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Enki AMG-2 XL Acoustic Case Insert

150.00 € Enki AMG-2 XL Acoustic Case Insert, Insert for Guitar Case, Direct fit for all ENKI AMG-2 acoustic cases, Improved body and neck inserts, Dimensions: 584.2 x 482.6 x 177.8 mm, Weight: 0.5 kg

Enki AMG-2 XL Double E/A Case

742.00 € Enki AMG-2 XL Double E/A Case, Case for 2 Electric/Acoustic Guitars, Suitable for 2 electric guitars / semi-hollow models or 1 acoustic guitar, Made of rotationally moulded polyethylene, EVA foam ... Loe edasi

Furch D/Dc Dreadnought Case

323.00 € Furch D/Dc Dreadnought Case, Western guitar case, For dreadnought models, High impact ABS outer shell, Inner padding made of polyurethane, Low weight, Very sturdy for highest protection of the gui... Loe edasi

Furch G/Gc Grand Auditorium Case

367.00 € Furch G/Gc Grand Auditorium Case, Western guitar case, For Grand Auditorium models, High impact ABS outer shell, Inner padding made of polyurethane, Low weight, Very sturdy for highest protection ... Loe edasi

Furch OM/OMc Orchestra Model Case

312.00 € Furch OM/OMc Orchestra Model Case, Case for Western Guitar, Orchestra model, ABS Outer shell, Inner padding made of polyurethane, Low weight and stable environment for instrument, Made by Hiscox

Gator 6 & 12-String Dreadnought Case

109.00 € Gator Hardshell Case Dreadnought 6 +12, Case for Acoustic Guitar, Suitable for 6 and 12 string dreadnought models, Plywood construction, Outer material: Tolex, Outer dimensions (LxWxH): 1143 x 464... Loe edasi

Gator Deluxe Case Jumbo

122.00 € Gator Deluxe Case Jumbo, Guitar case, For western guitars in the jumbo style@+*Internal dimensions:*@+@+, Body length: 597 mm, Body height: 140 mm, Body diameter (lower bout): 438 mm, Body diamete... Loe edasi

Gator Foam Case Dreadnought-12

122.00 € Gator Foam Case Dreadnought-12, Soft Case, For 12-string dreadnought models, Weight: 2.6 kg@+*Internal dimensions:*@+@+, Body length: 564 mm, Body height: 124 mm, Lower body bout: 409 mm, Middle b... Loe edasi

Gator GB-4G-Miniacou

60.28 € Gator GB-4G-Miniacou, Case for mini steel-string guitar, 4G Style gig bag with internal reinforcement on the headstock and on the bridge, Contour back padding for comfort, Outer material: Nylon, T... Loe edasi

Gator GC-GS Mini ABS Case

105.00 € Gator GC-GS Mini ABS Case, Guitar Case, For mini acoustic guitars GC-GSMINI, Material: Plastic, Formcase, With aluminium closing lock profile, Inside has EPS- foam padding, Neck support, Accessory... Loe edasi

Gator GPE-Dread-TSA

196.00 € Gator GPE-Dread-TSA, Case for Steel String Guitar, Suitable for Dreadnought models - also suitable for 12-string models, Materials: Polyethylene, With TSA lock@+*Internal dimensions:*@+@+, Total l... Loe edasi

Gator GW-Dread

122.00 € Gator GW-Dread, Case for steel-string guitars, Suitable for dreadnought models, Foam padding, Plywood construction, Inner compartment, Lockable, Ergonomically shaped handle, External material: Bla... Loe edasi

Gator GW-JM DREAD Journeyman

133.00 € Gator GW-JM DREAD Journeyman, Case for Acoustic Guitar, Suitable for dreadnought models, Blue velvet interior, Accessory compartment, Brass closures, Outer dimensions (L x W x H): 1150 x 380 x 180... Loe edasi

Gator GWE-000AC

121.00 € Gator GWE-000AC, Case for Acoustic Guitar, Suitable for 000 models, Lockable, Construction: Plywood, Outer material: Black Tolex, Lining: Black plush, Ergonomic handle, Inner compartment, Exterior... Loe edasi

Gator GWE-Acou-3/4 Case

109.00 € Gator GWE-Acou-3/4 Case, Case for 3/4 Steel String Guitar, Durable plywood construction with Tolex cover, Body length: 483 mm, Body dimensions: 121 mm, Lower bout: 349 mm, Width at centre of body:... Loe edasi

Gator Molded Dreadnought Case

126.00 € Gator Molded Dreadnought Case, Case, Guitar case for acoustic guitar in dreadnought shape, Inside dimensions: L x W x H 106 x 42 x 13 cm

Gewa MP DLX Westernguitar Case

830.00 € Gewa MP DLX Acoustic Guitar Case, Case for Acoustic Guitar, Suitable for most acoustic guitars, Material: 100% carbon, Hand-sewn leather handles, Black fittings, Detachable, non-slip and padded 75... Loe edasi

Godin V1091 Hard Case

247.00 € Godin V1091 Hard Case, Guitar Case, Suitable for Godin Multiac Grand Concert SA & Duet

Gretsch G6243 Case

206.00 € Gretsch G6243 Case, Case for Steel-string Guitars, Original case, Suitable for Gretsch Rancher Bigsby G5034TFT, Colour: Black with golden printed logo

Gretsch G6294 Jumbo FT Case

176.00 € Gretsch G6294 Jumbo FT Case, Case, For all G5022 and G5022CWFE Rancher Jumbo models

Harley Benton LightCase-Dreadnought

67.66 € Harley Benton LightCase-Dreadnought, Case for Acoustic Guitars, Light case in gig bag style, For Dreadnought models, High-density foam construction that provides both the rigid protection of a har... Loe edasi

Hiscox Hi-Pads

5.23 € Hiscox Hi-Pads, Cushions, For Hiscox cases, Scope of delivery: 1 Pair

Hiscox PRO-II-GAD Dreadn.Case IVO

301.00 € Hiscox PRO-II-GAD Dreadn.Case IVO, Case for Steel String Guitar, For dreadnought models, Weight: 4.71 kg, Colour: Ivory, Made in the UK@+*Internal dimensions:*@+@+, Length: 1086 mm, Lower body wid... Loe edasi

Martin Guitars 000 / OM Hardshell Case

334.00 € Martin Guitars 000 / OM Hardshell Case, Case for Acoustic Guitar, Suitable for Martin 000 / OM 14 fret guitars, Construction: 3-ply laminate, Inner lining: Plush, Leather-covered handle, Accessory... Loe edasi

Martin Guitars Molded Dreadnought Case

420.00 € Martin Guitars Molded Dreadnought Case, Case for Acoustic Guitar, Suitable for Martin Dreadnought 14 fret guitars, Construction: Hardshell, Lining: Plush, Accessory compartment, Interior dimension... Loe edasi

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