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Rockcase BC Rich Warlock Git Case 10721

189.00 € Rockcase 10721 BC Rich Warlock - deluxe case for BC Rich Warlock, Bich, Mockingbird, Virgin, Ironbird, Firebird. Strong material, 5mm thick, 2 locks, 2 catches, solid neck edition. Finish: Black Tolex

Rockcase Chest Case 5

497.00 € Rockcase Chest Case 5 - solid flight case for 5 electric guitars, 10mm plywood external construction, polystyrene core with velvet covering at the bottom, padded neck-support with closing system, a... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC 10601 B Jazzmaster

131.00 € Rockcase RC 10601 B Jazzmaster, wood case - for Jazzmaster style electric guitar.

Rockcase RC 10625B Beast, JrV Case, RR

158.00 € Rockcase RC10625B Beast - case for BC Rich Beast/JrV/Randy Rhoads/ESP Alexi, Dimebag ML, 2 locks, 2 catches, solid neck edition, accessory pocket inside, black Tolex finish. Dimensions: 121 x 45 x ... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC 10860 GU/FL Chest Case 3

424.00 € Rockcase RC 10860 GU/FL Chest Case - multi flight case for 3 electric guitars, 10mm plywood covered with black PVC, velvet covered polystyrene interior, padded neck support with closing system, alu... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC 20806 B

91.97 € Rockcase RC20806B Soft Light Guitar Case - for electric guitar, 2.5kg unloaded weight, 5mm foam material upholstery, perfect isolation against climatic fluctuations, 1 stretcher belt, A4 external p... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC ABS 10406 BSH

109.00 € Rockcase RC ABS 10406 BSH - shaped case for electric guitar ST-/T-models & double-cut models, standard line, polystyrol padded interior, black plush lining, separate inside box for accessories,... Loe edasi

Schecter Case Synyster

183.00 € Schecter Case Synyster, PVC case for e-guitars, suitable only for Schecter Synyster, Avenger und Revenger

Schecter E-1 Hardcase

202.00 € Schecter E-1 Hardcase; black case for e-guitar; suitable onl y for Schecter E-1 model; Outside approx. 122 x 51 x 12 cm

Schecter Guitar Case SCSGR-1C

173.00 € Schecter Guitar Case SCSGR-1C for all C-style models

Schecter Guitar Case SCSGR-9C

169.00 € Schecter Guitar Case SCSGR-9C - for 35th Anniversary Solo 6, Blackjack ATX Solo 6, Blackjack SLS Solo-6, Blackjack SLS Solo-6 FR, Damien Elite Solo-6, Damien Solo Elite, Damien Solo-6, Hellraiser S... Loe edasi

Schecter Guitar Case SCSGR-UNIV1

173.00 € Schecter Guitar Case SCSGR-UNIV1 Original Case for Schecter Guitars. Universal and for all C models, Blackjack, Omen 7+8, Damien, Hellraiser, Banshee, 006, and PT Series

SKB 1SKB-SC63 Guitar Soft Case

131.00 € SKB 1SKB-SC63 Guitar Soft Case, for Xtreme Style Electric Guitar, Heavy duty double pull zipper, Molded EPS interior with plush lining, Durable 600 Denier, Exterior layered with rigid foam, Conveni... Loe edasi

SKB 35

177.00 € SKB 35 Hardshellcaser for semi-hollowbody style guitars, equipped with TSA latch, inner sizes: total length: 110,80cm, body length: 52,70cm, body depth: 9,52cm, lower curvature: 40,64cm, upper curv... Loe edasi

SKB 3i 4214 Open Cavity E-Guitar

319.00 € SKB 3i 4214 Open Cavity E-Guitar Case, molded case for e-Guitars, waterproof Case made from Molded Plastic with Black Acrylic Interior, reinforced Frame, Heavy Duty Hinges & Latches with TSA Ap... Loe edasi

SKB 3i SKB56 Single Cut Case

296.00 € SKB 3i SKB56 Moulded Guitar Case - for single cut style guitars, waterproof moulded ABS plastic with black acrylic interior, reinforced frame, heavy duty hinges & latches with TSA approved lock... Loe edasi

SKB 3i SKB66

273.00 € SKB 3i SKB66 Molded Guitar Case, for ST & T Style guitars, case made from molded plastic with grey acrylic Interior, reinforced frame, heavy duty hinges & latches with TSA approved lock, 3 ... Loe edasi

SKB 3I-4214-PRS Guitar Case

307.00 € SKB 3I-4214-PRS Guitar Case, Case made from Molded Plastic with Black Acrylic Interior, reinforced Frame, Heavy Duty Hinges & Latches with TSA Approved Lock, 3 handle, 2 wheels, Farbe Black

SKB 3I-4719-35 335 Type Case

329.00 € SKB 3I-4719-35 335 Type Case, Case made from Molded Plastic with Black Acrylic Interior,The iSeries 4719-35 Thin Body S emi-Hollow guitar case accommodates popular 335 shaped guita rs with room in ... Loe edasi

SKB 56 Single Cut

151.00 € SKB 56 Single Cut Hardshell Case - 101.6cm total inner length, 45.72cm body length, 5.72cm body depth, 33.02cm lower curvature, 24.77cm upper curvature. Weight: 3.8kg

SKB 58 V-Style Case

162.00 € SKB 58 V-Style Case, contoured case for flying-v style guitars, formcase, des not fit ESP-ESP/LTD-Fits all V style guitars from 1958 to present day including V style guitars from Jackson®, Dean®,... Loe edasi

SKB 61 Double Cut Case

135.00 € SKB 61 double cut - hard case for double cut model guitars and viper models, TSA locking System, Total length: 101.6cm, body length: 42.55cm, body depth: 5.40cm, lower curvature: 33.02cm, upper cur... Loe edasi

SKB 62 Jag/Jazz

145.00 € SKB 62 Jag/Jazz-master Type, Hard case only for Jag/Jazz-master -Model, TSA lock

SKB 63 Case

170.00 € SKB 63 Case for Xtreme guitars, contoured shaped case for Xtreme, Warrior and Kelly style guitars, weight: 7,8kg

SKB 66 Pro

179.00 € SKB 66 Pro - New Rectangular case for ST/T model guitars, TSA recognized and accepted locks, Contoured exterior with stacking points, Indestructible cushioned rubber over-molded handle, Rigid EPS f... Loe edasi

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