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Rockcase BC Rich Warlock Git Case 10621

148.00 € Rockcase BC RC10621B Rich Warlock Guitar Case - for Warlock, Bich, Mockingbird, Virgin, Ironbird and Firebird guitars. Manufactured from 5mm wood with 2 locks, 2 latches, separate interior compartm... Loe edasi

Rockcase BC Rich Warlock Git Case 10721

183.00 € Rockcase 10721 BC Rich Warlock - deluxe case for BC Rich Warlock, Bich, Mockingbird, Virgin, Ironbird, Firebird. Strong material, 5mm thick, 2 locks, 2 catches, solid neck edition. Finish: Black Tolex

Rockcase Chest Case 5

487.00 € Rockcase Chest Case 5 - solid flight case for 5 electric guitars, 10mm plywood external construction, polystyrene core with velvet covering at the bottom, padded neck-support with closing system, a... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC 10601 B Jazzmaster

126.00 € Rockcase RC 10601 B Jazzmaster, wood case - for Jazzmaster style electric guitar.

Rockcase RC 10625B Beast, JrV Case, RR

142.00 € Rockcase RC10625B Beast - case for BC Rich Beast/JrV/Randy Rhoads/ESP Alexi, Dimebag ML, 2 locks, 2 catches, solid neck edition, accessory pocket inside, black Tolex finish. Dimensions: 121 x 45 x ... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC 10860 GU/FL Chest Case 3

424.00 € Rockcase RC 10860 GU/FL Chest Case - multi flight case for 3 electric guitars, 10mm plywood covered with black PVC, velvet covered polystyrene interior, padded neck support with closing system, alu... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC 20806 B

91.97 € Rockcase RC20806B Soft Light Guitar Case - for electric guitar, 2.5kg unloaded weight, 5mm foam material upholstery, perfect isolation against climatic fluctuations, 1 stretcher belt, A4 external p... Loe edasi

Rockcase RC ABS 10406 BSH

109.00 € Rockcase RC ABS 10406 BSH - shaped case for electric guitar ST-/T-models & double-cut models, standard line, polystyrol padded interior, black plush lining, separate inside box for accessories,... Loe edasi

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