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Duesenberg DBB - Bass Case

232.00 € Duesenberg DBB - bass case Original Case for Duesenberg Starplayer Bass

Duesenberg Triton Bass Case

221.00 € Duesenberg Triton Bass Case - original case for Duesenberg Triton bass

Enki AMG-2 Bass Double Case

590.00 € Enki AMG-2 Bass Double Case: electric bass guitar double case, made with Roto-Molded Polyethylene, EVA foam inside, solid axle smooth glide wheels, removable lid design, padlock plate, dimensions: ... Loe edasi

ESP LTD Bass Case F-Series

183.00 € ESP/LTD Case F-Series Bass Case for F-Series

Gator Deluxe Case Bass

95.60 € Gator Deluxe Bass Case - rugged plywood construction, plush-lined foam-padded interior with storage compartment, lockable with ergonomically designed padded carrying handle, triple chrome-plated ha... Loe edasi

Gator Foam Case Bass

75.03 € Gator Foam Case Bass, Body Length: 53,34cm, Body Height 7,62cm, Lower Bout Width: 34,62cm, Middle Bout Width: 34,62cm, Upper Bout Width: 34,62cm, Overall Length: 120,65cm

Gator GC-Bass ABS Case

106.00 € Gator GC-Bass ABS Case - fits for standard bass guitars, deluxe ABS exterior, heavy duty aluminium valance, EPS foam protective interior, deep plush lining, accessory compartment, chrome plated loc... Loe edasi

Gator GPE-Bass-TSA

152.00 € Gator GPE-Bass-TSA, basscase,polyethylene material with TSA latches, inner dimensions: body length: 537 mm, body height: 67 mm, lower bout width: 346 mm, middle bout width: 346 mm, upper bout width... Loe edasi

Gator GW-JM Bass Journeyman

148.00 € Gator GW-JM Bass Journeyman, case for electric bass, blue velvet interior, accessory compartment, brass studded closures, interior dimensions: body length: 552 mm, body height: 95 mm, lower bout wi... Loe edasi

Gator GWE-TBird-Bass

108.00 € Gator GWE-TBird-Bass, hardcase for Thunderbird bass guitar, lockable, construction: plywood, exterior material: black tolex, interior lining: black plush, ergonomically designed padded carrying han... Loe edasi

Gator Hardshell Case Bass

79.87 € Gator Hardshell Case Bass Case for bass guitar, iniversal, r ugged plywood construction, internal Dimensions: L 1194mm W 356mm

Godin VSB5 Hard Shell Case

221.00 € Godin VSB5 Hard Shell Case; fit for Godin A5 Modelle;

Gretsch G6297 Bass FT Case

163.00 € Gretsch G6297 Bass FT Case, fits for all G5440LSB Long Scale Basses

Hagstrom Case Viking Bass

163.00 € Hagstrom Case Viking Bass Original Case for Viking Basses; Inner dimensions: Length: 118,5 cm; Upper bout: 29,5 cm; Lower boat: 41,5 cm; Height: ca. 11,5 cm

Höfner H259-2B Club-Bass Luxus Case

253.00 € Höfner H259-2B Club-Bass Luxus Case, to use for lefthand and righthand version, solid aluminium formcase

Höfner H64/24 Case Bass/Guitar

133.00 € Höfner H64/24 Case Verythin Bass/Guitar, plush-lined shaped plywood case for Verythin basses and guitars, black interio r with chrome catches and locks, inside dimensions length 11 7cm lower bout ... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/CB Club-Bass Case

133.00 € Höfner H64/CB Club-Bass Case Original Case for Club Basses and Contemporary Club Bases, inner dimensions: length 1100 mm, lower bout width: 330 mm, middle bout width: 205 mm, upper bout width: 260... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/VB Violin-Bass Case

108.00 € Höfner H64/VB Violin-Bass Case Original Case for Violin Basses

Höfner H64/VB-V Violin-Bass Case

163.00 € Hofner Violin bass case tweed H64/VB-V, original case for Höfner Relic Violin bass, modeled after the Selmer tweed style cases of the 60's, black interior, including hydrometer, colour: tweed.

Höfner H64/VBR Violin-Bass Case Tweed

142.00 € Hofner Violin bass case tweed H64/VBR, original case for Höf ner Violin bass, modeled after the Selmer tweed style cases of the 60's, black interior, including hydrometer, colour: tweed.

Ibanez MB300 C

208.00 € Ibanez MB300 C, e-bass case for SR, SRH (except left handed models), external dimensions: l (1210mm) x w (390mm) x h (135 mm), internal dimensions: whole length: 1145mm, length (420mm), depth (40mm... Loe edasi

Ibanez MRB500C Roadtouur Case E-Bass

221.00 € Ibanez MRB500C Roadtour Case bass guitar original case for ibanez e-basses, for SR, SRFF, SRSC, SRH, BTB, BTBSC, BTB7, BTB33, ATK, lefthand models, with TSA Locking system, incl. Ibanez toolbag (IC... Loe edasi

Ibanez WB200C Bass Guitar Case

158.00 € Ibanez WB200C, bass guitar case for SR, SR5, SR6, SRFF, SRC, SRF, BTB5, BTB6, BTB7, BTBSC, BTB33, AKT, TMB, lefthanded models

Music Man Bass Guitar Case

202.00 € Music Man Case bass guitar Original Case for StingRay, S.U.B., 4 string and/or 5 string, ABS

Protec Contego Bass Case CTG-233

163.00 € Protec Contego Bass Case-light-weight CTG 233, ultra-strong, water resistant ballistic nylon, heavy gauge extra large zippers and backpack straps that are adjustable for superior comfort and conven... Loe edasi

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