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Enki AMG-2 Double Bass Case 3. Gen

702.00 € Enki AMG-2 Double Bass Case 3. Gen, Case for 2 Electric Basses or Baritone Electric Guitars, Suitable for 2 electric basses with standard scale or 2 baritone electric guitars, Made of rotationally... Loe edasi

Gator Deluxe Case Bass

122.00 € Gator Deluxe Case Bass, Case For Bass Guitars, Plywood, Outer material: Artificial leather, External dimensions (HxWxD): 122.56 x 41.91 x 11.43 cm, Inside dimensions (LxWxH): 119.38 cm x 33.02 cm ... Loe edasi

Gator Foam Case Bass

103.00 € Gator Foam Case Bass, Foam Case, For bass, Body length: 53.34 cm, Body height: 7.62 cm, Lower bout width: 34.62 cm, Middle bout width: 34.62 cm, Upper bout width: 34.62 cm, Overall length: 120.65 cm

Gator GC-Bass ABS Case

133.00 € Gator GC-Bass ABS Case, Bass Case, Suitable for standard bass, Plastic, Aluminium lid, Inside with EPS foam padding, neck brace, accessory compartment, Lockable lock, Weight: 5.71 kg, Internal Dim... Loe edasi

Gator GPE-Bass-TSA

196.00 € Gator GPE-Bass-TSA, Bass Case, Material: Polyethylene, TSA locks, Dimensions, Body length: 537 mm, Body height: 67 mm, Lower body width: 346 mm, Middle body width: 346 mm, Top body width: 346 mm, ... Loe edasi

Gator GWE-TBird-Bass

132.00 € Gator GWE-TBird-Bass, Case for Thunderbird Electric Bass, Lockable, Construction: Plywood, Outer material: Black Tolex, Lining: Black plush, Ergonomically shaped carrying handle, Large inner compa... Loe edasi

Gator GWP-Bass

495.00 € Gator GWP-Bass, Case for Electric Bass, Titan Series ATA-300 (Air Transport Association) certified shockproof and waterproof guitar case with Power Claw latches, Outer material: Impact-resistant &... Loe edasi

Gator Hardshell Case Bass

122.00 € Gator Hardshell Case Bass, Bass Case, For electric-bass, Universal, Accessory compartment, Plywood, External material: Artificial leather, Inner lining: Black, Inner dimensions (L x W): 1194 x 356 mm

Gretsch Jet Bass/Baritone Case

117.00 € Gretsch Jet Bass/Baritone Case, Case, Suitable for all baritone and jet bass models, 4 Latches, Blue plush inner lining, Accessory compartment, With logo, Finish: Black

Gruvgear Kapsule Duo Bass

630.00 € Gruvgear Kapsule Duo Bass, Hybrid Case for 2 Electric Basses, Polycarbonate shell combined with extremely durable textile materials, Special ISO-Chamber protects the headstock of the instrument, S... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/24 Case Bass/Guitar

206.00 € Höfner H64/24 Case Bass/Guitar, Bass Shaped Case, For very thin basses and guitars, Made of multi-ply wood, Plush lining, Black inside, Nickel-plated hardware, Coating: Black@+*Internal dimensi... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/26 Case Verythin Bass Long

186.00 € Höfner H64/26 Case Verythin Bass Long, Case for Electric Bass, Suitable for Hofner Verythin Bass with long scale - 500/8, Black plush interior

Höfner H64/CB Club-Bass Case

206.00 € Höfner H64/CB Club-Bass Case, Original Bass Case, For Höfner Club Bass, Fits for contemporary club bass@+*Dimensions*@+@+, Length: 1100 mm, Body diameter (lower curve): 330 mm, Body diameter... Loe edasi

Höfner H64/VB Violin-Bass Case

135.00 € Höfner H64/VB Violin-Bass Case, Violin-Bass Case, Original Höfner case for violin basses, Not suitable for Harley Benton Beat basses

Höfner H64/VBR Violin-Bass Case TS

206.00 € Höfner H64/VBR Violin-Bass Case Tweed, Violin-Bass Case, Original case for Höfner violin basses, Based on the Selmer Tweed Style Cases of the 60s, Black interior, Colour: Tweed

Hagstrom Case Viking Bass

186.00 € Hagstrom Case Viking Bass, Original Bass Case, Viking Bass, Also fits Warwick Star@+*Dimensions*@+@+, Length: 118.5 cm, Top width: 29.5 cm, Bottom width: 41.5 cm, Height: 11.5 cm, Headstock recess... Loe edasi

Harley Benton LightCase-El-Bass

60.28 € " Harley Benton LightCase-El-Bass, Case for Electric Bass, Light case in gigbag style, Fits standard electric basses incl. P- and J- models, High-density foam construction that offers both the soli... Loe edasi

Ibanez MB300C

231.00 € Ibanez MB300 C, Case for Electric Bass, For Ibanez SR and SRH models, External length: 1210 mm, External width: 390 mm, External height: 135 mm, Internal total length: 1145 mm, Total length: 420 m... Loe edasi

Ibanez MRB350C Roadtour Case E-Bass

247.00 € Ibanez MRB350C Roadtour Case E-Bass, Case for Electric Bass, Suitable for Ibanez SR, SRSC, SRMS, SRC, SRF, SRMD, BTB, BTBSC, BTB7, EHB, TMB and left-handed models, TSA lock, Outer dimensions (L x ... Loe edasi

Ibanez MRB500C Roadtour Case E-Bass

269.00 € Ibanez MRB500C Roadtouur Case Electric-Bass, Original Case for Ibanez Electric Basses, For SR, SRFF, SRSC, SRH, BTB, BTBSC, BTB7, BTB33, ATK, left-handed models, TSA lock, External dimensions (L x... Loe edasi

Protec Contego Bass Case CTG-233

206.00 € Protec Contego Bass Case CTG-233, E - Bass Case, Resistant to water, Extra large zippers (heavy gauge) and backpack straps, Dimensions (W x H x D): 1230 x 355 x 76 mm, Weight : 3.6 kg, Colour: Black

Reunion Blues CV Bass guitar Case

269.00 € Reunion Blues CV Bass guitar Case, Case For Electric Bass, Waterproof outer material, Feather - light Flexosceleton protection system and EVA shock absorbers for maximum shock and impact protectio... Loe edasi

Rickenbacker 4000 Case

474.00 € Rickenbacker 4000 Case, Electric Bass Case, 4000 for all Rickenbacker models, Material: Black plastic, Inside: padded with plush, 4 Spring locks

Rockcase Chest Case3MultiBassFlightCase

547.00 € " Rockcase Chest Case3MultiBassFlightCase, Flightcase for 3 electric basses, Outer material: 10 mm / 0.4 ""thick plywood, Lining: black velvet, Polysterene core with velvet cover in the lower area ... Loe edasi

Rockcase Electric Bass ABS Case

133.00 € Rockcase Electric Bass ABS Case, Case for Electric Bass, Standard line, Suitable for most of the commonly used standard electric bass body shapes, Rectangular shape, Robust, lightweight ABS shell,... Loe edasi

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