baritone and jet bass models, 4 Latches, Blue plush inner lining, Accessory compartment, With logo, Finish: Black

Gruvgear Kapsule Duo Bass

630.00 € Gruvgear Kapsule Duo Bass, Hybrid Case for 2 Electric Basses, Polycarbonate shell combined with extremely durable textile materials, Special ISO-Chamber protects the headstock of the instrument, S... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/24 Case Bass/Guitar

206.00 € Höfner H64/24 Case Bass/Guitar, Bass Shaped Case, For very thin basses and guitars, Made of multi-ply wood, Plush lining, Black inside, Nickel-plated hardware, Coating: Black@+*Internal dimensi... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/26 Case Verythin Bass Long

191.00 € Höfner H64/26 Case Verythin Bass Long, Case for Electric Bass, Suitable for Hofner Verythin Bass with long scale - 500/8, Black plush interior

Höfner H64/CB Club-Bass Case

206.00 € Höfner H64/CB Club-Bass Case, Original Bass Case, For Höfner Club Bass, Fits for contemporary club bass@+*Dimensions*@+@+, Length: 1100 mm, Body diameter (lower curve): 330 mm, Body diameter... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/VB Violin-Bass Case

135.00 € Höfner H64/VB Violin-Bass Case, Violin-Bass Case, Original Höfner case for violin basses, Not suitable for Harley Benton Beat basses

Höfner H64/VBR Violin-Bass Case TS

206.00 € Höfner H64/VBR Violin-Bass Case Tweed, Violin-Bass Case, Original case for Höfner violin basses, Based on the Selmer Tweed Style Cases of the 60s, Black interior, Colour: Tweed

Hagstrom Case Viking Bass

186.00 € Hagstrom Case Viking Bass, Original Bass Case, Viking Bass, Also fits Warwick Star@+*Dimensions*@+@+, Length: 118.5 cm, Top width: 29.5 cm, Bottom width: 41.5 cm, Height: 11.5 cm, Headstock recess... Loe edasi

Harley Benton LightCase-El-Bass

60.28 € " Harley Benton LightCase-El-Bass, Case for Electric Bass, Light case in gigbag style, Fits standard electric basses incl. P- and J- models, High-density foam construction that offers both the soli... Loe edasi

Ibanez MB300C

231.00 € Ibanez MB300 C, Case for Electric Bass, For Ibanez SR and SRH models, External length: 1210 mm, External width: 390 mm, External height: 135 mm, Internal total length: 1145 mm, Total length: 420 m... Loe edasi

Ibanez MRB350C Roadtour Case E-Bass

247.00 € Ibanez MRB350C Roadtour Case E-Bass, Case for Electric Bass, Suitable for Ibanez SR, SRSC, SRMS, SRC, SRF, SRMD, BTB, BTBSC, BTB7, EHB, TMB and left-handed models, TSA lock, Outer dimensions (L x ... Loe edasi

Ibanez MRB500C Roadtour Case E-Bass

269.00 € Ibanez MRB500C Roadtouur Case Electric-Bass, Original Case for Ibanez Electric Basses, For SR, SRFF, SRSC, SRH, BTB, BTBSC, BTB7, BTB33, ATK, left-handed models, TSA lock, External dimensions (L x... Loe edasi

Protec Contego Bass Case CTG-233

206.00 € Protec Contego Bass Case CTG-233, Case for Electric Bass, Water resistant, Extra large zippers and backpack straps, Dimensions (L x W x D): 1230 x 355 x 76 mm, Weight : 3.6 kg, Colour: Black

Reunion Blues CV Bass guitar Case

269.00 € Reunion Blues CV Bass guitar Case, Case For Electric Bass, Waterproof outer material, Feather - light Flexosceleton protection system and EVA shock absorbers for maximum shock and impact protectio... Loe edasi

Rickenbacker 4000 Case

474.00 € Rickenbacker 4000 Case, Electric Bass Case, 4000 for all Rickenbacker models, Material: Black plastic, Inside: padded with plush, 4 Spring locks

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